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August 12, 2017 18:06

Border for the bathroom: ceramic , plastic , acrylic , curb tape , installation

The border in the bathroom
  • features and requirements
  • Materials
    • Polyethylene tape-border for sinks and bathrooms
    • Plastic
    • Ceramic
    • Stone
  • expect the number
  • Installing curb their own hands
    • Plastic
    • Ceramic
    • curb Self-adhesive tape

As you know, the main thing in the bathroom - to prevent the accumulation of moisture in the room.To do this, put an extra bathroom ventilation system is used with a water-repellent coating materials, as well as thoroughly obscure and seal all seams.In the Soviet Union fundamentally solve the issue, obscuring all seams and cavity concrete solution.In particular, the concrete and the joints between the bath tub and walls, to which it was attached.Removing the bathroom after that became virtually impossible task, requiring tremendous effort.

Ceramic tile as a border

choice is now in favor of a more modern, but no less durable materials.In this article, we'll show you what you can close the seams between the bathtub and the wall to a bath no water and does not accumulate excessive moisture an

d dirt, using the curbs.

features and requirements

In general, the curb bathroom subject to the same requirements as for any other finishing materials for bathrooms.Curbs should:

  • leak-proof
  • water repellent
  • be resistant to
  • strain to be eco-friendly and does not create an environment for the development of bacteria and mold
  • be resistant to detergents and brushes
  • well combined with other materialsIn bathroom.
Curbs bathroom


main criterion for choosing borders for baths and sinks - a material of manufacture.

Polyethylene tape-border for sinks and bathrooms

securely sealed holes from moisture.They are easy to use and cheap in comparison with other materials.There are wide range of curb tapes of different widths, lengths and colors.The tape is self-adhesive, so with such a pasting curb handle even a child.

A significant disadvantage of this border - its fragility. Such curbs are generally used as a temporary solution.If you want to extend the life of the belt and the curb to provide greater protection against moisture, you can additionally use a sealant tape.However, with this method of using the tape will last you a few months, no more.

Curbing tape for bathroom


next duration of the life of the border - is a plastic border.Made from a very practical and at the same cheap plastic, this border is securely fastened to the bath and the wall using special glue.This plastic curbs are very light and not aggravating circumstances the design, they are easy to assemble and easy to clean.They combine well with any materials.However, at such borders has its disadvantages - the plastic can eventually tarnish and darken, it is easy to remain scratch, and soon you will also have to replace him.

Plastic border


It should be selected by the used in the decoration of the bathroom tiles.Such curbs significantly more durable than those described above, and will serve you for decades.Ceramics provide good tightness and strong in itself.However, we must be careful - if improperly installing ceramic border may crack.

Installing ceramic borders involves the use of special equipment and certain skills.

Ceramic borders


These borders will certainly require appropriate interior.Borders made of marble and granite is almost eternal, but in a small bathroom, lined with ordinary ceramic tiles, they will look ridiculous.They are quite bulky and require specific skills for installation.

Marble border

expect the number

To calculate the number of borders, it is necessary to take the total length of the bath sides in contact with the wall (preferably with a margin) and divide this length by the length of the border.

Some people prefer to save money and buy the required length of borders, and then, when something goes wrong, all over town searching for the remains of the border required texture and color.

encourage you to buy a couple of curbs reserve in case when using any of them will crack, or you incorrectly cut off something.

addition to length, you must also take into account the width of the gap between the bathroom and the walls.The fact that you need for buying will determine not only the length but also the width of the material used.If the gap between the bathtub and the wall will be too wide, compared to purchased a border, they will still flow into the water, and the meaning of the use of the curb then lost.

If you are going to purchase a border made of ceramics or natural stones, measure the length of each line of the border must be as accurate as possible as to adjust it at home in the place would be very difficult.

Installing curb their own hands Plastic

Mount plastic border is quite simple.In addition to direct most of the border, we suggest you also buy a plastic corner.This not only eliminates the need to adjust the butt edges, but also help to hide the traces of sealant and adhesive.

Border bathroom brown
Multi-colored plinth Bathroom
Plastic border


  1. Clean the surface of the walls and baths, for which you will strengthen the borders, against dirt and water.Wipe dry with a cloth.
  2. Take the sealant fill their slot, level the top with a spatula and wait until it is completely dry.
  3. From one end of the border set aside an amount equal to the length of one side of the tub, which is adjacent to the wall, and carefully cut the desired piece.
  4. obkleyte border with tape so as not to spoil its appearance glue.
  5. tiles around the place where you will glue the border, is also better protected than ever.For example, the molar tape.
  6. Press firmly curb the surface and fill the space behind the border sealant.
  7. Repeat for each side as described above.
  8. Wait until the sealant has dried, remove the protective layer and adhesive tape.

Plastic edging is better to fix the tile on top of, not under it, since plastic is short-lived.Then later to replace the plastic border you do not need to be disassembled and the tiles.

Installation of tiles on top of the curb


Ceramic border can be set as a tile, and tile on top.The first method is considered more reliable, as it provides a better seal, but it is only suitable for those who thought out the need for the installation of curbs in advance.

Installing ceramic borders

Mounting curb ceramic bathroom:

  • Clean the surface of the walls and baths, for which you will strengthen the borders, against dirt and water.Wipe dry with a cloth.
  • Fill the crack sealant, level the top with a spatula and wait until it is completely dry.
  • From one end of the border set aside an amount equal to the length of one side of the tub, which is adjacent to the wall, and carefully cut a piece of the desired angle of 45 ° using a grinder with a diamond blade or gently Break off the excess piece of pliers.The edges of the sand the whetstone.
  • Spread the tile adhesive according to instructions.
  • Apply glue to the border on the reverse side gently with a spatula.
  • Press border to the surface and remove any excess glue.Check exactly whether you have attached the curb using a builder's level.
  • Repeat for each side as described above.
  • When the glue is dry, fill the remaining crack sealant, or purchase a special grout to the tile color.

To install ceramic frieze on top of the tiles, you must:

  1. clean from dirt and grease the surface, which will be attached curb
  2. measure and cut pieces of the curb to length at an angle of 45 °
  3. fillthe space between the walls and the bathroom sealant
  4. treat the surface water-repellent tile adhesive
  5. apply adhesive to the back side of the border
  6. press firmly curb
  7. check exactly whether it is attached with the help of the level and if all smooth, paste remaining pieces of the curb.
Installing ceramic brackets on the sink

If there is a desire to extend the service life of the ceramic border is possible, treating it hydrophobizator.

Self-adhesive tape curb

Installation steps:

  • Get skein curb tape required width and length.
  • Clean and degrease the surface on which you will glue film.Allow it to dry.
  • Open the package, remove the tape and remove the protective layer from the adhesive side.
  • Carefully glue and flatten the tape with a rubber spatula.
  • the corners of the bathroom attached tape overlap to avoid leakage.
Belt curb - installation