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August 12, 2017 18:06

Waterproofing in a wooden house : the rules , methods , materials

wooden house
  • wooden floor in the bathroom in a log house
  • Stages
  • Prerequisites
  • Wooden floors on joists
  • Regulated lags
  • Materials
  • main ways
  • Features finishing materials

Design and construction of private houses of wood allows you to freely plan living space.In this type of construction there are no fundamental limitations on the construction of additional walls and laying communications.Through this approach, the bathroom is not difficult to place on any of the floors, simultaneously expanding it by adjacent rooms or fenced off shower bath in a large room.

The device frame houses has its own nuances, and they should be taken into account in the regeneration bath:

  1. tree like absorbs and evaporates moisture (breathe);
  2. Tree - organic material on its surface and in the interior of actively proliferate mold and fungus, which leads to its destruction.
  3. In wet conditions the growth of harmful organisms is enhanced, and the wood rather comes into disrepair.

advise a future bathroom to alloc

ate space to the supporting wall and on the ground floor.

bath in a wooden house

in the bathroom and toilet, where the steam and condensate is always in excess, it is necessary to fully implement the work waterproofing.They are held not only in order to preserve the walls, floor and ceiling of the negative effects of moisture.With their help you get rid of unpleasant odors, damp feeling and keep hygiene in sanitary rooms.

Drawing on the floor water-repellent coating composition - sure, but full protection, it does not give off moisture.

wooden floor treatment

wooden floor in the bathroom in a log house

core floor plates make chipboard fixed to joists.

If you consider yourself to the bathroom layout option on the upper floors, it is necessary to provide additional reinforcement of the foundation floor.

Based on operating experience, such an effect can be achieved by installing a larger cross-section beams and styling with smaller gaps.beam stacking level recommended underestimate by 10-12 cm in order to work at the end of the floor height in all the rooms were the same.

beams in a wooden house

floor level will be offset by pouring cement, installing floor heating system and laying tiles.To prevent flooding in the bathroom and adjoining rooms, floor height after the installation of the final coating should be below the threshold at 2-1,5 centimeters.When

floor veiled on the second floor and above pouring concrete is not necessary, but in the case of the first floor not do without it, because it is in it will be mounted heating.

floor screed

For heating there are a number of solutions with their advantages and disadvantages.This can be heating cables, electric coil or film with water.

specialists often advise to choose the principle of the water heater is the least expensive.


  • stuffed lags at a distance of 30-50 cm from each other.Then they spread between cotton roll insulation flush with the height of lags.On the lag fasten sheets of chipboard.It is preferred to lay 2 layers overlapping.You can replace wood canvas desyatimillimetrovym magnesite sheet.On
  • created flooring laid parogidroizolyatsiyu, place it tightening the joints with duct tape. substrate spreads with stops at the walls of 20 cm.

coating of magnesite sheets more durable and can withstand the increased load.

  • Preparation for grouting.Self-tapping screws are attached to the floor of a steel grid on it fix clamps, through that stretch of water heating pipes.For this purpose, we recommend to buy polyethylene pipes.they are inexpensive and very durable.From metal and plastic is better to give - can start to flow to the joints over time. polyethylene pipe can be laid one solid piece, it easily bends at the corners, thus avoiding unwanted leaks in the heating system.
  • finished with a pipe liner, start pouring concrete.To get a reliable basis, it is recommended to fill the screed height of at least 4 santimetrov.Na this stage of work with the floor is finished.To begin the installation of ceramic tile can be no earlier than 3 days.

recommend it to resort to the tiling - this is a more practical option of finishing.Tile is easy to clean and durable in operation.But it is possible to complete the floor finish installing laminate flooring or other material with the texture of wood.

laying sheets of plywood on the joists
installation of pipes floor heating
tiling in the bathroom


set of measures to waterproofing the wooden floors of the ground floor and those above to carry out properly with the following requirements:

  • Forlaying lags needs well-dried and smooth timber with an antiseptic impregnated;
  • Processing antiseptic and other protective equipment, wooden structural elements need to stacking to all joints and edges were also covered by them. When trimming is carried out on the site of inappropriate size pieces, immediately treat the cut surface;
  • at fixing lags to underlie the roofing joists;
  • to improve ventilation in the basement subfloor is to do a few holes of 10-12 cm hole on winter close to the heat is not consumed.;
  • between the floor and the walls on the second floor, be sure to leave a gap in the centimeter and a half for ventilation. He subsequently closed plinth and will not be noticeable.

