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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fan Bathroom : exhaust and other species, especially the installation

Fan Bathroom
  • Types exhaust fans
  • Axial
  • Radial
  • Centrifugal
  • Roof
  • Landmarks to select an exhaust fan
  • Standard
  • Automatic
  • Quiet - features of the device
  • Value for money
  • installation of ventilation equipment

fundamental prerequisite for a comfortable use of bathroom and toilet facilities is the lack of excess humidity, odors and dampness on the walls.

In apartment buildings has long been the norm availability of natural ventilation.Unfortunately, it is not always sufficient to eliminate fumes and mustiness.And in such a situation, to install an additional exhaust fan is becoming a real necessity.

The lack of ventilation in the toilet and bathroom in the summer we all felt clearly that due to the heat of evaporation and smells stagnated and even began to interfere with breathing.It is predictable, as the basis of the principle of natural ventilation movement of air masses due to the temperature difference, and in the warmer months, it is very little.

The fan in the bathroom

undeniable is the fact that i

n old houses state of exhaust mines is poor.They regularly accumulates dirt for years, and at some point they become impassable.

That is why more people are turning to the installation of an additional fan in plumbing components to address the lack of circulation problems.This measure helps with poor ventilation conditions in old houses and becomes the prevention of such problems in the new buildings.

the fan in the bathroom

Types exhaust fans

begin our acquaintance with the variety of types of exhaust devices.Depending on the purpose of them isolated axial, radial, centrifugal (channel), and the drawing for the roofs.

fans for bathrooms


axial drawing in the form of a blade impeller is mounted in a cylindrical housing.The impeller is attached to the back side of the rotor motor.The blades are placed at a slight incline to the axis of the channel.Air is drawn wheel blades and moved in the axial direction.

To intensify the work of the impeller mounted grid manifold front of the fan.Models with a similar mode of operation show a rather high efficiency compared to other devices.Airflow is greater than 100 m3 / h, but at the same pressure they have little.Mount thrust hood can be directly into the wall.

axial-flow fan

Due to the simple installation of the fans of this design are very common.Typically, installation dimensions of axial fans with the same size of windows exhaust shafts.The only objectionable point - the work of such extracts may cause inverse vortices inside the mine.Another worth noting significant noise during operation of the apparatus (about 30-50Db), which can be annoying in everyday life.


In devices of this type of impeller is placed in the spiral casing.The working body is made in the form of drums, which is planted on the same frequency of rotation parallel to the blade axis.When rotating blade trap air and it was discarded to the inner surface of the housing.The helical compression chamber is moving and the internal air flow path to the discharge port.

Radial fan circuit

blades can be folded forward or backward, and the device can suck the air in one or both sides.The use of fans, equipped with curved blades back, saving energy significantly.In addition, their use is well to cope with the increased loads when pumping large volumes.Hoods with blades curved forward show similar to the previous machine settings on the pressure and flow rate, and at the same time are smaller impellers and the number of motor revolutions.Due to this, the device is reduced in size and become more low-speed.

Centrifugal Fans

channel type (centrifugal) appeared later than others on the market, but already have a great success among customers due to the simplicity and ease of use.Their use is justified for large area flat - ot15 m2 or more.

These devices combine high capacity, but at the same time remain low speed.Duct fans evacuated from the bathroom into a developed network of ducts.The duct thus has a circular or rectangular cross-section.Ducted fan with a drainage system made to lay on the ceiling and hide the suspension of plasterboard.

centrifugal fan

preferable to buy semi-flexible and rigid ducting.They are more durable and can last longer than a flexible design.The fan may optionally be inserted inside the duct or at the entrance to it.

In the latter case, it is desirable to install additional equipment - diffuser.It prevents the retraction of the duct excessive moisture and condensation.But even with the fan by setting the depth of the channel outputting everything it is not easy.This creates additional aerodynamic loss and weaken the draft, will have to choose for this purpose a more powerful machine.


Hoods roof mounted directly on the roof of houses.The structure of roof designs include exhaust fan, his drive, gasket for vibration damping and automation devices.All this is put together in a single package.Circulation in such devices allow axial or radial aggregates with a large number of blades.

Landmarks to select an exhaust fan

choice of a particular make and model will require from you a detailed acquaintance with the technical specifications of the fan, namely performance and the amount of intake air, noise and moisture protection.Another worth noting for themselves customization options, automation and price indicators.


She consumption.It shows the amount of air removed from the room per unit time.From this figure will depend on the speed and completeness of removal of water vapor from the bathroom. Average of current models of the order of 90-100 m3 / h .Do not forget that performance is directly related to the power consumed by the device.Therefore, the increased spending power may be unjustified choice too powerful fan.

Determine the optimum performance for your application is easy.First, measure the volume of the room and set the number of circulation cycles per hour.Multiplying the volume of the number of cycles, you get the desired performance.

number of cycles of circulation is determined by the appointment of facilities and standardized construction standards.For the bathroom, it is in the range of 6 to 8. If the apartment resident, take 1-3 ratio of 6, if more than 3 occupants engage in the calculations the number 8. The number of cycles for the toilet will be from 6 to 10.

Having theestimated value of the instrument performance can easily choose from the models offered by manufacturers most inexpensive and with minimal power consumption.When buying guided by the fans with a capacity slightly higher calculated.

fan in bathroom
ventilation in the bathroom


work in complete silence, no machine can not.And yet, to water treatment is not accompanied by annoying buzzing, it is important to determine what the noise characteristics of this model is you.

typical volume of current work extracts ranges from 25 dB and above.The human ear perceives the level of over 35 dB as an annoying sound.So, working loudness device operation should be a maximum of 30 dB.And if you want that will leave the fan to work at night, or even up to 25 dB.Volume indicators can be found in the technical documentation of the device.If possible, check the on-site work volume or read the product reviews on the Internet.

