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August 12, 2017 18:06

Electric towel : how to choose , with temperature control , Sunerzha , the Energy

Electric Towel
  • Purpose
  • Types - compare the water and electric
  • Materials
  • shape, size, modifications and power
    • Liquid
    • Cable
  • Additional features
  • Security Essentials use
  • Installing your own hands
  • Prices

returning from work on a cold winter night so nice to bask under a hot shower or take a warm bath, and then wipe with warm fluffy towel and wrap yourself in a cozy bathrobe.After a busy day of work procedures bathrooms, more than anything else, helps restore strength and emotional balance.These procedures are much nicer if the bathroom is constantly comfortable temperature is maintained, and the towels are dry and warm.

Electric heated towel rail in the bathroom


heats the bathroom - it's one of the functions of the towel warmer.Often it is the only source of heat in the room, so his choice should be approached more responsibly as possible.

Towel combines several functions.In addition to heating, it is used in the dryer for towels Role and fine linen, towel holder, and carries a certain aesthetic burden, for exam

ple, bent metal pipes will look great in a bathroom in style hi-tech.

Chrome heated towel rail

All this makes the towel rail is very useful thing, without which it can not do any one bathroom.It remains only to decide which type of towel warmer is right for you.In this article you will learn more details about the electric towel model.

For other types of installation and towel read our other article.

Types - compare the water and electric

Currently plumbing market offers two types of towel rails - water and electric.Water heated towel rails exist in our apartments already for decades, power is relatively recent.

water heated towel rail

main advantage of electric towel rails with respect to water is that they do not depend on the water supply system. For owners of private houses with their own water supply system is not important, but the inhabitants of the city apartments for the duration of the summer of prevention are not only no hot water but no heating in the bathroom.Since off hot water in the summer periods ranging from two weeks to three months, this can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Electric towel warmers, in turn, depend on the power supply system.But, as the power outage periods in houses rarely last longer than two to three hours, then the quality of life is not particularly affected.

Elektropolotentsesushiteli twins

second advantage - installing electric towel rail is much lighter than water.No skills are not required for this, some models simply plug it in.

Speaking of sockets: Here lies, perhaps, the only drawback of this type of towel.In the bathroom or next to it have to be a socket that is not safe.In addition, you need to take care of the equipment grounding.

In addition, electric heated towel rail, you can turn on and off when you want.If at any time you do not need it, you can turn it off, thus saving electricity.Another nice thing: most of the models of electric towel rails is much cheaper than water.

Towel Disabled


There are two types of electric towel bath: liquid, also called oil, and cable. The liquid heated towel rail as teploperedatchika used oil or antifreeze that is heated from below by means of PETN (tubular electric heater).The cable heating element is an electric cable.

For the production of housings of electric towel rails are used only high-quality and durable materials that are not susceptible to corrosion.Most often it is stainless steel, at least - ferrous metal or brass.The latter option requires particularly careful care.

Brass elektropolotentsesushitel

shape, size, modifications and power

As mentioned above, today in stores two types of electric towel rails provided.Let us dwell on each of them.

Liquid Liquid

towel warmers resemble water heaters.Most often they are made in the form of a ladder or are S-shaped.They occupy a lot of space and are heavy.Moreover, it is a static structure in which no rotating elements.Power towel warmer liquid is 300 to 600 watts.They are heated to 70 degrees, quickly filling the room warm, but at the same time, power consumption have large enough.

to this type of towel is presented much more requirements than to the cable model.Firstly, a complete design integrity, and secondly - grounding.That is why the liquid heated towel rails are usually cost customers more.The disadvantages of the towel may also include some of the difficulties encountered during installation.They are related to the fact that the heating element must be located below the structure.In addition, a heated towel rail to connect fluid line 220 can only be external means.


Cable elektrosushiteli a great variety of shapes and sizes.However, even the most cumbersome model will weigh significantly less than the liquid heated towel rail.Cable elektrosushiteli are wall and floor.

can find a sliding design or model with rotating or turning elements.The number of tubes in each of the heating pattern is different.It is important to remember that the larger the tube will result in warmer in the bathroom.

capacity of small towel, it ranges from 60 to 120 watts, hence they consume much less energy, thus heating up quickly and evenly.It is worth noting that, just as quickly they cool down, so in terms of energy-saving liquid heaters profitable.

The advantages of cable towel also applies to the use of safety - no need for grounding, and it is possible to connect to a hidden network of 220 V.

Electric heated towel rail in the bathroom
Electric heated towel rail
Towel corner

Additional features

Functionality electric towel warmer low.This simple device which can dry towels and fine garments.Floor models and towel large size can be used as a clothes dryer.However, buying an electric heated towel rail, you should pay attention to the presence of additional functions.They can only boast of more expensive models.

Thermostat electric towel warmer

When the thermostat can be used to adjust the temperature, which the device will support. This function is very useful if you use a towel rack for drying clothes.Built-in timer allows you to set the time on and off.This feature allows, for example, to heat the bathroom to your arrival, at the same time, do not waste energy.

Security Essentials use

If you choose to install in the bathroom electric towel, be careful with safety.First of all, carefully read the operating instructions of the device and try to keep it for the entire time of use.

should pay attention to the wiring. basis of power purchased your towel warmer, calculate whether your electric network can bear the extra load.If possible, install wiring residual current device.

If necessary replace the socket, which will connect to the heated towel rail.It must be protected against dust and dripping water IP65 class.The socket must be grounded.Install elektropolotentsesushitel should as far as possible from sources of water spray.Ideally, it should be no closer than 60 cm from the bath, sink and shower.

Properly placed electric heated towel rail

Setting his hands

Install electric towel yourself will not make you any work.To get started, decide the location.It should be placed at a distance from the bathroom, so it did not reach to the water spray, but at the same time, you can reach the towel easily.

defined the place, drill a hole in the wall and install the brackets on which to hold the device.This is the case of wall models towel.

If the outlet is provided in the bathroom, then make sure it meets all the requirements listed above we can easily connect it to a heated towel rail.If there is none, you have to connect the unit to a power outlet, which is located outside of the bathroom.The cable is usually pulled through a hole in the wall has done, or simply displayed through the door.In this case, you need to make sure that the cable is not pinched.


The price range for electric towel warmers in the stores is huge.Most low cost you less than 3 thousand rubles, and the price of the most expensive models passes for 300 thousand.

In the mid-market have proved themselves these firms producing elektropolotentsesushiteli: «Margaroli», «DeLonghi», «Energy», «Heatex», «Elghansa». Prices for the products of these manufacturers are between 10 to 70 thousand rubles, depending on the specifications, size and functions of the model.

Approximately for the same money you can to purchase an electric heated towel rail domestic production. The most common buyers pay attention to the product companies "Sunerzha" and "Sail".

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