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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid : how to pour , PETN and cleaning drum from scum , mold

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid
  • Pros ways
  • Why does scale, and how is it dangerous?
  • Getting rid of mold
  • Precautions
  • Alternative

Any means to remove scale from the washing machine innards, advertised on TV, is not cheap.Hard tap water considerably spoils expensive equipment, leading to electrical breakdowns.But a wise hostess always find an alternative to expensive, advertised on the television media.So, to remove lime deposits on the inside surface of the washing machine is to use the normal citric acid, which is sold in every grocery section and often has spices each family.

Warning, do not confuse citric acid with concentrated lemon juice!

Pour 2-3 tablespoons of lemon in a container means for powder and turn a normal wash cycle, putting the switch to 60 or 90 degrees. To apply this method it is advisable once a quarter.But follow the rule of "golden mean": cleaning should not be abused to avoid damage to the rubber lining of the washing machine.

Citric acid powder for cleaning washing machine

During the purification procedure, the machine must be

empty.After completion of the process put the washing machine on the final rinse to remove scale particles.Large particles of lime raid still may occur inside the drum, and are able to score a drain hole.These particles are formed in the case, if you've you do not carry out preventive cleaning machine and exploit its already quite a lot of time.Simply remove visible items available limescale manually.The drain valve must be unscrewed and also clean.

Scale on the washing machine elements - cleaning

method Pros

  • This option eliminate plaque lime is completely harmless to human health.
  • Citric acid is sold almost everywhere.
  • family budget will not be affected as a cheap means.
Citric acid for cleaning the washing machine from scale

Why does scale, and how is it dangerous?

or salt deposits, so-called in the common scale, in the washing machine occurs in the same way as in the kettle.

During wash salts in the water are deposited on the surface of PETN - element water heaters washing machine.At some point the salt deposits become too large.Teng simply ceases to heat the water.He begins to consume too much electricity to warm the water during washing.As a result, self tan is overheating due to the large number of enveloped him scum.As a result, it eventually burns out.

Pure PETN from the washing machine and heating element with scale

In this case, you will only master, engaged in repair washing machines.Its services are not cheap.Yes, and it's time to go away from him a lot."Mountain" gained clothes you guaranteed.But regular cleaning of the washing machine as a preventive measure - not too labor-intensive activity.

Getting rid of mold

Another problem faced by the mistress - is the formation of mold on the rubber elements of the washing machine.Mould - a harmful fungus, which is not so easy to get rid of.The appearance of an unpleasant smell when you open gnilistogo drum cover, indicates the presence of moldy formations.The fungus can cause allergic reactions, as well as dangerous for small children.Therefore, when the signs of mold from it should urgently get rid of.Here citric acid comes to the aid of the hostess.

Mold on rubber elements of the washing machine

insides of the washing machine from the fungus relieve poured into the container, citric acid powder. temperature washing mode in this case exhibited by 90 degrees.Start the machine in the "idle", without underwear.External elements wipe with a sponge dipped in a chlorine-containing substances.If the container is also covered with a mold powder, it makes sense to soak in bleach for 30 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly with running water and wiped dry.

Washing machine with water , running on empty - cleaning washing machine

Preventive measures in the fight against mold are as follows: Always keep the lid of the washing machine in an open state.The same applies to the container for the powder.


Inspect the washing machine for the presence of mold, and at the first sign manipulate described above.All measures recommended to clean rubber gloves to avoid chemical burns of the skin of hands.

Inspection of the washing machine for faults


If you did not have at hand the means proposed, but there is an urgent need to scale from the washing machine, then you can come to the aid of old antiquated way.A solution of 9% vinegar also able to deliver the washing machine of unwanted deposits.the same principle: pour a glass of white vinegar 9% in the powder container and start the washing machine with temperature control in 60 degrees.Do not forget about the additional rinse after the procedure is completed.Rinse able to rid the interior of the car from the acrid smell of acetic.Naturally, all the precautions observed.Start the machine without laundry, in "idle" mode.

9 % vinegar for cleaning of the scum washing

antiquated way not all inspire confidence.If you just belong to this category of people, then you are to use only shops means that today are available in a large range.Various additives to powders, which prevent the appearance of the scale, are sold in any department of household chemicals.Only the price sometimes "bite" and not everyone can afford.Follow the preventive measures, and the washing machine will serve you for years to come.

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