Excess noise can be eliminated by installing a silencer behind the impeller and gluing inside the duct insulation materials.Silencers may be in the form of pipes or installed at a certain angle plates.Keep in mind that the airway lumen after the insulation and the installation of silencers should not be reduced too, as this will create a swirling air discharge and air pockets.

Security issues

Among the issues that must be serviceable and safe functioning of the hood, in the first place there is protection from moisture.If the condensate drops will fall on the conductive parts of the apparatus, such as motor terminal short circuit occurs.Therefore it is better not to take risks and to provide the conditions required in order to protect your device from such situations.

First, set diffuser - plastic valve that is mounted to the air inlet.Outside, it has a rim, the middle of which is movably mounted drive.Forward space between the disc and the rim is changed depending on the strength of the blades of the fan thrust.The device creates additional resistance to the air path, because of which the water vapor condenses.Drops of condensate traps filtering mesh of the diffuser.

fan unit for the bathroom

Second, guided by the rate class against dust and water IP devices.Most of the models it is not lower than IP34.In the specific case of decoding means protection against dust getting inside the casing of the fan motor and a 2.5 mm particle size and more and impermeability to the spray flying from all sides.As you can see, it is already quite encouraging, but nothing prevents you to navigate to a higher grade in the choice of security.


It will be defined by a set of advanced features, the breadth of work settings and its automation.In terms of functionality, all existing devices can be divided into 2 groups.


Standard hoods - it's often behind the axle unit which is placed a check valve to block the air flow from the ventilation back into the bathroom.

Devices of this type are run simultaneously with the inclusion of lighting in the room, but stopped when you turn off thereof.No additional options are not provided.There are instruments to include the hood starter cord, but very few people have to constantly reach for the soul behind it?

connect the fan through the light switch


With advanced level of automation have surprised few people independently triggered and disable the alarm temperature and humidity sensors fan, but agree - innovation is very convenient.If you want to simplify your life, then this is definitely your choice.

Fan connection timer

part of the solution for automation become binding exhaust fan power to the light switches in the bathroom and toilet.Reasonable, but not always.In particular summer of drain holes are constant evaporation and the air becomes stale.Here is more relevant tie on / off signal from a humidistat.

All fans have automatic sleep timer.You can customize the duration of the operation of the device after it has responded to the enable signal.a wide range of settings - from 2 minutes to half an hour.This solution is well to avoid wasting electricity.

Quiet - features of the device

silently be called fans, who are working with a limited volume limit of 25 dB.For clarity, let us explain that, being at arm's length from the operating device, you will not hear the noise of the motor and impeller .

silently functioning of these models has been achieved through a number of structural innovations. Let us consider the example of their 3 main elements instrument:

1. engine. nature of his attachment to the fan casing has been changed.The noise from the running engine was the result of vibrations, which, when transmitted to the rotation of the whole body.Now the vibrations are absorbed by rubber bushes which fix the motor and do not allow them to resonate around the housing.

centrifugal fan

2. housing. housing continues to provide a very strong resonators due to thin plastic.Now it's fixed reinforced structure of ABS plastic of greater thickness.In addition to good sound absorption that decision gave additional strength to the structure.

3. bearings. former ball bearings have been a source of appreciable noise from the rotating motor.New bearings are manufactured with high precision, and their working parts are protected against wear.Smooth rolling rollers and balls provided modern lubrication.As a result of the beating and the noise is eliminated during rotation of the bearing, and the noise level at the ear is reduced significantly.

add to the above that the components of the quietest fans are made with unprecedented accuracy (deviation within 0.01 microns).In this situation, all the parts fit together perfectly, no distortions and rickety places, the presence of which has always been a source of additional noise.

Value for money

As we can understand from the productivity calculation, the bathroom, we need a more powerful and overall fan while the bathroom fit a more modest version.Also it is necessary to understand that the advanced protection against moisture and splashing in the toilet you to anything.In the bathroom it is possible to manage the installation of a conventional axial fan

Where more claims to the bathroom ventilation.And a larger volume and a higher multiplicity of circulation require the use of more advanced and durable instrument.If you stand in front of the hood of choice issue for new buildings, there is every reason to take the fan channel type as the quietest and most productive at the same time.

fan for the bathroom

In a separate case, better to take an axial or radial fan silent type.That is, if the room has a window into the ventilation shaft.They cost in the range of 1500 rubles.

The cost of instruments with off-timer, you can immediately say that it will cost $ 15 more expensive.The average price of standard devices - within the 40-45 dollars.

fan control

high protection class Fans will cost 20-25 USDmore than standard machines.Fans with the advanced system settings and the presence of ambient light sensors, temperature and humidity will cost quite expensive - almost 2.5-3 times more expensive than standard models.

We hasten to assure that a quality product is not necessarily the most expensive.It can be profitable to buy domestic products and to obtain a product that surely will last at least 3-5 years.But if you are interested in high functionality, you should seriously look into the existing portfolio and reviews the quality of the goods.

installation of ventilation equipment

assume that additional work on the ventilation system of sound insulation is not expected - is already taken care of the manufacturer.Whatever it was, it is important to mount the device to prevent the occurrence of additional noise due to the resonance of the parts of his body.This is possible when you install the fan in the duct or plasterboard wall.Let us consider in detail the installation procedure.