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August 12, 2017 18:06

Install the towel warmer in the bathroom : how to properly install their own hands

Install the towel warmer in the bathroom
  • main types
  • Installation and connection to the heating system or hot water
  • Rules and installation regulations
  • Materials
  • Removing the old coil
  • Pipe Welding
  • Install bypass and cranes
  • Installation of the new towel warmer
  • Installing electric towel warmer or combined
  • Ground

Towel - indispensable thing in any bathroom becauseIt helps to eliminate excess moisture, maintain hygiene, and, of course, dry personal items and towels.

When replacing old plumbing to the new and the need for finishing work in the bathroom makes sense to think about replacing the old to the new towel warmer more aesthetic.Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of construction and design of these devices.They have high reliability and durability in combination with a graceful appearance.

Before purchasing a new coil Bathroom pay close attention to the material from which it is made, and design features.

main types

Depending on the operating principle of the following types of dryers:

  • Working on the water.They may be attached to the supply of heating or hot water system.Is advantageous in that minimize fees for utility services;
  • run from the mains.Independent of the supply of hot water and heating and durable (no corrosion).Easily installed in a convenient place for you, the main thing to be near a power source.
  • combined.Is a combination of the previous two types: the heating season on the circuit circulates hot water, and in periods without heat it is possible to turn Heater for heating the water.
heated towel rail

By type of construction of the device is divided into:

  • horizontal.Have the form familiar to us of the coil;
  • Vertical.They are made in the form of a ladder with jumpers.
water heated towel rail

Towel cast from black and stainless steel as well as brass and copper. last, despite the high cost, have the longest life. material should be selected based on the particular situation.

So when connected to a central heating system, more suitable of seamless steel towel warmers.Their design is designed for pressures up to 8 bar and is not afraid of water hammer.The AGV system pressure is actually less than 3 bar, because the optimal choice will be dryer chrome-plated brass with different variations of form and design.

of seamless steel heated towel rail

Worth noting and models with adjustable mounting distance from the surface of the lining to the dryer.By setting a longer distance, you will ensure good air circulation and faster drying.

heated towel rail with a large gap

Most modern models are equipped with bleed screw, which allows the circuit Bleed the radiator.Even in the new design has a bypass jumper to equalize the pressure in the circuit.Install an additional ball valve on the bridge, you can adjust by itself operating temperature towel warmer.More does not hurt to install valves on the approach and retraction of the coil to quickly cut off from the main pipeline in case of dismounting or repair.

Do not forget to pay attention to the size of the installation between the water inlet and outlet openings. Especially when you are planning to put a new radiator in place of the old.Depending on the distance between podvodok centers are models with distances of 30, 35, 45, 50, 60, 80 cm.

heated towel rail on the wall

Installation and connection to the heating system or hot water

Installing towel warmer is not verysimple and requires specific knowledge and skills.

Rules and regulations

installation requirements for connection to the system towel warmer hot water contained in SNiP 2-04-01-85.

The installation is to connect inputs and loop radiator findings with appropriate fittings heating riser or water mains with plastic pipes. pipes, couplings, elbows come together with a special Palniki.

To add a new product can also be used metal and plastic and copper pipes, but here it is necessary to take into account a number of features.The half-inch PVC Pipes-sectional diameter of less than plastic, and they are poorly maintained pressure drops.Copper, despite the durability, will cost a large sum, and their welding requires special skills and precautions.


to run correctly towel warmer should provide a small bias towards the inlet pipe flow of hot water. On the whole length of the liner, it is 5-10 mm.Water flow should go from the top of the device in the lower circuit.For this purpose, the upper bell is connected to the radiator of the hot water riser.

must be sustained gap between the loop pipes and the wall surface.It is at least 35 mm pipe cross sections up to 23 mm and 50 mm pipe cross-section of more than 23 mm.These distances are regulated studs, screwed into the bracket, but there are still mounting, in which you can not change this distance.The supporting harness design should not be rigidly secured to compensate for thermal expansion of the pipe and not load-bearing walls of their sites.