These measures are necessary to maintain proper ventilation in a wooden house.Without this normal steam and waterproofing floors is simply impossible.

antiseptic treatment
floor in a wooden house

Catching Insulation works in a residential area, it would be illogical to bypass the basement attention.Because the basement is mostly below ground level, there is the probability of getting into the rain and snow or flooding basement groundwater through cracks and crevices in the walls and floor joints.

To provide protection from moisture and flooding, on top of the basement walls glued roofing or other moisture barrier.It is also possible to uniformly apply a coat of waterproofing mastic, but not on the basis of bitumen, as it is flammable and emits toxic fumes when heated.

bath in a wooden house

Wooden floors on joists

This design has a number of significant advantages in the construction as in a private home or apartment. Laghi form additional stiffeners and distribute the load effectively applied to the wooden boards, in the case of hard blows they quenched them effectively and amortize the entire frame.

for laying communication lines and communication floor, assembled in such a way, is very convenient.Nothing prevents the cables plant in all directions, at the same time reliably hiding them.

The only drawback to the floor joists in the fact that as a result the distance to the ceiling is reduced by an additional 8-10 cm. This reduction in height is particularly undesirable in the regeneration of the attic.

floor on joists

Laghi standard sizes are presented bar section 25 * 30, 50 * 40, 50 * 50, 50 * 70 mm and a length of 3 or 2.5 meters. Choosing the lag is necessary, taking into account the thicknessplates, which will be sheathed with floor grid.For the bathroom, taking into account the subsequent waterproofing, concrete form ties and tiling needed lags a minimum height of 40 mm and a wood stove at least 20 mm thick.

floor in a wooden house

For everything subfloors suitable lag the rough.Using polished economically unjustified and pointless - lag it will still be hidden under the floor.

leveling floor on joists

Logs stack parallel to the floor at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other and with a space from the walls of 20 cm. Draw, they will be on the wooden cross beams or pave on separate racks, assembled from bricks.Under each laying separately poured foundation -. Square 40x40 cm

In both cases, to comply with horizontal bars on top puts the building level and adjust them to the installation height.In places Elevations to support further enclose pieces of plywood or boards.

the brick pillars lags pressed dowel or anchor.The length of the fastener is taken above the beam by 50-60 mm.The crossbars lag screws securely attached to the beam entering the body is 30-50 mm.

Regulated lags

new trend in construction, which significantly facilitate the life of the builder - it is adjustable lag.In fact, serious irregularities and variations or ties slabs - a common disease of multi-storey buildings.And when it comes to wooden frames, then these floor beams often leads to one direction or another.

Here is where the lag comes to aid adjustment, and with it, its advantages:

  • installation time is reduced by several times;
  • subfloor height adjust on their own;
  • Together with the lumen of the boards to the ceiling can be increased by a layer of insulation to be laid;
  • Lag with adjustable supports less load bearing beams.
floor joists on regulated

rise each regulated lag bolts screwed into the pivot bearings. assembly process similar to the following:

  1. The joists drilled bolt holes-rack.Based on the length of 2 meters of openings is 5 pieces;
  2. Logs are arranged in increments of 50-60 cm .;
  3. The overlapping drilled nests under precast anchors.They are bolted-rack.
  4. Driven screws driven into the dowels to stop, after which the keys tighten up the nut on the bolt dressed to display racks lags by one level.Speakers on the part of the lag screw cut.
  5. Ready frame sewn wood stove or magnesite.
height adjustment lag


In case of waterproofing the floor in the bathroom it is dictated by the need for using a layer of insulation.Mineral wool, though not corroded by mold and mildew, but absorbs and retains moisture.As damp, it will not be able to protect the same amount of cooling from the floor.

