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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sewer pipe : Requirements , installation and repair .Fans riser , valve and ventilation

Sewer pipe in a private house
  • Application
  • it always needs fanovy riser?
  • for installation
  • use of sewage valves
  • principles of designing the sewer ventilation
  • Recommendations for pipe installation
  • Common mistakes when installing
  • Repair

Requirements During the construction of a private house you need to consider a lot of nuances, which you wouldnever thinking if it decided to settle in a city apartment.The large apartment buildings designing of engineering networks borne by construction companies and you do not have to know how it all works. However, as soon as you decide to get out of the bustle of the city and start building your own home, in front of you will emerge a lot of problems in the first place, with the arrangement of the ventilation systems, sewerage and water supply. The functioning of the latter two systems plays an important role sewer pipe.Today will be our conversation was about it.

A bathroom in a private house


sewer pipe or riser fanovy - this pipe connecting the sewage risers with the atmosphe

re.She goes to the roof of the building and serves to equalize the pressure in the sewage system.

Conclusion on the roof ventilation system

When drains down a large volume of water within the system there is no vacuum and air flow, which provides sewage pipes, stench will penetrate directly into the home space.Protection odors he serves as a water seal, which is formed by bending a sewer pipe.Sewer pipe regulates the normal operation of the water trap which can "break" under the davleniem.Takim, the sewer pipe is an integral part of ventilation and sanitation systems house.

The air valve on the sewer pipe

it always needs fanovy riser?

If we still have not managed to convince you of the need to install for the outlet of the riser, you can do without it, but will have to comply with two important conditions for this.Firstly, the house must not be greater than two floors, and secondly, in the house must not be more than one toilet and one sink.However, if these requirements quite satisfy you, it does not mean that you can safely begin to design a sewage system without the sewer pipe without having to worry about the occurrence of unpleasant odors.It is necessary to take into account several important factors.

Sewage pipes under the roof

So the sewer pipe is required if:

  • sewer is less than 0.5 cm in diameter;
  • you are using a stand-alone sewer system;
  • in the house, or on its territory there is an artificial pond or other device, the service which requires periodic draining into drains large volumes of water, such as swimming pool.
House with swimming pool

Installation requirements

installation of sewage pipes must be carried out taking into account the two main requirements:

  • diameter sewer pipe and sewer riser must be the same to the nearest millimeter;
  • place where will leave the sewer pipe should be carefully thought out.Usually ventilation pipes are displayed on the roof;it is important to take into account the direction of the air flow to sewage evaporation volatilized in the opposite direction from the balconies, windows and houses.
Location riser and sewer pipe in the house

use of sewage valves

You probably heard that the contents of the sewer pipe can penetrate into the apartment through the toilet.This usually happens in cases where the design of sewerage systems have been serious errors, such as incorrect tube inclination angle is maintained.The reason may be strong and obstruction caused by discharge into the drains large debris, mice or rats.If you do not want to one day become a witness of how your toilet spewing from the fecal matter itself, should take care of it in advance, even at the stage of installation of the sewer pipe.

The valve for the sewer pipe

Reverse fanovy valve coined specifically to prevent the return of wastewater to the sanitary devices.Usually, it is installed inside or outside for the outlet of the riser.It works as follows: When you go down the water, cover the valve opens and passes it and all that it takes, and then, under the pressure of a spring steel, tightly closed.

Fixed -return valve

When installing this valve is necessary to consider the point that the lid should be opened against the movement of water.Only in this case it will securely block the sewage flows moving in the opposite direction.

principles of designing the sewer ventilation

To design the ventilation fans can be their own.To do this, you must have at least minimal knowledge of engineering systems and examine the requirements of SNIP.

Sewer pipe in the bathroom
Scheme designing the sewer pipe in the building
Cast iron sewage pipes in a private house

In summary, the design principles of the system of sewage pipes are as follows:

  • slope horizontal pipes in the direction of the sewer gas movement must benot less than two hundredths of a percent;
  • one fanovy riser can be used to combine multiple sewer;
  • change the direction of sewage pipes can be used only if the change is carried out above the place where the latter is let down to the riser equipment;
  • to connect multiple tubes use fanovy tee;attach it should be under 135 or 45-degree angle in the direction of movement of gases;
  • change the direction of the sewer ventilation possible only with outlet bend, and a 135-degree angle.
  • must take into account the distance from the sewer pipe to the balconies and windows: it is in the horizontal plane must be at least 4 meters;
  • sewer pipe should be displayed separately from ventilation and flue;
  • the lower part of the sewer pipe should be in a warm room, and the top - in the cooler;in this case, the thrust will be stronger.

Recommendations for installation of pipes

After preparing the project can proceed to the assembly for the outlet of the riser.To begin with, all the necessary equipment purchase.You will need: the fans and the connecting pipes, air duct and fittings.Installation of the sewer system of ventilation should be carried out in several stages.

  • preparatory work. probably in your home already has an old sewer system.If they are made of cast iron, it is better to dismantle and replace them with more modern.Before starting work, make sure that the standpipe is blocked.
  • for the outlet of the riser installation begins with the foundation of the house. The bearing wall, do the holes and, by means of metal clamps to mount the sewer pipe.
  • If plumbing is already installed, connect the toilet to the sewer standpipe using the Outlet bend. Seal connection O-ring seal.
  • For soundproofing construction using mounting foam or mineral wool.
Laying of new pipes in the bathroom
The layout for the installation of toilet and bidet in a private house

Watch the following video installation for the outlet of the riser.

Common mistakes when installing

guided by good intentions, many seek in their own way to arrange the sewer ventilation system in the hope that this will only improve her work.However, most of these changes in the project lead to very unfortunate consequences. Consider the most common mistakes:

  • exit Organization sewer pipe in the attic and not on the roof.If sewer gas will not go directly into the atmosphere, sooner or later they will accumulate under the roof and gradually begin to penetrate into the living quarters.Installation
  • sewer pipe with the inside walls of the carrier.If fanovy riser will be held outside, there are problems associated with the formation of condensate.
  • Replacing protective for the outlet of the fungus on the top of the pipe or decorative wind vane weather vane.Despite a more aesthetic appearance, the thrust of this does not become stronger, but on the contrary, decreases, resulting in unpleasant odors spread throughout the house.


repair sewage pipes are usually reduced to replacement of old cast iron pipes with new plastic.Making it better under the guidance of an experienced plumber, called in to help a pair of helpers.Iron - the material is incredibly heavy, and at the same time fragile, so handle it should be very carefully.Be extremely careful, as there is always a probability of harm to their own health or the entire sewer system.In addition, if you are replacing the sewer pipe in the high-rise building and, at the same time, you live on one of the lower floors, learn from the experts, whether survive in this situation your new plastic pipe system pressure.

Background and sewer pipes

to work you need a heavy sledgehammer, Bulgarian, drill and any other tool that you will find it necessary to use, for the dismantling of cast iron pipes - not an easy task.Dismantle the old pipes, you can proceed to the installation of new ones.How to do this, we have set out in the previous sections.We hope that our guide will help you without too much trouble to install a new ventilation system the sewer!