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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom : close to the wall , plasterboard mask , screen

How to close the pipe in the bathroom
  • Why hide the pipe
  • What pipe set in bathroom
  • What can hide, but you can not
  • Regulations under the disguise
  • disguise
    • Hiding in the wall
    • Box plasterboard
    • furniture and screen masking
    • Podium bath
    • shutters
  • Pros and cons

When in the bathroom repair afoot, there is a chance to hide unsightly-looking communications, making the interior more attractive.However, going to hide the pipes, it is important to leave at the same time the ability to check and repair them.And ways to solve this problem, there are several.

Why hide the pipe

bathroom is an important part of the house or apartment, which always tend to give a cozy and beautiful views.But even the most high-quality and fashionable repair does not bring joy, if the pipes and other communications will remain visible.Moreover, due to large tubes unmasked humidity often collected water droplets.The result is a darkening of the pipes over time.

The pipes in the bathroom

Competent disguise pipes required for the repair, it will make a neat

room and its design - stylish and modern.

Hidden communications in the bathroom

What pipe set in bathroom

Depending on its purpose pipes in the bathroom may be related to plumbing, heating and sanitation.Routing water pipes is more convenient for installation and replacement, but when dealing with sewer pipes should always remember stipulated therein is tilted toward the riser.If touch and those relating to the heating system in the bathroom there is a heating radiator, questions masking of pipes.

Masking heating in the bathroom

Besides purpose pipes in the bathroom are characterized by their material. now rarely found metal pipes, as modern plastic pipes have a large number of advantages. They are easy to install, no need to paint, it is easy to replace.These pipes are light weight, corrosion resistance.

Plastic pipes in the bathroom

often pipe in the bathroom apply sufficiently strong and thick polypropylene pipes.PVC products are distinguished less thick walls, though attracted by the price.However, they are worse than cope with the heat and pressure of the water.If you chose to install them in the bathroom, be prepared for a short operation and do not hide them hermetically.

addition of polymer pipes in the bathrooms often set made of metal and welded steel pipes, but it is more expensive options.

What can hide, but you can not

If you plan to disguise tightly closed tubes, it is necessary to understand that not all communication is to hide in this way. First of all, he is not fit to mask fittings - compounds in the form of letters X, T or G. They are points where the increased risk of leakage.Also, do not close tightly the place where there are counters, cleaning filters and other compounds.

Fitting T-shaped

bricked into the wall can be steel pipes with welded connections and soldered copper pipes.All screw connections of pipes to hide in the walls without the ability to quickly access not recommended for them.

Regulations under the disguise

Firstly, the setting, try to reduce the number of compounds in the bath tube. achieve this will help competent layout and strategically placed equipment.

Second, if compounds are provided, they should be of the same material from which the pipes are made.It is important that their safety margin was identical to or higher.

Third, for quick access to valves, meters, hydrants and other items should be left hatches.

Fourth, that on the pipes are not formed condensate, use insulating materials.In the case of buried pipes in the wall of the presence of the insulation will provide an opportunity to expand the pipes (this is particularly important for pipes, for which hot water flows).

access hatch


To hide the different ways of communication used in the bathroom.Horizontally arranged pipe by means of additional works to hide in the walls, carrying shtrobirovanie and then surfacing tiles or plaster. Also, pipes are often hidden in a box, the design of which is made of drywall or plywood, choosing the material resistant to moisture. This box can be finished with tiles or other material.

Horizontal hide pipes

to hide the pipes can also be created design that looks similar with furniture cabinets.Pipes in these enclosures occupy only part of the site, and the remaining area of ​​the shelves used to store household trivia.It is also a popular option is the installation of roller blinds in the bathroom.Choosing a nice decor, they even decorate the room. And always remains an option for creative people - paint tube, cover mosaic, apply artificial plants, stucco or other ideas.

Decorating tubes

Hiding in the wall

Within the walls is recommended to hide a tube made of copper or polypropylene - firmly welded or soldered, no screw connections.This way you can hide the aesthetic pipe extending horizontally.They were placed in a pre-corrugation, then after shtrobirovaniya placed in the wall and worked on top of a concrete or cement screed.In dry screed can be laid laminate, tile and other cover.

Hiding pipes in the wall

It is important that prior to use pipe screed is completely dry.If you turn on the hot water at the raw screed, coating crack.A method quite expensive and forces, and by the time (requires a long preparation).It is often chosen for the new apartments (for repairs "from scratch") or in the case of redevelopment.For its implementation should be used grinders, chisel, hammer and other tools.

