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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to lay tile in the bathroom : where to start laying tile types

How to lay tile in the bathroom
  • Pros and cons
  • methods of laying tiles in the bathroom
  • Payments for the purchase of materials, necessary tools
  • Room preparation
  • technology tile masonry
  • Tile Cutting
  • work after laying

Probably everyone is faced with many problems, before you start to repair the bathroom.For example, how to prepare the room for the repair, what materials should be used, what are the ways of styling, etc.To help you solve all these issues, we have a detailed look at each of these points.

Tile in the bathroom

Pros and cons

Many prefer to use as a cladding material ceramic tiles, which still remains the leader among the finishing materials for the bathroom today.Let's look at all of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Hygiene (surface just enough to wash, when very dirty, you can use chemicals containing acid, without fear that they will damage the tile);
  • strength (the skillful use of a sufficiently strong material, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes);
  • Durability (putting tiles i
    n the bathroom, you can be sure that it is more likely you will get tired of decades rather than unusable);
  • huge variety of colors and patterns;
  • wide range of prices (you can choose the tiles domestic producers with a simpler design at an affordable price, or an expensive original tile western producers).


  • long process of laying;
  • Expensive installation.
Ceramic tiles in the bathroom

major factor in the process of laying of a tile is professionalism, because without special skills with the tiles you risk to spoil all of the material or, in the end, to get the result, which, to put it mildly, do notrejoice.Therefore, most people prefer to pay a lot of money a specialist in order to avoid additional costs to correct their errors or additional purchase of materials, thus making it easier for your life.

Professionally laid tile in the bathroom

If you still decide to put the tiles themselves, these tips will help you cope with this task.

Beautiful ceramic tile

methods of laying tiles in the bathroom

With the help of different ways to tile laying can not only transform, but also visually hide the flaws of your bathroom.

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Tile in the bathroom

So, the tile can be placed in several ways:

  • Direct styling. Perhaps the easiest way to be a virtue, even for beginners.If you have a low ceiling, "lift" it will help rectangular tiles, laid in such a way.
  • laying checkerboard pattern. laying tiles in two colors, which allows you to visually expand the space.
  • diagonal styling. This method of laying requires special skills and additional calculations.Laying tiles on the floor in this way, it is possible to mask the rough wall.
  • Stacking with offset.Each tile next number is placed offset with respect to the previous row.It is best used here rectangular tile whose length is twice the width.
  • Mosaic. Share this mosaic can only pro.However, if you are single-minded and creative person, you have every chance to master this craft.In addition, a bathroom, made with the use of copyright patterns and ornaments made of ceramics, will appear in an original and creative.

Payments for the purchase of materials, necessary tools

Now that we have decided on the form and method of laying tile, you need to make some calculations.

To begin to take measurements of the wall, taking into account the location of the toilet, tub and sink. Then draw a plan on a piece of your bathroom, taking into account the scale.After that you can choose to store suitable tile, pre-recorded its size and direction of the drawing.

Then draw a layout of tiles on the plan.

It should take into account the fact that sometimes the width and height of the tile may not be a multiple of the size of the wall, so the tile has to be cut.

Calculating the number of tiles

Positioning whole tiles should be from top to bottom, so that it was less noticeable.Draw walls series arrangement of tiles based on the seams.Count how many tiles you need in pieces.Now you can safely buy a tile.

should not be forgotten that the tiles should be taken with a small margin - about 10%, as part of the material can be corrupted during installation.

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We also need tile adhesive.Some use cement instead of glue, but for beginners it will not work, because to prepare such a solution is very difficult, and to correct the mistakes made during installation, it will be impossible.There are many brands and manufacturers of tile adhesives, but perhaps the best option - it is a mixture of CM11 that is not inferior to the adhesive for tiles and also sold at a bargain price.

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Room preparation

After purchasing the tiles, we will begin to prepare the room.For a start we will block all the water inlet valves.All furniture and fixtures must be carefully dismantled and endure.Get rid of the old tile, you can use the gun or by hand, using a hammer and chisel.

In most cases, the old tile is easily separated from the wall, so dismantling does not take much time and does not require additional efforts.Before starting work, should wear safety goggles and a respirator to small fragments from damaging the mucous eye, but dust does not enter the lungs.

Another important point - the curvature of the walls.Plumb will help determine the deviation of the vertical walls, square corners check.Smooth walls are rare, so if the deviation is more than 5 cm, they will have to align.

To align the walls, we need: plaster beacons for plaster solution and container for cooking, spatula, hammer or a drill with a special nozzle.

The alignment of the walls

Please fasten beacons.Apply the adhesive is applied lighthouse and set it on a level.So all in turn.The rule will help to keep the lighthouses at the required level.Then should fill the space between them with a special solution.We must act carefully so as not to hurt the beacons, periodically checking the rule level.When the solution is dry, begin laying tiles.

Gender should also align, before proceeding to installation.For this again use beacons or self-leveling liquid (mixture).This liquid will facilitate your task, but it is such a pleasure rather expensive.

Measuring laser level floor curvature

So first check, it is necessary to level the floor or not.

Professionals often use a laser level, however, you can do it manually. To start slide from the highest corner of the room pencil horizontal line, and then draw it around the perimeter using a level.From the corner to the center slide diagonally, using a thread.The thread must not must not touch the floor, and the distance from the floor to the highest point of greater than 3 cm. If the thread reaches to the floor, you should raise it a little and draw a line around the perimeter of the bathroom again.This will be the new level of the floor.Further work on the already well-known algorithm.

To measure the curvature of the floor

After aligning advise cover the surface water-resistant primer, it will help the good adhesion with glue tiles.It is undesirable to put the pieces of tile in the corners and near the doorways, it is difficult to hold.It should postpone all work for a couple of weeks after surface preparation, that the solution is well dried up.

Painting surface

technology laying tiles

Finally proceed to laying process.Before breeding tile adhesive, you should read the instructions carefully.No need to cook too much of the solution, you may not have time to use it, and he simply withered.Since the solution is mixed thoroughly by hand is very difficult, we will use a drill or rotary hammer.

followed by an even draw a horizontal line, which will go on masonry.

Laying tiles

Important!It is best to start laying the tiles over the bath.

If you plan to lay tile for the bathroom, will start from the second row.Special retaining rail will help to avoid slipping tiles.The adhesive is applied with a spatula on the tiles and attached to the wall.Lightly crushing, check the level and if necessary correct the error.Rubber hammer will evenly place the tile without damaging it in the process.

If the tiles sat too deep, you need to hook it and repeat the process again.You may have used too little glue or highly pinned plate.Special plastic crosses, installed at the junction of slabs, will help to keep the distance and form a beautiful seam.

Laying tiles

Tile Cutting

We have already said that the whole bathroom to lay the tiles does not work, so they have to be cut.To do this, we will use the Tile (manual or automatic) or grinders.For cut-outs is better to use pliers.

cutting tiles

work after laying

After laying the tiles with adhesive residues must be removed, or after drying will have a long time to grind the seams. tiles is desirable to dry a couple of days, and only then proceed to the grout.For this purpose there is a special blend that can be of different colors (the color of the tile).Apply it with a rubber spatula or a brush.After complete drying of the tiles must be cleaned with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

At this stage of repair in the bathroom finishes.If you have all turned out, we congratulate you!Now, your bathroom will delight not only you but also your guests.

repairs and at this stage does not end there.Also read our article on how to drill the tile.

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