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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of bathroom in "Khrushchev " : design features, problems with repairs

Standard repair in the bathroom hruschevke
  • main problems
  • Disassembly
  • Replacement of pipes
  • Choice
  • materials Preparation of surfaces under furnish
  • Tiling Wall
  • Choice plumbing
  • Choice doors

None forno secret that a large percentage of our population continues to live in houses built in the Khrushchev.For many Soviet families Khrushchev became the first and long-awaited their own housing.As a general rule, an apartment in the Khrushchev handed out by organizations, in turn.Since then much has changed.These flats are usually inherited from grandparents or purchased in the mortgage as the most affordable housing.How competently to make repairs in the bathroom Khrushchev?

Combined small bathroom

plan of a standard apartment in Khrushchev certainly known to everyone. Usually it is one or two rooms (usually adjacent), six-meter and three-meter kitchen WC.

New owners often goes flat in a very poor condition.But if you spend a certain amount of time, money and effort, the usual Khrushchev can be converted into a full presentable accommodation.

If you will approach responsibly to the task, then your new, stylish and comfortable interior will envy even the owners of apartments in new buildings.

Update apartments in Khrushchev, we suggest you start with the bathroom.Pro design in the bathroom hruschevke we discussed in another article.

bathroom design options Rooms in hruschevke

main problems

Khrushchev was originally positioned as a budget option for housing, so they are completely free from any kind excesses were - both aesthetic and practical terms.

plan envisages a minimum of storage space - as much as is necessary to meet the primary needs. bathroom - is no exception.As standard, the adjacent bathroom is barely space for basic sanitary equipment - tubs, sinks and toilets.But we still need to deploy a washing machine, shelf, mirror, towels, cosmetics and household chemicals.Therefore, beauty and convenience, issues are often pushed to the background, giving way to save on space.

Option layout plumbers in hruschevke

So, the first problem is to repair the bathroom Khrushchev - a very small area.

second problem stems from the fact that Khrushchev - if it is not shabby, very old houses.The earliest Khrushchev relate to 1959 and the last - to the 1985 building.That is, by far, the most "young" Khrushchev about 30 years.Many homes for decades are not subjected to major repair, so the status of all engineering systems - sewage, water supply, ventilation is poor.Since modern sanitary devices often need to connect to a new, reliable water and sewer pipes, then, if possible, all the wiring should be replaced.What can not be replaced, you need to overhaul.

In addition, the poor state of communications, the inability to replace them or transfer restricts the freedom of remodeling a bathroom in the Khrushchev.

Bathroom in hruschevke

third problem relates not only to Khrushchev, but also to any built "in haste" housing.It - uneven walls, which require additional work in order that they could be tiled.

Remodelling a bathroom in the Khrushchev


Plan location of plumbing in the bathroom and furniture are best after you disassemble all the old equipment and finishing. Having before my eyes "clean sheet", it will be easier to fantasize.To begin with the preparatory work should be the dismantling of the sanitary equipment.Prior to this, do not forget to turn off the hot and cold water.

Bathroom after installation work

After the old plumbing removed, proceed to dismantle the layout of water pipes, if necessary.The following is to get rid of the old finishing coats.The paint on the walls and the floor is removed using stiff wire brush and tile knock hammer or a hammer and chisel.If you want to level floors, the screed until the concrete is crushed puncher.The remaining dust and debris should be thoroughly sweep.

Bathroom after dismantling wall coverings

Replacement of pipes

To begin the replacement of water and sewer pipes should be before the floor and walls are aligned.First you need to have a detailed plan for the placement of sanitary equipment, according to which will be distributing pipes in the bathroom.

If possible, replace the old cast iron pipes with plastic. They are no less reliable than cast iron, but weigh much less, so the installation is quite possible to spend alone.In addition, plastic pipes and tees to help liberate a few centimeters of useful space.

The new layout of pipes in the bathroom
Pipes and filters for water in a box
Wiring in the bathroom

pipes stacked in Stroebe on the wall or mounted on her metal clamps.If desired, you can hide them in a niche of the drywall, but it "eats" a lot of space.Since Khrushchev space at a premium, it is better to spend time shtroblenie and plastering walls.

When wiring sewer pipes do not forget about the slope. He must be 10-20 mm per meter.If necessary, increase the thickness of the concrete screed on the floor, but be sure to observe the height of the slope of sewer pipes.Where the layout of pipes connected to the riser, provide the ability to install tap-through, so that you can independently turn off the supply of hot and cold water.

electricity layout made before finishing work, since the wiring also need to Stroebe walls.

The bathroom provides the required number of outlets, the best double.with an appropriate protection class.The switch must be located outside the bathroom.

If the bath will be located a lot of electrical appliances, wiring set residual current device.

choice of materials

If our task is to spend on a bathroom renovation as little cash, the best option - it is painting the walls with waterproof paint.

addition cheapness, this variant has another advantage: buying white paint and color, you can get exactly the color you want, while other finishes are not always given the opportunity.

But there is one essential thing: to painted walls looked really nice, need perfectly smooth walls, and to achieve such walls is not easy to Khrushchev.

