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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to remove mold on the bathroom sealant : means for removal of anti-mold

How to remove mold in the bathroom on the sealant ?
  • Why mold appears on the sealant?
  • The dangerous mold in the bathroom?
  • Removing mold from
  • What surface if the mold comes back?
  • Folk remedies
  • Prevention

Silicone Sealant is indispensable when installing new plumbing in the bathroom, as well as for different types of repairs.The sealing means of a silicone-based perfectly protects the surface from moisture, thanks to its special composition.The sealant forms a strong and simultaneously elastic coating resistant to temperature changes and aggressive cleaning agents.There are also special sanitary silicone sealants, which are present in the composition of fungicidal additives preventing the formation of mold and mildew - this trouble quite often occur under conditions of high humidity.For use in the bathroom it is recommended to get this kind of sealant.

If so happened that on the surface treated with sealant, was born black mold, you need to immediately start a fight with her.On what measures should be taken, read our article today.

Mould on silicone sealant in the bathroom

Why mold appears on the sealant?

The main reason for the appearance of mold on all types of surfaces - it is too humid air in the room. Additional factors contributing to the dynamic growth of mold, may be the lack of good ventilation, inadequate insulated walls, poor sealing of the joints between the panels.

If the mold appeared on the surface, which is treated with silicone sealant containing fungicide, then the cause is most likely lies in the poor quality of the product.If you used the sealant from a trusted manufacturer, as you believe it is necessary to look for other causes.For example, the mold could be the result of unfair work performed by seam sealing or due to the presence in the structure of the working surface of cracks and chips.

Causes of mold on the sealant in the bathroom

The dangerous mold in the bathroom?

mold - it is an amazing organism that can bring a person the benefit and harm.The kind of mold that settles on surfaces in our house, belongs to the latter type. Therefore, if you have found the first signs of proliferation of mold and residential or non-residential premises, get rid of it as soon as possible.

known that mold spreads via spores - microscopic particles that can scatter around the house freely, settling more and more new areas.Even if you manage to get rid of the main focus of mold spores spread throughout the apartment, can cause proliferation of new lesions.

harm caused by the human body to the mold, it is not immediately noticeable. spores which we breathe in with the air, can trigger quite serious respiratory problems, nose and throat, digestive system and other vital organs.Increased risk are allergic and people with weakened immune systems.

Danger resulting black mold in the bathroom
The dangerous mold in the bathroom

Removing mold from

surface method for controlling mold appeared on silicone sealants depends on the extent of the problem and how long ago it appeared. small portion of "fresh" mold can simply be washed off, and then treat the surface with antiseptic.If you have time to take action quickly, then, most likely, the mold will not return.Otherwise, it is necessary to resort to more drastic methods.

How to properly clean the mold silicone sealant?

  • Type in a small container and pour warm water (pour) him any cleaner for the bathroom.Mix well the solution.
  • Dampen a sponge with the resulting mixture rub the problem area.Thoroughly rinse the mold off the surface.
  • Rinse off detergent with plenty of clean water.Now
  • surface affected by mold, should be disinfected to the remaining arguments have not gone into growth.For this fit any hand sanitizer that you have at home, such as bleach.
  • Apply bleach on a silicone sealant.For best results, leave it for 12-14 minutes.Thereafter, the sealant is not only disinfected, but also will shine white.
  • Before rinse sanitizer, rub the surface well with a sponge or a brush so that it penetrated into the micro cracks and destroy mold spores lurking there.
  • Then rinse with bleach and wipe dry with a silicone sealant.
Ways to get rid of mold on the sealant in the bathroom
Ways to get rid of mold on the sealant in the bathroom

What if the mold comes back?

It so happens that some time after removal of the mold appears in the same place again, and even the careful treatment of the problem space is not an effective means of helping.In this case, spread the fire not to be found on the surface of silicone sealant, and under it. If so, then to get to the chamber, the sealant layer will have to be removed.

