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August 12, 2017 18:06

Waterproofing of bathrooms : methods and procedure works

Waterproofing bathroom
  • Options
  • Varieties of coating materials
  • Technology Atlas Woder E
  • Preparations
  • use roll materials
  • use of coating materials
  • Waterproofing wooden floor
  • Tips

Bathroomthe room is considered to be the most humid room in the apartment, which is why the repair should be treated with great responsibility and make waterproofing bathroom.In addition to the long process of dismantling the old materials, it is necessary to clean the walls and floor, which in most cases is far from smooth.

Water can eventually destroy enough strong material.A moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms and as a consequence - the appearance of mold and unpleasant odors.Sometimes our indulgence can cost enormous amounts of money spent on repairing the apartment neighbors due to water leakage.Even a small amount of water may seep through the cracks and pores in the floor and thereby cause damage to neighbors below.Therefore, it is important to make waterproofing in the bathr

oom before you start laying tiles.

Waterproofing is a process of preserving the floor and resembles a kind of pan with borders.This coating will collect the moisture that collects in the bathroom, and will not allow its penetration depth.


waterproofing options are many and the choice of either option depends on many factors.

The two most popular ways of waterproofing:

  1. Okleechnaya
  2. lubricative.

The first method involves the use of roll or film materials, which in turn are divided by the type of adhesive and laying on fusing.

Waterproofing bathroom

Self-adhesive materials are easy to use and does not require special tools.

facing materials are mounted with the help of a gas burner.It should be thoroughly cleaned and smooth the surface, otherwise any unevenness may negate your efforts.

When using the burner requires certain skills.Therefore, this part of the work we advise to professionals.

Waterproofing - gas burner

case of overheating of the material in addition to the persistent odor, toxic substances are extremely harmful to humans, who continue to stand in the room, even some time after the repair, so think twice before reshits apply this method.

argument in favor of back-lining material is cheap.

As for lubricative materials, they are produced on the basis of bitumen with the addition of a solvent and latex or rubber.Such a mixture allows the surface to remain flexible, and thus help to avoid the negative effects of moisture.As a rule, obmazochnye materials are used, complete with a reinforcing fiber mesh.Fiber protects the surface from small cracks and makes the foundation more solid. of coating materials have many advantages, including ease of application and resistance to high temperatures. Moreover, they possess excellent adhesion or adhesion in other words.

Hydro bath with a mixture of bitumen

Varieties of coating materials

Among the most common of coating materials should highlight the following:

  • bituminous mixture.It is made on the basis of petroleum bitumen with the addition of different fillers.Bitumen type of insulation is quite economical solution.
  • bitumen-polymer mixture (paste).Such a mixture is popular among builders.The basis of the latex and the solvent is contained, which allows the surface to remain strong.
  • cement-polymer mixture.Universal mixture, which is used for waterproofing as the walls and floor.
  • acrylic blend.The latest development, which has a remarkable adhesion, and in addition, has a neutral odor.

There are cold and hot bitumen type of insulation. first is not recommended for use in contact with the acid-alkaline environment, which is concrete.Hot isolation type involves laying a heated to 160 degrees on the asphalt surface of a bathroom.Hot bitumen is perfectly fills the space, providing reliable protection from its moisture.However, it is very difficult to heat the mixture in a domestic environment, so by using this type of advise to refuse or to turn to professionals.

Waterproofing bathroom

Because bituminous materials are easily subjected to mechanical damage, they should protect the concrete screed.

Technology Atlas Woder E

In the bathroom in the sealing strip needs most walls 10 cm. From the junction with the floor and the space around the bathtub, sink, shower hose.The minimum height of the waterproofing - 10 cm, but very often it is performed up to the ceiling.Therefore, technology is often used Atlas Woder E.

Waterproofing technology Atlas Woder E technology


Waterproofing in the bathroom requires preparatory work to be performed before proceeding with the actual waterproofing:

  • Thorough cleaning of the premises from dust and debris.
  • Checking the concrete floor screed strength.It should be thorough approach to this process, because if they found cracks and voids, such floor definitely destroyed in the process of waterproofing.Therefore, if old screed is not suitable for use, it should get rid of it.Plaster and concrete should be pre-moisten with a sponge or sprays to waterproofing solution does not dry prematurely.Then the surface is covered with primer and give it to dry.Then we make a new tie.Knead the solution and distributes it to the surface after setting the beacons on the surface at a height of 3-4 cm. We leave the floor to dry for 1-2 weeks.
  • priming.Primer or primer is applied in two layers.Thus, improved adhesion to the insulated surface.
  • application of waterproofing materials in the joints.First, the joints of the walls and floor coated with a waterproof mixture, and then putting a weatherproof adhesive tape.To feed well stuck in the corners, it is advisable to use a small roller, pass them on.
Preparatory work to the bathroom waterproofing

use roll materials

Roll materials are self-adhesive waterproofing.

  • first measured out a piece of the desired length and cut.
  • Then remove the protective film and put this piece on the floor.For secure adhesion of the material to the surface of its pin further recommend using a roller.
  • remaining sheets are stacked overlapped with an allowance of 4-5 cm.
Waterproofing using roll materials

The convenient technique such as the fact that a tiling can begin immediately after the laying of roll materials.When using the deposited material the roll is unwound under the influence of the gas burner and melted, bonded to the surface.Roll "protection" will last for a long time, but sometimes steals extra centimeters due to material thickness.

use of coating materials

  • If the material before us in the form of a dry mix, dilute it with water according to the instructions and will interfere with using a drill with a special nozzle to form a uniform consistency.
  • first primer is applied by brush in 2 layers on the surface of the walls and floor.Then we leave it for a couple of hours.
  • then on the floor and the lower part of the walls (rim) is applied obmazochnuyu mixture into 2-3 layers.For liquid mixtures using a brush or roller, for the more dense - notched trowel.

For tile installation can begin no earlier than 24 hours.This method is suitable for beginners, but is characterized by small-life (up to 5 years).

It is important that the waterproofing layers were a single entity, so all of the material should be applied in one go, without large time gaps.

Waterproofing wooden floor

you should take into account the fact that the tree is in contrast to the concrete good pass moisture, which is a problem.Despite this, the wooden floor waterproofing process differs little from a sealing process using a lubricative material.

first applied to the foundation, then apply sealant layer 2-3, and then you can proceed to the decorative parts.

builders recommend the use as a base material paste made of polyurethane.Also in the sale is a special wood treated with water-repellent agents.

Waterproofing wooden floor


Finally I would like to give you a few simple tips:

  • Before buying the necessary materials make gender measurements.The label material is usually specified area, which is intended capacity.
  • Particular attention should be paid to waterproofing baths.Additional protection can be achieved, plastered joints of tiles and bath silicone sealant.
  • avoid leakage of water will help set "smart" system with alarm, which responds to the slightest leakage and automatically closes the water in the apartment.
  • Pipes is also desirable to process the paste.
  • floor level in the bath should be below the floor level in the neighboring areas.

waterproofing in the bathroom - the process time-consuming, but the result is worth the peace of mind and effort.