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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine jumps during the spin cycle , why is shaking and jumping , vibration , what to do

What if the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps ?
  • Why greatly shakes?
  • Technical reasons
  • Which washing machines vibrate more?
  • What should I do?
  • Tips

All washing machines "step" or even vibrate during operation.Loud sounds accompanying spin, and "jumping" scare many housewives.Sometimes it is a result of improper installation, which can be a quick fix.And sometimes - Segal that the machine needs to be repaired.

Proper installation of the washing machine on a level

Why greatly shakes?

If it is not a failure or marriage, then move across the floor of the washing machine help:

  • transit bolts. They put on a machine specifically to protect the mechanism during transport.After delivering their spun, because they reduce the efficiency of work and lead to breakage.The exact number and location of the fastening bolts instructed.
  • uneven and slippery floor. technique must stand on a level floor.Even in this case, it may flinch when spinning and slightly shifted (for a couple of centimeters) along a beveled floor machine roll.Reduce the distance "escape" and reduce noise, help speci
    al footboards and mats.Their rubberized material muffles rattling interferes with "move" home technology.If the feet have the most cars of different lengths, their height is adjusted and fixed.
  • Even serviceable machine is much sway with the laundry is overloaded, which is gathered in the ball. This phenomenon is called imbalance.To avoid it, you need to take into account that the weight of wet items should not exceed the maximum load of the drum.Wash linens separately from the small things, often they are twisted in large sheets and duvet covers, creating a large and heavy balls.
  • often cause noise and buildup become stuck stuff (coins, pins) that have forgotten to remove before washing. Getting into the mechanism, they become a time bomb.
For proper operation of the washing machine it is removed from the transport bolts
Reloads linen washing machine prevents proper operation , and results in damage

Technical reasons

If a strong vibration and noise appeared in the washing machine is already in operation, are not the result of an overload, previously not exhibited, it is evidence of damage.

Skilled craftsmen on specific grounds may determine the specific cause:

  • Wear springs and shock absorbers - these details, as well as dampers are not designed for a full term of operation, and the load they bear large.Therefore, they often fail, especially if the manufacturer saved on components.
  • Problems with counterweight are of two types: the block itself is broken or weakened fasteners, which hold it.
  • Broken bearings - this is a common cause of repair cars, which is characterized by a strong roar inside the machine.Due to the high humidity, some mechanisms subject to corrosion, which leads to complete failure of the machine.Broken bearings - is one of them.But this happens soon - in about 5-7 years.

If any abnormalities in the better not to postpone the repairs breakage and stop in the process - a matter of time. If the machine just will not start, it is luck.Flooded neighbors are unlikely to be happy.

A broken bearing in the washing machine - noisy operation and vibration device

Which washing machines vibrate more?

However, some models are characterized by vibration and noise associated with it initially.Identify it can be even when choosing a model.

noise damping system and vibration in the machine takes place and affects the cost.Therefore, less attention was paid to low-cost brands.They save on materials, choke the sound of the motor.Loud are also narrow and compact models, as well as washing machines and dryers.In such firms try despite the size to create a high efficiency (number of revolutions, the amount of load).In addition the area of ​​support they receive insufficient compared to the full-size versions.Therefore, if the machine small size and high performance, it will affect the noise during operation.

Washing machine with top-loading in the bathroom - which machine smaller jumps and vibrates

no harm will be information about the drum material: robust metal contributes to the appearance of noise, the plastic, which can be questioned, behaves quietly.To ensure quiet operation, even leading manufacturers try to use the optimum size of units, provide them with sound insulation and plastic drum.

The plastic tank for washing machine drum for quiet operation

on noise levels indicate the technical characteristics indicated in the passport (in dB), and on the scale of classification.Traditionally, the "good" figures are reflected in the cost.And this figure is indicated at the end of the list, so attention to it when buying rarely pay.

What should I do?

If the noise occurs due to worn parts, it can only help to repair.Not yet released the warranty period, you need to apply to the service, you can not disrupt the seal to determine the cause of their own.

