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August 12, 2017 18:06

Do not open the washing machine door : what to do and why is blocked .How to open the washing machine , if it is locked

washing machine with linen does not open
  • How do you know what is the reason?
  • When the machine does not open the door, though OK?
  • blackouts
  • Broken
  • How forcibly unlock?
  • Tips

Most modern washing machines installed feature that blocks access door at the time of washing laundry. Lock starts automatically as soon as the washing machine starts.After the washing process is completed, the lock is released.hatch locking device is needed for the safe use of the washing machine.If the door is securely locked, so you can not accidentally open it while the washing machine is gaining or flushes.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the curiosity of small children who might accidentally open the door, left unattended.Also, do not miss the attention of the random factor - if the door is not locked, it can swing open from the vibrations occurring during washing.

Lock Function door of the washing machine in the form of on-screen key

However hatch locking device can work not in your favor.Sometimes washing machine sends a signal that the washing is finished, but the door is not opened.Those

who first confronted with this problem, most commonly used physical force that only harms the mechanism.To learn how to unlock their own, not giving the unit for repair, read our article today.

Children and washing machine

How do you know what is the reason?

Even if in the future you will have to apply to the Master of repair of household appliances, the very first diagnostics you can spend on their own. The first thing you should pay attention - this is at what stage of the wash cycle of the washing machine door "does not want" to open.If this happens during the washing, it is absolutely normal - as we have said above, the point of the hatch is locked (although if your old model stiralka, then the reason lies in the other).

It also happens that the door does not open only during the first few minutes after the end of the wash.These moments are called safety time.They need to ensure that the washing machine was able to complete all the processes, and shut down.

Washing machine with linen - how to open a door if it is locked

Another important point, which will help in the diagnosis - the remnants of the water in the drum.If the water is not completely lowered or lowered in general, the problem is not in the door, and a drain system.

The first thing to do when you find that the door is locked - it disconnect the washing machine from the power, and then turn on again.In many cases this helps.If you're unlucky, you need to look for damage to the cause further.

Rosette and washing machine - Connect the washing machine from the mains

When the machine does not open the door, though OK?

fully functional washing machine will not unlock the door only in two cases - when there is no power supply or disabled if not hatch locking device. In the latter case, the door will not open, if you, for example, choose to add the laundry during the wash.Manufacturers of household appliances have provided this feature, so you do not burn your hands with hot water or steam.Thus, before removing the laundry from the door, ensure that the washing was completed.

When the washing machine will signal the end of the work, wait two or three minutes, and then try to open the door.If that fails, disconnect the unit from the mains and reconnect after a few minutes again.If this does not help, once again, start the washing program.Could not open the door after repeated washing - need to try other methods.In As the door does not open after a sudden power outage, you need to act in a different way - more on this in the next section.

End of washing on the washing machine


power outages in homes is not always going according to schedule, so it is difficult to predict them fairly. If during operation of the washing machine knocked the plug, or the network at this site there was an accident, or manufactured scheduled repair work, it is likely that as a result of the sharp turn off the machine hatch locking device fails.

When you disconnect the washing machine after a power outage is not necessary to immediately try to open the door.Experts recommend to wait for some time, in case the power outage was short-lived.In that case, if you know that the power supply is not resumed soon, you try to open the door yourself.

usually in the operating instructions of the washing machine, it is said, what if the door can not be opened as a result of positive locking.Typically, this has a special emergency cable inside the drain filter.Pulling for it, you will be able to unlock the door hatch.This cable is easy to identify as it is painted in bright colors - red or orange.

Linen is left in the washing machine during a power outage


One of the most common reasons for blocking the door of the washing machine - is damage to one of the mechanisms. Most often breaks opening / closing the door handle.It does not always happen as a result of excessive physical force applied when the door is opened.The reason for this may be an elementary equipment wear.In this case, you just need to remove the door from its hinges and try to parse it.

Replacement handle on the door of the washing machine

door hatch has two rims, which are fastened together with screws.These screws should be unscrewed and carefully, so as not to lose important parts to disassemble the structure.In one of the rims integrated locking mechanism.His unit was not difficult, therefore, be able to understand it all.It is necessary to make sure that the lock is in good condition and replace it with a new, if necessary.Then assemble the door and set it in place.

Broken lock lock the washing machine door

How to forcibly unlock?

If you keep the manual on the use of the washing machine, you're in luck - usually the manufacturer specifies a sequence of actions for forcible unlocking the door. If the instruction has long lost or no information on the subject was not found in it, will have to cope on their own.

  • The first thing to do - is to disconnect the unit from the mains.If there is water in the drum, then please be a basin and cloth - to the floor in the bathroom is not flooded with water.
  • Then open the flap behind which is the drain filter.Near it must be wire for emergency release - more on this we have already mentioned above.If the cable was not found, proceed to the next step.
  • Carefully remove the top panel of the washing machine, taking care not to damage the attachment.More is better to act with the assistant.Let one of you tilt the washing machine backwards, so that the drum is deviated to the rear panel.Another is to get to the door from the inside of the machine, find the latch and push it aside.
Flap with a filter of the washing machine
Remove the top panel of the washing machine - Unlock the door


  • If the washer door is blocked due to a power outage, and inside there is water, then before proceeding with the forced opening of the hatch, the watermust be drained, so it does not hit in the interior of the car.For this purpose a special drain filter.
  • If the washing machine is new, ie it has not yet expired warranty period, it is better not attempt to disassemble the unit yourself, and apply directly to the authorized service center (the fact is that most businesses do not accept the goods after repair warranty).
Washing machine with the laundry , the door is locked - Tips