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August 12, 2017 18:06

Condensation on toilet tank : what to do and how to get rid of, why it is formed

Condensation on toilet tank
  • Why is it formed?
  • How to get rid of?
  • Replacement tank
  • Forced ventilation

It is sad, but the bathroom is often a source of household problems.Blockages in pipes, floods, odors, insects - all of these troubles are usually associated with any failures in the functioning bathrooms.One of the most common of these problems - the condensate formed on the walls of the toilet cistern. This seemingly small nuisance, if not in time to find and eliminate the cause, can lead to quite serious consequences - from the appearance of mold on the walls and finishing the repair corrupt neighbors.

notice condensation on the tank of the toilet, many do not pay attention to it, limited to only "symptomatic" means of struggle - is left on the floor of a tank for collecting liquid or a doormat.Such behavior is wrong, because the condensation - a signal that not all is well with the work of ventilation systems, water supply and sanitation.Therefore, if you suddenly found the water droplets on the different surf

aces of the bathroom after a few days does not disappear, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the state of engineering systems in the room.

Condensation on tank
Condensation on toilet tank

Why is it formed?

In fact, the causes of condensation may be a few, and the first time to determine the right is not always possible. The most common factors are:

  • temperature difference. As a rule, the air temperature in the bathroom is higher than the surface temperature of the tank, as the latter constantly filled with cold water.The bathroom is often found additional sources of heat, such as towel warmers and heated floors, making the temperature difference even more.This is particularly felt in the cold season.
  • fault in the mechanism of discharge.Often condensation occurs at constant leaking cistern, which is known, most often occurs when damage to the float valve.If so, then the problem is easily solved by buying a new valve.
  • lack of ventilation. well-established system of ventilation - this is the main condition for preserving an optimal level of humidity in the room.If poorly ventilated bathroom, there are numerous problems, including condensation on the cistern.
Condensation due to temperature differences
Defective drain barrel
Poor or faulty ventilation

How to get rid of?

  • condensation If the reason is a problem with the toilet tank, replace the faulty spare part, if this is impossible - to get a new drain fitting.
  • If you managed to find out that it is still in the temperature difference, it is possible to resort to a very simple, but not very cost-effective solution - to ensure the supply of warm water to the toilet bowl.The main thing is that the water was not hot, otherwise the whole drain valves will become worthless.
  • As a temporary measure, you can use the heating off.In the summer, when the apartment and so warm, it may be a good way out.But with the onset of cold weather will have to find a new, more thorough decision.
  • Such a solution may be to minimize the costs of cold water.To implement this idea, you need to purchase a special toilet flush button - which releases only half of the usual amount of water.The tank all the time only a few liters of water will remain, which will have time to warm up.This solution, despite some inconveniences will help you reduce the payment of water on the counter costs.
  • Another original solution - an organization cistern insulation using foam.It looks not very aesthetically pleasing, but it helps to say goodbye forever to the condensate.
Repair tank
Pasting the inner surface of the tank thermofilm

Replacement tank

happens that condensation on the walls of the toilet tank is formed due to the fact that the discharge mechanism is faulty, but the replacement of individual components does not solve the problem.In this case it is advisable to replace the tank itself. give brief instructions on how to carry out the replacement.

  • to work you need a new tank, the new drain valves, set of fasteners, sealants based on silicone.
  • To begin to dismantle the old equipment after removing it from the water supply system.To remove the tank, it is necessary to unscrew the valves, which he attached to the toilet bowl.
  • Before proceeding with the installation of a new tank, you should collect the drain valve and install it inside the product.Here, the sequence of steps depends on the type of construction, so try to exactly follow the instructions attached to the tank.
  • shelf toilet seat, which is installed tank should be cleaned of dirt.It is advisable to replace the rubber gasket that is interposed between the shelf and the cistern.
  • Then the tank is placed on the bottom shelf and is secured by two bolts, under which it is necessary to put the pads.Tighten the bolts should not be very tight, only two or three revolutions.Further
  • tank connected to the water supply system by a flexible hose which is connected to the float valve.Then let the water and check the water level as a set.If necessary, adjust the level.
  • The final stage of the design is checked for leaks by doing a few test swabs.After that, fix the tank lid and connect the flush button.
New tank
Replacement tank

Forced ventilation

If condensation is formed in a poorly ventilated room, it is worth thinking about the organization of forced ventilation.So called ventilation, which is carried out by mechanical means - with the help of a fan.Mechanical ventilation is considered mandatory in combination bathroom, since it is much higher humidity percentage.

In order to ensure the normal humidity in the bathroom standard size only one fan room.Power ventilating system is calculated based on the number of sanitary appliances installed in a room.But, even in the bathroom, where both present toilet, bathtub, sink, shower and bidet, enough fan capacity of 110 cubic meters per hour.

New mechanical ventilation in the bathroom
Additional ventilation in the bathroom doorway