In other cases, one can understand what the problem is and correct the situation:

  • When reloading on the electronic scoreboard can be highlighted error type UE or UB.In front-loading machines can be seen on the uneven distribution of the laundry drum.The imbalance is easier to prevent if not fully load the machine, do not put in the wash together big things and small.In case of failure you need to stop the wash, turn off the machine.Make sure that the fully merged fluid from the drum and hold the emergency procedure (for instructions).By eliminating the cause of the imbalance (removing part of things, reviewing com), you can turn on the machine and start the spin.
  • uneven ground, the floor sagging under the machine also contribute to noise and vibration.To determine exactly whether the unit is easy: lean on it with a side turn on all sides.If the machine does not move, it's all right.If the unit "shudders" at a perfect floor it is necessary to align his feet.For this there are special locknuts.
  • precipitated from the pockets of the little things come off the buttons, you can get yourself.Highlighting flashlight inside of the drum, slightly rotate it to the machine is switched off.Trapped objects become visible or fall out.If they are seriously stuck, you will have to call a specialist.
UE error on the screen of the washing machine - overload or improper distribution of linen on the tank
Adjust the feet of the washing machine for proper operation

If the seals are removed from the washing machine, you can search for the cause of the noise inside.

All work must be safe: turn off the machine, turn OFF it by removing the plug from the socket.

  • damper Check.Remove the front part or the rear wall.Releasing attachment on the one hand, you need to "shake" item.If it is easy to then need to be replaced.In good condition extinguish vibration dampers, showing similar resistance to mechanized shocks.Change will need both of the shock absorber, even if only one does not work.On the second accounted for the increased load, and it also will soon fail.It is enough to pull the fasteners, install new parts to fix the same sleeves or bolts.Shock ready.
  • problems dampers affect the condition of the plates (plastic parts, fitting parts, which extend from the tank).Cracked or damaged parts must be disposed of.To put the new, you need to loosen the fasteners and replace the item, apart tails U-shaped rods.By inserting a replacement in place, gradually loosen the grip by returning the locking rods in place and then screw nuts and screws to reinforce the structure.Design features can influence this process.
  • Counterweight - concrete or plastic parts that reduce vibration.They are placed in the upper and lower parts of the machine.Concrete options can break because of wear.If the balances in order, and the clips have weakened, it is necessary to tighten them, and worthless - replace.

Replacing the bearings requires skill, so it is trusted by the masters.The same applies to damage to the motor.

Worn shock absorbers washing machine - the cause of poor performance


purchasing a washing machine on vibration and noise level, I think in the last turn.Often this is due to limited choice due to the small size of the apartment or bathroom.Or after a baby in the house violates the noise light sleep.How to reduce the volume of unpleasant sounds?

  • Do not ignore the help of special supports under the legs of the unit or dampening carpets.They will help with the problem floors, and a flat floor will save backups on hard tracks and chips.
  • Using conventional cabinets and built-in car, keep in mind that they need to move a few centimeters during the spin, and leave a small margin space.Otherwise, the cabinet will last a long time.
  • Some owners glue layer insulation for wall stiralki.So it is possible to protect the walls and the housing.
  • calculate the exact weight of wet clothes difficult.Therefore, leave the laundry when loading the machine on a third free.It's enough.
  • Wash large and small items separately.Separate large sheets and items of clothing that was originally in the drum has not been twisted in whom underwear.In the wet it is difficult to unravel.
Shock absorbing supports under the legs of the washing machine against vibrations and noisy work equipment
Washing machine in the closet - the correct location

Of course, there is no eternal art, eventually want to upgrade older machines with new and functional equipment.However, the service life of major appliances can be more than 10 years caring for.If you do not pay attention to the problem and the background noise, rocking machine, it will result in not only the sudden repair techniques, the flood, but also large expenditures.Careful attitude to technology and adherence to the simple recommendations - this is the way to saving a reasonable and planned a pleasant shopping that will bring you pleasure.

The sorted linen in size and color for machine washing