Different types of water repellents applied as a finish on the surface of the floor, and on the concrete base. consider in detail the characteristics of each of them.

bathroom floor

Waterproofing paint

paint application - method is the easiest and least expensive.Damp-proof floor with paint under any force.Bitumen used for papers or polymeric compounds that are applied with a brush in several layers.

Before painting the wooden surface is polished, cleaned of grease and dirt and dried thoroughly.Then, the floor and walls covered with varnish.Particular care must be treated in the corners and at the junction of sten.m

Colorful waterproofing can not last for a long time due to cracking from temperature changes.The most that you can expect is 5-6 years.

waterproofing Paint

Waterproofing mastics

is a more dense variety of liquid insulation.They have a high plasticity, due to which are not damaged by mechanical impact and temperature difference.

for wood base best suited insulating mastic of glassine paper. There are, of course, and mastics with a cement composition, but they are fragile, and such coverage can quickly crack.

waterproofing mastic

Liquid asphalt is preferred for several reasons:

  • can be applied even free of wet surface.Glassine deeply seeps into the pores of the rock, simultaneously displacing moisture and blocking her access to the inside in the future;
  • you will save time to dry wood;
  • composition is very flexible and durable.

release form pergaminovoy isolation - or aerosol cans.

liquid asphalt

insulating filling

fill application helps to smooth out differences in height and unevenness at the joints of wood boards.Upon completion of the fill we get a uniform and a solid foundation for facing works.Also pouring shows the high quality insulation of water and its creation takes a little time.

Raw materials for insulating the floor filling - a heated bitumen or asphalt.The cast is carried out in several passes. ultimate insulation thickness is 2-2.5 centimeters.

Waterproofing by insulating filling procedure is economically quite costly because of the large flow rate and composition of its high cost.

cast waterproofing

preparation for pouring begin with, that is cleaning the plate and sealed the gap between them.Along the walls are mounted formwork.As a primer layer is applied to a small hot solution and allowed to harden.

Following poured the following layers that are best put out of corners and places where the floor of the water pipes are located.For uniform distribution of the solution using a notched trowel.Bubbles of air column filling convenient to expel a spiked roller.

Loose-fill insulation

particular interest is Loose-fill insulation for floors.It will be convenient to use in private homes and in the country, because it is very simple to manufacture.

This will require special bulk components - bentonites.They are diluted with water in the proportions indicated on the package and form a waterproof gel. gel has low thermal conductivity and at the same time serve as an additional insulation.

Sediment insulation can be considered as an alternative to wool insulation. It will be much easier to place between the joists, and to the level of chipboard smooth regulation.The material is not hygroscopic unlike wool insulation and how it is justified.

Loose-fill waterproofing

roll waterproofing

In appearance and composition for waterproofing rolls are very diverse.As the rigid substrate may be used polyethylene alloy, glass, and fiberglass.Binder component may be a bitumen, but today's products often contain synthetic substitutes.The lower layers are roll bonded foil with or without.

If the blade is not self-adhesive, it is fixed to the floor by means of mastic. insulation sheets lay overlapping one another. For complete sealing seams webs will additionally lubricate brush.

roll waterproofing

work with roll waterproofing is carried out in several stages :

  1. sweeps away debris and dust from the floor.Pass mastic asphalt all the cracks at the joints plates.
  2. for proper stacking bales should not be differences at the joints and irregularities.By waterproofing film in such places remain empty, and subsequent layers of your weight by selling the film to the exposed end of the board.Therefore, horizontality on tap it is necessary to check the building level.
  3. roll unfolds, calling at the wall to the height just above the future concrete screed.In the corners of the insulation film will have to be cut and put the edge of the overlap.For convenience, we recommend an angle slightly rounded cement, not to leave a gap between the walls and roll.
roll waterproofing

main ways

Upon completion of finishing work on laying the floor we should pay attention to the waterproofing of wood coatings.Often, waterproofing agents also perform the function of protecting wood against mechanical damage and the appearance of stubborn stains.Durable lacquer layer reliably covers natural wood, and can safely carry out wet cleaning the floor in the bathroom using the detergent compositions.