Pro finishing bathroom walls we wrote in another article.

Painted walls in the bathroom

Another budget solution - a wall decoration with plastic panels. They have a large variety of colors and a factor, easy to install and just as easy to remove, do not require perfectly smooth walls and easy to care for them.Even more ideas, see the article about the budget bathroom renovation.

Their only drawback - this decoration is not "for centuries", sooner or later it will have to be replaced by more durable material.

Wall panels in the bathroom

most common decoration of walls and glazed stoneware tiles.These materials earned its popularity due to long service life, resistance to temperature changes and waterproofing properties.Today at the store you can find the different shaped tiles - square, rectangular, hexagonal.About variety of colors and patterns, there is no sense long story - a myriad of variations.If you are not satisfied with ready-made solutions, you can create your own patterns by combining tiles of different colors and textures.

Finishes small bathrooms

Plan the color scheme of the bathroom, it depends on the perception of the room as a whole.Features choice and finish the walls in the bathroom covered in detail in another article.

Tile is the best cover not only the walls, but the floor in the bathroom, so as soon as it is able to provide the proper level of waterproofing.There are other options for flooring in the bathroom.The cheapest of them - the linoleum, the most expensive - waterproof laminate.But its characteristics both options lose a tiled floor.

Tile in the bathroom in the Khrushchev

ceiling can simply be painted with white paint or paste over with plastic panels.

However, we recommend that you spend a little money and a suspended ceiling.

Firstly, it looks great, and secondly, to protect you from leaks from above.And if you stop your choice on a glossy material that visually bude ceiling appear even higher than it actually is.

ceiling design should fit into the overall design of the bathroom.The ceiling in the bathroom can be very different, read our review and realize their design dreams into reality.

Stretch ceiling in the small bathroom

important to remember that you are ready to finish the ceilings only if the finished wall decoration.

The combination of cladding and ceilings in a small bathroom

Preparation of surfaces under furnish

Preparation of floor and wall finishing materials for laying begins with the dismantling of old coats, which we have already told above.After the old coating is removed from the walls, they should be aligned as required.Use a special plaster, cement-base.When the plaster dries, the wall putty treat.Align the wall as possible and with the help of sheets of drywall, but this method will significantly reduce the already small area of ​​the bathroom.

The walls and ceiling of plasterboard

Paul prepared as follows: after dismantling the old concrete screed remove the remnants of dust and debris, put waterproofing, do not forget the 15-inch overlap on the wall, and fill in a new tie.

Waterproofing of the floor in the bathroom

Tiling Wall


  • with a plumb and level the construction put on the wall marking horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Prepare the tile adhesive and apply it with a spatula on a section of the wall, which will be carried out the work.
  • then a special shovel with teeth go over the treated area of ​​the wall.On the adhesive will form the grooves.
  • Apply tile to the wall and gently press down.The distance between the tiles are regulated by a plastic crosses.
  • When the work is finished and the tile glue is dry, cut the joints grout for a tile.

Choice plumbing

Owners of apartments in the Khrushchev is necessary to very carefully to the choice of plumbing for the bathroom.

First of all, you need to choose between a bath and shower, as in a small room, there is room for only one of these devices.Shower saves space, which is useful to us in order to establish, for example, a washing machine.In addition, older people and people with disabilities without any help is much easier to use a shower than a bath.

Bathroom with shower

Meanwhile, in the bath is convenient to bathe small children or wash large items that require a delicate hand washing.In addition, many people like at least sometimes soak in warm water and scented foam.

corner bath model, sinks and toilets suitable for the bathroom in the Khrushchev. Conch can be installed on the washing machine, for this will need to purchase a special model-lilies sink or countertop mount cabinets.There are shells that you can hang directly over the bath, but this design is not quite convenient.

The shell above the bath

Read more in our article about the shell of a washing machine.

The shell of the washing machine

When choosing a toilet is necessary to pay attention to the drainage system.It can be horizontal, vertical or oblique. vertical drainage system allows you to put the toilet back to the wall, so you had better stop your choice on it.

Suspended toilet for a small bathroom

Choice doors

When choosing a door to the bathroom, consider the following important points:

  • door must be resistant to temperature and moisture, does not deform over time.
  • It must have thermal insulation and noise insulating properties.
  • quality handles and locks, as they wear out the fastest in the bathroom must be installed on the door.
  • The door should be vent.If it is not, at the time of the installation gap is provided between the door and the floor.

Also read our article, which discussed in detail the choice of doors for the bathroom.So you will not get lost in the vast choice and choose a quality door.

Narrow deaf doors with ventilation

bathroom door is usually made of tempered glass, plastic, wood or particleboard.If you stop your choice on the production of reliable and well-established manufacturers, from whatever material neither has made the door, she will serve you for a long time.

Sliding doors to the bathroom

To save space, you should pay attention to the sliding door or a pendulum swinging doors that open in both directions.You can also opt for folding doors, which are made on the principle of "bunching".

door to the bathroom can only be installed after the run all the finishing work.If you still have purchased an ordinary swing door, during installation make sure that it is opened to the outside and not inside the bathroom.