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August 12, 2017 18:06

The layout of pipes in the bathroom How to make the right pipe scheme in the apartment with his hands

distributing pipes in the bathroom
  • Development facilities and the pipeline layout
  • Types of wiring pipes
  • Proper selection of pipes and their varieties
  • Hidden, open and combined method of laying pipes
  • Liner pipes to heated towel rails
  • layout sewer pipes
  • Laying and installation of pipes with his hands
  • Dismantling of old pipes
  • Precautions for piping

in the matter of home repair can not ignore the installation of pipes in the bathroom and toilet.wiring scheme must simultaneously provide a convenient location plumbing appliances, access to key sites for repair and fit well into the current or future interior.

often in the repair of old buildings need to replace worn-out plumbing risers and feed pipes.At the same time, you may encounter some difficulties due to the fact that not all the obsolete and faulty components replaced with modern turns.Very often, new plumbing different mounting dimensions, diameters connecting thread and mounting method.In such cases it is necessary to provide for a new supply scheme and con

nect plumbing fixtures.

Work on the layout of pipes are required, if the bathroom is equipped with a zero.

Let us examine in more detail the methods and rules for wiring plumbing.

connecting pipes in the bathroom

Development facilities layout and piping

location scheme fasteners, valves, water meters and pipes elements is absolutely necessary for quality results.It will calculate the number of connections and taps, plumbing determine the connection point and help save time and materials.

water supply scheme in the bathroom

standard in the wiring scheme include the following elements:

  • Meters for water;
  • Valves;
  • filter elements;
  • fittings (box joints, corners, vodorozetki, adapter);
  • Reducing Valves;
  • check valves;
  • supply from the riser to the heated towel rail;
  • sewer.

Deciding for yourself, where will be located plumbing fixtures, you, building on their size, want length and diameter of the connecting sections.After calculating the length of the sections and the number of additional parts will select the appropriate type of wiring.

counters for water

Types of wiring pipes

At the moment when sanitary works we recommend the following 3 types:

  • collector (parallel connection of each object to the main pipes);
  • Serial (connect every object to the main pipe via a separate tee);
  • with passage outlets (similar to sequential, but instead set outlet tees).

latter laying scheme used only in private homes.It will require the installation of an additional pump for backwater and laying of pipes of considerable length.

The apartments also use the first two schemes, tell about them in detail.

distributing pipes in the bathroom

collector wiring

Among the current proposals for the organization of water - this is the most reliable and practical.Each user is connected via a pair of a feed by a feed water valves it may be adjusted at any time or completely cut off.Cranes are located in one small reservoir that is hidden in a special wardrobe.Supply pipes have a minimum connections and routing them may be hidden.

collector wiring diagram

Of course, this option is quite expensive, becauseshut-off valves needed for each connection to the collector.The work itself will require painstaking and calculation accuracy and performance, so it would be wise to entrust an experienced master.But the advantages are obvious: do not have to be disconnected from the water supply all the bathroom again for servicing and repair of washing machines, mixers and other devices.

collector wiring in the bathroom

Serial wiring

This type of pipe gaskets suitable for rooms with a small number of consumers (total basin mixer and bath and the supply to the washing machine).Series circuit is convenient to implement if you have already completed finishing work in the bathroom.Lining pipes by using such a circuit is usually open.In the pipe tee scheme are a small number of compounds and are compact.Self assembly process is plain - you simply pave the highway from one user to another along the way of bringing tees supply tubes.This procedure does not require the consumption of large amounts of materials and other expenses.

wiring diagram tee

But when your in the bathroom there is a lot of water intake points (separate basin mixer and bath, water boiler, washing machine, bathroom, dishwasher) operation of the scheme to become unsatisfactory.There may be a lack of water pressure for simultaneous operation of all consumers.

tee distributing pipes

In both cases there are a number of nuances, which are always taken into account when building the aqueduct scheme:

  • number of joints should be minimized;
  • pipe and fittings must be of uniform materials;
  • desirable to insulate pipes, that they are not settled condensate;
  • Requires free access to the detachable joints, filters and metering devices.
water in the bathroom

Proper selection of pipes and their varieties

When considering tubes for communications, note that a variety of materials tailored to specific operating conditions and seriously differ in price.

example, metal pipe is made of galvanized steel or copper. first characterized by good heat dissipation and durability.The latter are more durable and easy to take specified forms, but at the same time are the most expensive.