  • Remove chronic silicone sealant can only be removed mechanically.So armed with a small knife and start to cut the silicone sealant along the upper and lower edge of the seam.
  • make an incision, inset silicone layer at one end and pull out the frozen sealant out of the joint.Old silicone sealant is best to immediately throw away, as the mold spores firmly entrenched in its structure.
  • inside seam you are likely to find mold, debris and other stuff.All this must be thoroughly cleaned using the same knife.
  • now cleaned area should be disinfected to be sure that the mold does not reappear.One of the most effective means - isopropyl alcohol.Pour it into the joint and leave for 20-30 minutes.
  • Then pat dry stitch cloth and leave for a day to dry completely.All this time, you can not use the bathroom.
  • dry surface should be re-treated silicone sealant.Try to choose a quality sanitary sealant bath containing additives, which prevent the formation of mold.
  • Tuba with sealing insert in a special gun, cut off the tip at an appropriate angle and evenly throughout the vehicle seam.
  • To the silicone is completely dry, you must wait for another day.
What if the mold formed on the sealant in the bathroom back ?

Folk remedies

In the fight against mildew, you can use the popular recipes, many of which are much more effective ways to store tools.Some of the many ways that women use to remove mildew in the bath, are as follows.

sodium tetraborate (popularly called a "drill") is dissolved in water at a ratio of 1 cup of the drug in the 2 ½ liters of water. moisten in this solution an old toothbrush and carefully wipe moldy place.Then collect the residue with a clean dry cloth solution.Rinse solution is not necessary since it forms a protective layer against the mold.

White vinegar is an effective and, most importantly, affordable remedy for mold in the bathroom. moldy enough space sprinkle with undiluted vinegar through the atomizer, and after 60 minutes rinse with water dampened sponge.If necessary, repeat the procedure the next day.The vinegar has a pungent smell and its fumes can negatively affect state of health, so do not forget to ventilate the bathroom every time after the procedure.

hydrogen peroxide probably have in your medicine cabinet. This drug is indispensable not only for the treatment of wounds, and for the sterilization of moldy areas.gidroperita Tablets should be diluted in water according to the instructions, and the solution is ready to apply undiluted.Work better with gloves, since prolonged contact of hydrogen peroxide can damage the skin.Rinse the solution is not necessary, in a few minutes simply dab the treated surface dry with a sponge or cloth.

ordinary baking soda as well copes with the task of removing mildew. It is absolutely safe for humans, and there is a penny in the house at all.To make the cleaning agent, you need a quarter teaspoon of baking soda stirred into 250 ml of warm water.The resulting solution is absorbed by the land with a mold using a stiff brush, then rinse.Secure the effect of repeating the operation again.

Essential oils are also quite effective in the fight against mold. especially effective tea tree oil, known not only for its pleasant aroma, but also a good antiseptic properties.One teaspoon of essential oil spoon should be diluted in a glass of warm water and treat with a solution of the problem areas.Rinse agent is not necessary.After applying the solution for some time will remain intense smell of essential oils of tea tree, but a couple of days it will erode.

Folk remedies to combat mold on the bathroom sealant
Folk remedies to combat mold in the bathroom


After removing the mold from the silicone sealant is necessary to take all precautions so that it does not appear again. complex preventive procedures includes:

  • equipment of the ventilation system.At the same time, remember that even the most powerful ventilation system can not cope with the task, if you do not provide the bathroom a constant air flow (for example, through a gap in the door).
  • Sealing plumbing in the bathroom.It is necessary to eliminate all sources of moisture including condensation and dripping faucet in the toilet tank.
  • Wall insulation.If some of the walls of the room freezes in winter, it is necessary to provide additional waterproofing.
  • Elimination of cracks in the walls, floor and ceiling.Mold spores can enter the bathroom from the neighboring apartment, even through microscopic gaps.
Preventive treatments to combat mold in the bathroom