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August 12, 2017 18:06

Leaking toilet , why and what to do , the problem with flexi hose , drain

leaking toilet
  • device toilet
  • required tools for repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • repair the tank with his hands

leaking toilet - a nuisance in itself is quite small, and as a matter does not need repairs,but over time it becomes a constant irritant for you and your neighbors.Uninterrupted murmur of water, especially well audible in the stillness of the night, not only soothes, but on the contrary, can seriously affect the nerves.In addition, according to experts, with such a malfunction the day of the toilet tank could lead to two hundred liters of water, which increases the monthly payments on the counters at a rather large sum.In this article, we will tell you about how to solve the problem yourself, without having recourse to the plumbing.

The toilet in the bathroom
Flowing water in the toilet tank

device toilet

basic toilet design elements do not change for decades.The changes only affect the materials used in the manufacture of forms and methods of installation of sanitary equipment, but the design itself is unchanged.The main part of the stan

dard toilet bowl - a cistern, the bowl and the seat (or, as it is called, the toilet seat).

Usually, the reason for the failure of the design lies in the very faults tank.Inside it is a mechanism which acts on the principle of the hydraulic valve for the correct operation of which is necessary to maintain a certain pressure level.

Armature tank

In the mechanism of the toilet tank contains the following elements:

  • rubber bag, opens the water discharge;
  • overflow - pipe which diverted the excess water, if the toilet is defective;
  • traction - metal lever actuating the draining mechanism;
  • float - sealed capsule made of plastic, which regulates the water level in the tank;
  • valve float.
Device toilet tank

When we lift rod (pulling a lever or pushing a button), the drain mechanism comes into effect: pear rises and the water goes into the bowl through the drain hole.Then, the valve opens and the water tank is typed - to the desired level.

required tools for repair

In order to repair the damage to the toilet, you should prepare the following tools and supplies:

  • silicone sealant for sanitary fittings (in some cases it may replace the foam);
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • hammer;
  • twine or wire;
  • sandpaper;
  • burlap;
  • drill with a set of drill bits;
  • angle grinder;
  • pliers;
  • knife;
  • rubber gloves;
  • may additionally require spare parts to replace worn-out.
Replacement tank fittings

best to constantly keep the "emergency" kit at home.This will help you solve the problem as quickly as possible - take more serious proportions before the problem.


leaking tank - this can happen for several reasons:

  • float valve damage - if there is a hole in the float, it begins to draw water;You can fix this by using a sealant, or simply float wrapped in cellophane;
  • incorrect position of the float - skewed float easily corrected manually, just stir it from side to side, and there is an optimum position itself;
  • wear rubber bulb - in this case, the product will have to be replaced;
  • limescale on different parts of the flush mechanism - lime does not give details of tightly against each other, which is why there are disturbances in the discharge mechanism;this problem can be solved by using special cleaning agents;
  • weakened nut that secures the bottom of the overflow tank - in this case the fixture can simply pull up;
  • unreliable connection tank and bowl - may need to replace the cuff that connects two parts of a toilet bowl;
  • wear rubber gaskets - seals are consumables and must be replaced;
  • damage cistern body - scratches and cracks are treated with a special compound for the restoration of sanitary ware;
  • are loose water pipe - in this case, commonly want to replace the fastening element.

problems thicket. If the cause of leaky water lies not in the cistern, then, should be evaluated toilet bowl for damage.If you find a crack or peeling, of which water leaks, in order to avoid further problems, the cup will have to be replaced.However, there is a workaround that will help eliminate the flow for a short time (long enough to buy a new cup).To crack is not expanded, drill at both its ends openings necessarily through.Then, inside the bowl treat the damaged area with an angle grinder and apply a coat of epoxy.As a rule, mechanical damage to the bowls can be seen at a glance, so if they did not immediately found, the problem is most likely in another:

depressurized connection release toilet and water pipe. This can happen if the connection is fixed by means of cement mortar with sand.After some time frozen putty begins to crack, resulting in leakage occurs.To remedy the situation, you need to carefully remove the remnants of the mixture with bells and reunite them with modern sealant or the same cement mortar, but without the addition of sand.

wear of the diaphragm, which should seal the corrugated connection. It often happens to the rubber articles - they deform or crack.Typically, this part can be easily replaced, but if for some reason this is not possible, try to seal the connection using the sealant.

Problems in the toilet
Rust and limescale
Adjusting the level of a tank
Replacement tank fittings

tank repair their own hands

So often, the reason lies continuously flowing water is in the reservoir bowl.The reasons for this may be many - the most common ones we have already discussed above. In this section, we will discuss how to eliminate damage yourself:

  • reason valve.If deformed metal pin that holds the float arm in the valve should make a new piece of copper wire - this material is considered to be more reliable.If you enlarge the hole in which the bolt is fastened - the repair is useless, you have to buy a new valve.
  • reason fasteners. Quite often corroded bolts, tightening fixing the toilet tank and toilet bowl shelves.To replace the fasteners, you will need to completely disassemble the tank previously flushed and unplugging it from the water pipes.Remove the screws, remove the rubber sleeve, drain the remaining water.Replace with a new cuff.Reassemble the structure using new bolts - it is recommended to choose products made only with brass.
  • reason pear. As mentioned above, the deformed bulb is best to replace it.If such a possibility is not, you can resort to a temporary solution: remove the old bulb and tamp it with any available materials, such as burlap, so she took the former form.

As you have probably been able to make independent repair dripping toilet - the task is quite feasible.One needs only to correctly identify the cause of this trouble, and have on hand the necessary tools.In this case, the Remedy you spend a few minutes.

Replacing the corrugations
Replacement pads
Repair drain
cup Seal
pipe Repair