Driving hide pipes

Before shtrobirovanie, it is important to create a paper layout scheme, which will be most appropriate for your bathroom. drawing up such a scheme, take into account the route and the diameter of the pipe, as well as the features of the wall (suitable for shtrobleniya whether what the thickness, whether the reinforcement, which is the thickness of the screed is necessary).In the right places (adapters, valves, meters, thread) satisfied with viewing windows.

Remember that shtroblenie horizontally operates in prefabricated walls.Also, this manipulation is not carried out at the width of the wall in half brick.

Box plasterboard

for this method are moisture-resistant gypsum board option. The popularity of this method of masking provided by its simplicity and adaptability, and affordability.

Drywall helps to hide not only the pipe, but also drains the whole, however, a significant disadvantage in this case is to reduce the usable area, which for small bathrooms is an acute problem.

The most common plasterboard box installed in new buildings, where the bathrooms spacious similar premises in the "socket" or "Khrushchev".

foundation box is a metal profile or a frame of wooden sticks.It is sheathed with plasterboard, which further trim to taste.

to access certain parts of the wiring in the plasterboard making holes, which are installed on doors manholes.

The box to hide the pipe in the bathroom
Example hiding tubes in a box
Holes in drywall to access the tubes

Masking furniture and screen

practical option to hide the pipe in the bathroom - to create a furniture design.With it, the interior may look richer and more attractive.Typically, such a structure is a cabinet with shelves.

For vertically arranged tubes suitable option ready Closet-case, which take a back wall and shelves in place under the cut pipe.However find furniture that will for a long time in contact with the wet tubes and not to spoil, is not easy.A processing of all surfaces of the purchased cabinet means for protection against moisture to spend your time and money.

How to hide the pipe using a canister cabinet

Because more often in the case of communication furniture camouflage design or create your own custom.

Hidden pipe furniture

material for the manufacture of furniture to the bathroom often choose laminated chipboard, resistant to moisture.Doors in such a cabinet is chosen depending on the placement of sanitary equipment - sliding or hinged.By setting the design, all the cracks treated with silicone for better tightness.

Masking furniture pipes

Another way to disguise that can be called easy and practical - to use a special screen. This frame, in which the guides are fixed at the 2 plasterboard or plastic panels.This screen is inexpensive and looks nice.It can be easily removed, making it easy to repair, but minus his the same as that of the plasterboard boxes - reducing the area of ​​the room.

Screen for bath

Podium bath

This is an interesting solution for masking communications, which does not take useful space. Since most pipes passes close to the floor, enough to make a small step to hide the plumbing. For such a podium apply to the processing of particleboard moisture repellent materials.

Podium bath


Their main advantage - the ability to easily complete access to the pipes, filters, counters and rest. shutters for toilet and bathroom are of a different material.They are the best option, if the pipes are in a niche.Installing them is during repair work, then you will avoid unnecessary costs.

Hiding pipe shutters

Pros and cons

In the case of camouflage net in the wall will be possible restrictions for work as horizontal shtrobirovanie in panel building and working with thin walls is prohibited. Also, if the wall hid unsuitable for this purpose and low-quality pipe, there is a risk of break and flood the neighbors.Even if you make a viewing window, access to communications will still be limited.

Plus option to hide the pipe in the walls of a bathroom aesthetics.You can decorate the top of the pipe hidden at will, for example, oblitsevat tiles.Besides, since you do not reduce the working space.

Lined hidden communication

version with duct plasterboard also restricts access for repair or inspection communications.To replace the pipe conduit will have to completely disassemble, and after repair install again.In addition, the installation will take a box in the bathroom Securities centimeters square.

The box in the bathroom

selecting shutters, you, on the contrary, obtain maximum access.This is a practical and very mobile option.But as for their production using soft materials, blinds can be easily damaged (bent or broken) if lean or strike.

Shutters to hide pipes

drawback of masking pipe furniture is a contact with moisture. Even waterproof material deteriorates over time, and to extend the service of the furniture in the bathroom, it should be frequently wiped dry.Processed silicon in place of such furniture should always check (to the silicone layer is not broken).Also avoid scratches.Plus the use of the furniture as a way to hide the pipe is attractive premises, as well as practicality, because in the closet, you can store different accessories.