installation towel warmer


check the contents of your purchase Before installation, carefully read the structure and the wiring diagram of the new device, read the instructions attached to it. advance, prepare all the necessary work tools and materials, is:

  • directly heated towel rail;
  • brackets;
  • PVC pipe of the desired diameter (26 to 32 mm);
  • knife for cutting PVC pipe;
  • screwdriver;
  • impeller;
  • fasteners;
  • hammer, building level;
  • 2 adjustable wrenches;
  • tow or other sealant;
  • 2 union nuts solder;
  • soldering iron to PVC pipes;
  • 2-3 ball valves,
  • PVC knee,
  • 1 PVC elbow with internal thread,
  • 2 tee (if installing a jumper),
  • 1 female threaded coupling.

When facing work in the bathroom are not completed, you can connect to the AGW with two vodorozetok.American women to connect supply and removal of the radiator can be purely metallic, if the highway have already been withdrawn from the metal fittings with thread.

Removing the old coil

Pre refer to a company that caters to your heating system and water supply network with a request to block the flow of water at the time of dismantling. And only then proceed to the process of removing the old serpentine.

coil in the bathroom

Even when removing the old radiator should pay attention to the wear of the riser to which it is joined.If his condition is poor, it makes sense to replace it partially or completely.There is no harm to ask the opinions of neighbors from below and from above, suddenly, they support the idea of ​​changing the riser completely.In any case, even if you have replaced only at home, to do so with the expectation that the old pipes were not the ceilings and the connection to new sites were visible and accessible.Outlining space segments, grinder, cut the part of the riser with the coil.

on cut ends of the pipes has to be cut and threaded for this useful threading machine.In the construction markets and in stores everywhere sell or give this tool rental.With the ends of the pipe trimmed impeller Bevel, set Lerke desired caliber in the tool socket and fixing at the end of the tube, gradually cut the thread.

Dismantling of the old coil

Welding Pipe

Among plumbing pipes to connect the most commonly used steel, copper and polypropylene.Recent favorably ease of installation, resistance to corrosion and reasonable price.

Plus, the process of adhesion between a polypropylene tubes is very simple and easy to learn. for independent work need the following tools:

  1. soldering iron to weld pipes
  2. set of nozzles of the desired caliber
  3. cutter or clippers
  4. Flat skimmers
  5. Shaver (for removing the aluminum layer pipes)
Soldering iron for welding pipes

Palniki recommend buy in a specialty store to be sure of the quality.Complete with self payalnkom always go nozzles of different sizes and original stand on which it can be fixed.Reliable Weld quality device can be performed, so save it is not advised.

At the beginning of the work for themselves, make a scheme based on the size of plots, location of tees, valves and taps. guided by it will be convenient for precision assembly and material savings.Also, the scheme will help to minimize the number of adhesions on the weight.

Cut using pliers or pipe cutter sections of the required length and Flat skimmers apply a bevel on the ends.According to the standard chamfer has a slope of 15 degrees and a length of 2-3 mm.Do not forget to strip cut edge of the pipe from burrs and chips for a more reliable welding.

Flat skimmers

to connect the end of the pipe couplings Palniki preheat to 260 degrees and place the items in the respective slot nozzle.The coupling pin is put on the one hand and the tube inserted into the sleeve with the other hand.The heating time will be determined by the diameter of the element and the thickness of its walls.It is standardized by international standards and it can be found in the respective tables.Independently determine the readiness for soldering can be scrolling element to heat the surface: if enough heat pipe or the sleeve will rotate smoothly and effortlessly removed from the nozzle.

