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August 12, 2017 18:06

Set the washing machine : the connection with their own hands

Example of the washing machine
  • Site Selection
  • Unpacking
  • Replacement for safety rules
  • Water supply: hot or still cold
  • Connecting drain
  • Connection washing machine
  • Trial laundry

After the purchase of the desired device in the household, as the washing machine, you need to properly install it.To do this, the call is not required professionals, because a given task can be handled independently.But, before you install the machine with his hands, be sure to ask whether it would not affect the warranty on the product.

Site Selection

In modern apartments provide a place in the machine even during the design, taking into account water supply, electricity and drainage devices.

placement machines

The long-constructed buildings have to allocate space in the bathroom, the kitchen or even in the bedroom, if it is adjacent to the bathroom. installing the machine in the bathroom, high humidity will affect the technique. This can result in the appearance of rust, oxidation of contacts, damage to the body.In other areas, these tro

ubles do not threaten device.

Washing machine in the bathroom

place must necessarily be smooth. If there is a bias, it negate the change of the adjustable feet.Tightening the legs to the machine, use a level, then it will be clear which leg should be shorter, and that should be lengthened.

Location of the washing machine in the kitchen

choosing the place where the machine will be important to take into account the dimensions of the equipment.Sometimes the choice of the machine base is to have a free spot - the size of the space under the technique is measured in advance, and then repelled from them by selecting a model in the store.If the space you're not low, you may choose any version of the washing equipment.

Design a machine

Measure the height and width of the space for a washing machine, and observe the surface of the walls. If dents or convex parts of machinery can be crooked or does not fit.From the measurements need to subtract 1 cm to certainly not make a mistake with the size of the unit at purchase.It is desirable that the sides of the machinery space was 2 cm, and the rear left 5 cm. The contact machine and the wall or furniture is not recommended.

Unpacking After unpacking the box with the device, inspect the body carefully, trying to identify the scratches and damage that may appear on the machine during transport.

discovering traces of unfair transportation (chipped paint, dents, etc.), feel free to ask to replace the equipment.You paid for a new car, and therefore bring home you have it undamaged.

If the unit is in order, sign it and start sending out the first stage of the installation. He is to remove the back of the body transport the bolts that secure the tank.They are necessary for safe transport of the device, because hanging out inside the tank prevent damage to the elements and the inside of the machine.Do not remove the bolts impede the free course of the tank and turning the machine in this way, you can cause it to malfunction.

Use pliers or a wrench to unscrew the bolts.The holes that remain after this manipulation, cover plugs made of plastic.Such plugs are included in the complete set of instructions and other details.

Removing the bolts
Checking machines
loosening bolts

Bolts better to save, because they may be useful for subsequent transportation of the machine (eg when moving house).Screw them in place of the plugs, you can help protect the device from damage when moving.

Replacement for safety rules

have the power cord should be a wire for grounding.His many homes replaced vanishing.The plug must be freely available and recommended installation sockets closer to the car.

Example of setting machines

Note that using adapters and extenders, you lower class protection techniques and increase the risk of fire. At the end of the washing machine should be disconnected from the network.

Connection to the machine through the portability

Bathroom is quite dangerous with respect to electrical shock room, so you should carry out the installation of the switch machine to increase safety.Because of the moist air, wet floor, a large number of pipes and equipment bathroom is elektronebezopasnym place.

If the installation is not possible in other rooms, washing machine in the bathroom are advised to install the rubber mat and the body is sure to be grounded.

Water supply: hot or cold yet

If you bought a new machine to replace the old, then cut into the pipe already exists and you just screw the hose to it, and then open the tap.When you install the washing machine in the apartment for the first time need to focus on creating the right sidebar.

The simplest option would be to separate inset with a crane. It is facilitated by the use of tees for any pipe.Buying tee, consider the pipe diameters and the kind of thread.Before connecting it is important to cut off the water.

Wiring of the water and sewerage

hose recommended fix for greater reliability.By the way, if the hose is in the configuration will be a bit short, you can purchase a longer version easily.Experts advise to transfer valve to the open position only when washing.This will protect against possible leakage.

Many machines models can be connected to the hot water, but the benefits of such a choice is not enough, because each machine is equipped with a heating element. Among the disadvantages referred to more pollution of hot water and its increased rigidity.This will lead to greater consumption of detergents and frequent cleaning of the filter.In addition, the hot water connection precludes delicate washing items.

Connecting drain

For this manipulation is needed siphon, which after installation is connected hose.Draining can be connected to the sewer system or bring the bathroom / toilet.The second option can not be considered practical, especially for a large family.Deriving hose in the bathroom, you have to always monitor his situation, because during high pressure, perhaps he may fall from the wall, leading to the flooding of the neighbors.

Drainage connection

However, direct connection to the sewer standpipe requires more complex work.In addition, for the duration of these works will have to negotiate with the neighbors, limiting their use of the riser. best option will be to organize the drain in one of the tubes, which are suitable for the main duct. is important that the drain hose was secure attachment, eliminating the risk of leakage.

Connection washing machine

This task requires a very responsible approach and is the most difficult stage.Typically, modern appliances is well protected from current and grounded, but reassurance will not be superfluous.Remember that the ground cars on the battery or the water pipe carries a great danger.

Connecting to a network

To increase the operational safety of the machine requires a separate outlet for her. At this outlet should be special protection against water and ground.Normal sockets are considered dangerous for washing machines, as calculated only to 6A.Washing machine consumes more and requires a connection to the outlet 16A.Especially unsafe will rosette made of plastic, and ceramics in making it a safer option.

Connecting to a network

maximum learning your new machine energy consumption, correlate these parameters with the power of your electrical wiring. To switch technology does not de-energize housing, reasonable to hold a separate line to the machine with the RCD.To reduce the risk of electric shock to install RCDs should be correct.Such a device de-energizes the electric circuit, therefore, considered to be the best protection against electric shock.It is better not to install it by yourself, and to entrust professionals able to choose the right model and enhance your electrical.

Trial laundry

final stage of installation of the machine is a test laundry.It is carried out without the things that is idle.The technique was charged with a little powder to get rid of fine litter and grease.This wash will show how fast the machine is dialed in the water, whether normally occurs heating water if the drain is working correctly.

Trial laundry

Before the first time to include the machine, carefully read the instructions supplied with the equipment.So you eliminate the possible damage caused by negligence.

Before washing, ensure that the device is installed smoothly. If the machine wobbles, it is necessary to carry out the regulation of the legs.Turn on the machine to the network and open the valve (if there is one on the hose).All of the work equipment, check it is connected to the water supply and the condition of the drain hose.If there are any leaks or other sounds, disconnect the machine and check the place of a leak, close fitting gaskets and state ebbs.