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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ventilation in the wooden house in the bathroom .Installation of the ventilation system

The ventilation system in a wooden house
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accepted that in wooden houses air circulation occurs naturally, so thesehome do not need to build a sophisticated ventilation systems.Indeed, many of us have noticed that in homes built of wood, to breathe more easily than in the concrete boxes and the air in them seemed more fresh and clean.This is largely due to the fact that the construction used natural material with a porous structure, moreover, originally having certain bactericidal properties. But the main reason is not the tree's ability to make air exchange, and that it is well able to give and receive moisture. Therefore, in a wooden house ventilation question of organization is very important.

Ventilation in the bathroom


In a wooden house is naturally governed by the level of humidity, but no air circulation.Moreover, if the house provides rooms with high humidity levels, even the ability of the wooden house on their own to get rid of excess

moisture will not protect it from rotting.If we are talking about the construction of a private home for permanent residence, you can not do without such facilities.At least this is one bathroom with toilet, but many owners prefer to equip their homes several bathrooms and toilets, as well as the sauna, swimming pool, laundry, etc.

The old way of ventilation in the bathroom

So, it is important that in a wooden house has been intelligently designed and built ventilation system.Otherwise, due to moisture accumulation may be in trouble, the smaller of which - is the formation of mold and mildew on the walls, and the most serious - the gradual decay of the support structure which may collapse at any time.

Driving efficient forced ventilation of the wooden house

ventilation in the bathroom

best to start the design of ventilation systems simultaneously with the creation of the building project.In this case, you will be able to provide a place where will take place the ventilation ducts, as well as other important issues.To begin the installation of ventilation systems should be as soon as possible.This will allow you to make timely adjustments, without interfering heavily in the construction process.However, if you got a ready-made house with all mounted systems, it can only rely on the honesty of builders and, in case of failure detection to try to correct their mistakes.

forced ventilation system in a wooden house

in any private house, there is usually a so-called passive ventilation.It is a system of ventilation ducts with channels through which air is moved.Sometimes it is quite enough, but over time it breaks down, because clogged by dust and debris.Do not be afraid: for this to happen should take a few decades.

Toilet in a wooden house with window

The first sign that the ventilation system in your home may not work well - this is the formation of condensation.Look for smooth surfaces - mirrors or polished furniture - Do not settle on their fine water droplets?The next step - is the appearance of mold and variety, moisture-loving insects.

Check ventilation system health

There are two correct ways to check the functioning of the ventilation system:

  • Hold a lighted match or lighter to the ventilation grille.If ventilation is functioning properly, the fire is deflected toward an acute angle.If the fire is only a slight sway, then there is a problem.
  • Take a small piece of tissue paper, such as napkins and touch them to the ventilation grille.If the work of ventilation all right, a piece of paper "primagnititsya" to the grid.

If your ventilation system did not pass the test, so there is the need to use an additional ventilation equipment. First of all it should apply to the bathroom.

Additional ceiling ventilation

Rules and regulations

addition to passive ventilation, also called natural or extraction, there is also a mechanical or forced ventilation.When natural ventilation air circulation is carried out due to the difference in temperature inside and outside the building, and mechanical ventilation involves the installation of special equipment.

For a small one-storey house with one bathroom would be sufficient passive ventilation, but owners of larger construction projects will have to attend to the mechanical arrangement of the ventilation system.

The exhaust diffuser in the bathroom

Here are some regulatory requirements for ventilation in bathrooms:

  • maximum speed of movement of air in the room is 0.3 meters per second;
  • relative humidity should not exceed 65%;
  • air temperature in summer should be about 25 degrees in the winter - about 18 degrees;
  • for good air inflow-exhaust air must be: in a separate bathroom 25 cubic meters per hour, and a co - 50 cubic meters per hour.
Bath and shower in a wooden house
Large bathrooms in a wooden house
The ventilation system in a small bathroom

for each sanitary appliance standards establish specific ventilation rate:

  • shower / jacuzzi / bath - 75 cubic meters per hour;
  • sink / bidet - 25 cubic meters per hour;
  • toilet - 50 cubic meters per hour.

should take into account the fact that we rarely use all sanitary devices at the same time, so the multiplicity of ventilation in the bathroom should not be equal to the sum of the inflow-exhaust all equipment.Therefore, power in the room ventilation system is generally not more than 110 cubic meters per hour.

How to choose the fan

There are several important parameters that need to be sure to pay attention to when choosing a fan for the bathroom in a wooden house.

The main ones are:

  • noise level, which makes the fan. Ideally it should work almost silently.This can be achieved if the device is not the noise level above 40 decibels.
  • Method fan layout.Usually this bushings or ball bearings.We fans, arranged the second way longer service life, and they work quietly.
  • performance devices. It is measured in cubic meters per hour.In order to calculate the required capacity of the fan, it is necessary to measure the volume of the room and multiply it by the desired number of air changes.For bathroom optimum ventilation rate is 8/10, and for bathrooms - 7/8.
  • fan run method. most popular way - is the inclusion of the fan at the same time with light.This system can be supplemented with a built-in timer that will turn off the fan after a specified period of time after the light is turned off.A second method involves setting specific humidity sensor which will monitor the operation of the fan.In this case, the fan runs only when the level of humidity in the bathroom exceed the established norm.
  • fan Model .In stores you can find models, designed for rooms with high humidity.You'd better stop the choice on them.
Diffuser enforcement system
The fan in the bathroom
Installation of mechanical ventilation


So, we found that the forced ventilation is the best solution in order to ensure proper air circulation in the bathroom of private roomwooden house.

Before you proceed directly to the installation of the ventilation system, be sure to have met the basic requirements of fire safety:

  • Firstly, make sure that the project provides for the distance between the walls and ventilation ducts.
  • Second, pay attention to the fan model.Packaging should be marked that it can be used in rooms with high humidity levels.

When self-installing ventilation is necessary to consider the following important points:

  • Do not install the air duct and airway tube directly on the wooden beams.Purchase for this purpose special fasteners.
  • When you purchase the necessary building materials and equipment, make sure that they were all made of non-flammable materials.
  • Even at the stage of designing the ventilation system, provide compensation hole in the wall through which the ventkanal.Otherwise, it is deformed, if the building will sit.
  • fire safety measures require ventilation in the bathroom was equipped with fire dampers which can block the flow of oxygen in case of fire.
Outdoor ventilation wooden house