A cheaper alternative to steel and copper are plastic products. plastic and metal pipe almost completely replaced the stainless steel pipes in plumbing.Easy to process, durable, they have led to progress in the quality and speed of installation.

pipes for water supply

Among their advantages, we note the following :

  • pipes are easily connected by soldering, the compounds themselves are resistant to extremes of pressure;
  • plastic does not corrode, the inner surface is not silts up and acquires a touch of lime;
  • production of polypropylene cheaper metal.

should be noted that the tube of metal less ductile, brittle, and can not tolerate water hammer.Plastic products are commonly used in the assembly of sewage.

ration of polypropylene pipes

Hidden, can be arranged in 3 ways open and combined method of laying pipes

communication wiring in the bathroom.

external wiring .It occurs when it is impossible to hide the pipes in the walls.This type of layout allows you to constantly monitor the appearance of connections and easy to dismantle them in case of blockage or replacement parts.It also costs more cheaply at bringing to laying installers - from 7000 rubles, together with the materials.

external wiring tubes

Hidden wiring .Due to the fact that all connections and sites are hidden under the lining, as outward only displayed fittings for connections, this type of liner does not infringe the interior design.Pipes are securely hidden in the walls can not be damaged through negligence.But the process of work on laying more time consuming and labor.Before the construction of the wall cutting grooves - cut down channels for placement of pipes.After stacking wall sealed while maintaining plane.The pipeline before installation need to dress in a casing according to building codes.

As a result, a hidden method of laying much more expensive than the wiring pipe from the outside (from 12000 rubles). Well, if we talk about supporting walls, then they shtroblenie prohibited in principle.

hidden laying of pipes in the bathroom

Hidden gasket is only possible with the unfinished painting and decorating.When finished wall is possible only option open and a combined assembly of pipes.

Combined gasket is piping on the surface of unlined walls followed by the installation of decorative trim panels or boxes that hide the pipeline.This is a fairly complicated method, as required harmoniously fit the projecting parts in the interior of the box and keep the cozy atmosphere in the room.Here comes to the aid of a box shape profiling through drywall and exterior trim tiles and decorative elements.

Liner pipes to heated towel rails

The supply pipe can be stretched to a heated towel rail or by heating the riser from the hot water supply line.It's worth noting that while working on the Central Organ radiator will operate only during the heating season.Also Box taps into the heating system will require time to shut off on the riser, that representatives of utilities make for a fee.In winter, these works do not carry out due to the risk of frozen pipe.

therefore rational to be connected from the hot pipe.This for convenience and economy between the hot water line and a heated towel rail is recommended to put the bypass jumper .It connects the forward and backward pipe and ball valves before and after the coil cut TOWEL allow the case to replace it or to keep it warm.

When laying the connecting pipes have to stand exactly in 2 sizes: spacing pipes for connecting the radiator and the minimum offset from the bathroom wall.At radiators with a diameter pipes up to 23 mm it is 35 mm in diameter of pipes above 25 mm - 50 mm.In general, to connect the towel warmer will need 2-3 tap on the bypass jumper 2 tee at the main pipe and the conclusions of her 2 tee to bypass and 2 nipples for connection of the coil.

heated towel rails
heated towel rail
heated towel rail

layout sewer pipes

Create routing of sewer pipes is carried out taking into account a number of requirements for the proper discharge wastewater and prevent stagnation of water. the following requirements:

  • Aged slope towards the drain collector.Its value from 0.02 to 0.03 the overall length of the gasket.
  • During assembly is not allowed to put bends at a right angle.
  • The areas in front of the turns, where blockages can be put audit - tees with a removable lid.When laying in front of a hidden revision is necessary to leave the viewing window.
  • diameter pipes should provide a good cross for drainage.Toilet bowls connected to a collector pipe at least 100 mm in diameter, and bathtubs and sinks - tubes with dimensions of 50-75 mm;
  • When assembling leave margin for thermal expansion: end of the pipe should not rest on the connection and does not reach the bottom of the 10 mm.
sewer layout

To obtain the required value of the slope using a builder's level when marking clamps

sewer pipes

Laying and installation of pipes with his hands

With the finished circuit piping and the selectedmeans laying can begin to assemble the system.Note that to perform the assembly of steel and copper pipes fail.Working with them requires handling skills to the welding apparatus and precision machining.This afford only experienced professionals.Therefore, in this section we describe the technique of installation of polypropylene pipes.It is easy to learn and will only require strict adherence to the instructions.

set polypropylene pipes

Prepare for all the necessary materials and tools:

  • soldering iron for plastic pipes with nozzles required diameter;
  • impeller (Bulgarian);
  • cutter or hacksaw;
  • Punch;
  • Sealing preroll from flax or hemp;
  • dowels with screws;
  • Polypropylene pipes;
  • wrenches;
  • ball valves;
  • Transition joints, elbows, tees.
  • Mechanical cleaning of filters;
  • pressure reducer.
ball valve

Dismantling of old pipes

should start with the dismantling of previously established communications.To do this, we reimplemented the water supply and distribute plug-in connections to drain the water.Rotate an all screw connections and remove the old valves, couplings and tees.Items that are still in good condition and do not have the inside dirt, it will fit both parts.Welds cut grinder.To get to the sites hidden in the walls, use a chisel with a hammer.

When fitting on the riser has a thread on him fasten a new control valve, and after the filter and water meter.If the old tube was attached to the welding seam is retreating from 10-15 cm, cut away the pipe and cut thread chaser.

pipe installation

pipes are mounted with connecting elements by soldering.For soldering pre-install the cartridge and the right size kegs and turn Palniki.The optimum temperature for soldering 260 degrees, there is a corresponding mark on the appliance switch.

advise in advance not cut all the pipe sections.It would be correct to connect them in series, so as not to miscalculate the size. piece of pipe cut into a pipe cutter or hacksaw.Slice we clean office knife of chips and burrs.

pipe cutters

Warm-up time depends on the details of the diameter and thickness of the pipe walls.You can find your own table, where it is normalized.Normally, the same 5-7 seconds is enough.The molten pipe or coupling without effort are turned on the sleeve or pin, and can be easily removed.After removal from the soldering two parts to be connected instantly.Presses the need to stop, but without a strong push.Within 3-5 seconds can turn parts, if suddenly exposed their crooked.Once connected sites grabbed the final and they are no longer to separate.To practice does not hurt to practice on unnecessary scraps.

pipes are mounted along the walls by plastic collars.Those, in turn, pressed against the wall with screws.Their design makes it easy to fix the pipe snapping the lock and just as easy to release.

Upon completion of installation, check the build quality.On the quarter-hour, open the cold water.Then the same time it is passed through hot water.Carefully Check the condition of screw and solder joints.In the case of leaks immediately replace bad connection.In such a case would be not out of place to stock up on a couple of fittings.

pipe clamps

Some tweaks to simplify the work:

  1. advance mark and drill holes for dowels and fix collars.There is no need to press the clamps firmly until they try on the pipe.
  2. to expose tees and corners smoothly, try on them to the pipe before soldering, and make a mark marker.
  3. tubes can be soldered on the weight and already assembled harness fastened to the collars.Collect all the help you accurately the previous tip.
fixing pipes to the wall

Precautions for piping

To protect themselves at work, prepare yourself workplace - remove everything that prevents approach to the installation of pipes.Before working in the bathroom, make sure that there are no open anywhere near electrical outlets and exposed wires.