Heated coupling and connect the tube immediately after removal from the soldering iron. At the same time try to put them exactly in relation to one another and presses all the way, but the strength of the pressure is not necessary. Change the position of the connected parts will be literally within 3-5 seconds after the connection before they finally grabbed.

clutch pipe

Installation and bypass valves

Bypass jumper, though not an essential element, but can be extremely helpful in case you need repairs on installed towel rail. Elementary replacing seals in the field coil connection to the riser require block the flow of water in it.That means filing in FSW and additional costs.As a precaution to include the wiring and jumper overlapping taps can be a hassle to cut off the dryer circuit from the main highway to repair the case or in order to save.

When installing jumpers can be used as steel and copper or polypropylene pipes.Since the work involves metal complex welding procedure will be more rational to collect pass from plastic pipes.For the cut-off and flow control on the right areas, we need 3 ball valves.By installing one on the very bridge, and two fittings on the supply and return water can shut off the flow of water in the radiator, cut it from the riser.Adjusting the position on the bridge crane can lower or raise the water supply in the circuit, and thereby adjust the heating temperature.

Bypass jumper

Installing a new towel warmer

the mounting and installation works are carried out in several stages:

  • cuts off the water supply.
  • Remove old coil.If it is connected with the riser thread - Turn off its adjustable wrench.If the coil is welded to the riser - cut it with a pipe using impeller.
  • Mount ball valves and a jumper.
  • bleed screw is screwed in by-pass for easy purging of the system.
  • locations for future attachment mark up on the wall with a pencil.Expose mark horizontally using a level indicator.
  • drill holes at the marks and trying to drive them dowels.
  • Sticking towel rail so that the holes match, fasten it with a screwdriver.Do not forget to withstand the required distance from the wall to the pipe and adjust it, if there is a bracket with a pin.
Installation of the new towel warmer
  • To connect with fittings supply and return water use fittings kit.They can be straight or angled.The threads do not forget to condense a tow or other take-up.You can use fum for sealing tapered threads.When mounting the unit, be sure to ask the minimum pitch liner (5-10 mm).Tighten the coupling nuts, placing pre-key, soft cloth to avoid scratches remain.At the end of the nut set the seals.Tighten the need to smoothly and easily if you experience difficulty in turning the key loosen the connection and set exactly the mating elements.Screw the nuts to slightly crimp the end, but do not overdo it, so as not to strip the threads.
  • finished assembly can pump water into the radiator.Slowly open the water supply in order to avoid water hammer.Slightly open the valve on the bridge to let the air out of the pipes.When it starts to dig out of the water can be closed.Closely examine and iron hand all welding seams and screw connections for the detection of leaks.
installation towel warmer

Installing electric towel warmer or combined

As in the embodiment of the water-dryer installation of electric and combined models begins after the dismantling of the old device.Connecting an electric towel warmer will have to take place after the removal of the old device.

noteworthy that using competent approach can be initially powered by a central heating device equipped with a heating cable. In this case, the thermostat cable to be wound into the pipe through the bottom liner towel warmer.

For correct and safe operation of the electric dryer must adhere to several requirements.Power Tena will be at least 1 kW, and to connect it will have to bring a separate outlet.From it, in turn, extends the wire section not less than 2.5 square up to the switchboard.Line Tena power necessarily equipped with automatic safety.

installing electric towel warmer

making a choice in favor of the device with an electric heater, you can not depend on the season and heating season.Using data device can be quite economical, including its only when it is really required.

electric heated towel rail


key point is grounded towel warmer.Space for mounting the ground wire, as a rule, is already provided by the manufacturer.It only remains to put the protective socket and lay it on the panel board in a three-wire cable. If grounding panel board through for some reason is not provided, it is possible to carry out "vanishing" - make a jumper between zero and earth. Such grounding is performed at a minimum distance from the shield.

As you can see, installation and connection of electric and combined dryers require certain skills and knowledge to work with the wiring.Carry yourself like or trust the experience of professionals - you decide.A sober assessment of their strength and play it safe, if not sure of quality results.

heated towel rail in the bathroom