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August 12, 2017 18:06

Flowing tank toilet : why , what to do and how to fix a leak from the tank into the toilet

What if the toilet tank flows
  • reasons
  • Types leak
    • When draining
    • If flows through the overflow
    • between the tank and the toilet
    • With a tank on the floor
    • Other causes leakage
  • Inspection professional
  • Prevention

In our today's article we will talk about the main reasons for the leak of a tank of the toilet, as well as tell you about how to solve problems.


detected a problem with the toilet, which began to flow in certain areas, caused by three reasons.Sometimes alone, and sometimes provoke breakage jointly:

  1. When installing a new plumbing often make mistakes in installation, assembly.
  2. during prolonged use tank flows because of defective or worn-out design elements, fittings.Natural failure usually occur only in three years after installation.
  3. mechanical damage, violation of recommendations for use.This is your sudden jerking of the arms, the strong pressing the keys, the occasional bumps and stuff.

Now consider several kinds of leaks separately.

The design of the toilet bowl

Types leak

When draining

  • After pressing the button drain leakage may occur. This suggests the need to check the unit drain system design.Often the reason becomes impaired functionality of the shut-off valve.Grasp it by hand, press gently.If this works, then the valve just not flush against the surface.Replace the old valve gasket on a new quality, and it's done.
  • OFFSET drain key, the position of broken headlight.In such situations valve is located higher than the drain hole.Gap formed leads to leakage.Correct bit controller, try to return the button to its original position.To do this, tighten the fasteners with which the tank is attached to the pipe or to the sanitary product.
  • water flows due to leakage nuts attached to the outside of the bottom. The reason is simple - leakproof.Most likely, will a replacement gasket or install a new nut with a high quality seal.

Remember, if a defect is caused by a minor and breach of seal, then use a simple sealants.In more serious problems change the damaged parts of a tank.

Device toilet tank

If flows through the overflow

Correct first lever float system, as well as check the status of the valve and the float itself directly. water sometimes is not kept within the reservoir and flows directly into the bowl through the overflow.It is possible that the lever is moved from its original position, or there was a bias.

Look for fluid in the float. Often it is because of this, there is flow through the overflow.If it is really there, then float out of order.Bring him back "to life" is simply:

  • Remove the float;
  • pour out the accumulated water;
  • Dry properly, even with a hair dryer, which will accelerate the process;
  • Repair cracks and holes through which water from getting inside.For this useful epoxy adhesive.If you add to it a little Supercement, repair quality is even higher;
  • Return the item in place.

If the float valve system is out of order, the easiest way to replace it with new one.Make it is not difficult:

  • Release all the liquid from the tank with water;
  • Disconnect the fitting using a wrench.It connects the valve to the water supply system, that is, running water;
  • Remove the lever, but proceed carefully so as not to damage the other components;
  • Remove the inner and outer nut by which lever is held;
  • Remove the float valve;
  • Install a new element using the locking nut;
  • Fill the tank with liquid;
  • Secure the lever in the correct position;
  • test-drain, which will determine whether you have done everything right.
Toilet tank - repair

When prolemy membrane siphon should be replaced. Solve the problem by applying the adhesive, sealant will not work.Buy a new membrane, and similar old.Remove it, get the same in the store plumbing.To perform the repair, follow the simple instructions:

  • Drain the water to drain into the tank is nothing left;
  • Using rope to tie the float lever to any bar.The element should be securely fastened;
  • crossbar can be any strap, a piece of wood, set in place the tank cover;
  • Remove the nut that connects the pipe and flush the tank;
  • Slightly loosen the other nut by unscrewing it from the trap.It is located at the base of the container;From
  • lever gently remove the siphon and pull it;
  • Now take a new membrane and put to its rightful place;
  • Collect the whole system in reverse order.

between the tank and the toilet

  1. Inspect the condition of the cuff.It is necessary to correct or tighten, using a collar.Do not overtighten the bolts, but at the same time, do not do hardware too weak.
  2. If you have a corrugated portion on the cuff sometimes they are moved from the original position.Refit the collars help or plumbing insulation.The last option will give a temporary result, because the clamp - the optimal solution.
  3. reason for this type of leak may be weak and fixing tank regiments.Check whether the nuts and bolts are tightened.Brass bolts eternal and metal counterparts from losing the original characteristics over time.
  4. If the previous version did not work, look at the gaskets on the tank.Unscrew all the nuts, bolts, inspect the condition of the seals.Replace them is not complicated and not expensive.
  5. If the damage can not be helped shelf clamps and sealants.It will take a complete replacement of the shelf or even a tank.
Replacing the cuff between the tank and the toilet

With a tank on the floor

primary reason - bad tightened or deformed over time and under the influence of moisture bolts:

  1. If they do not twisted, but the fasteners new, just do some workan appropriate tool, tighten the fasteners.
  2. If you lose their quality fasteners need to be changed.Shut off the water, drain the remaining water, partially disassemble the valve to be more or less easy access to the bolt heads.Remove old, replace them with new ones, not forgetting the rubber seals.

may also want to use the sealant to joints.This is generally a good thing for a variety of leakage problems.Relying solely on gaskets and seals is not necessary, because even the best high-quality products do not always cope with the load.Additional protection measure in the form of sealant will increase the life of plumbing and make your life easier.

Processing sealant to prevent leakage

Other causes leakage

This is not an exhaustive list of possible leaks that arise from the operation of the toilets. Let's call a few of them, as well as how to solve:

  1. button does not work, corresponding to the wash. Then you need to remove the cover and check the condition of the drainage system.Often rod slips off from the drain, as the pressure gate valve.You just need to put them into place.Check contamination button, clean accumulated dirt and put back.Problem solved.
  2. High level of noise when dialing water. Water supply system may have a different pressure.If it's high, then on the float valve and pressurizing the element can not cope with the load.As a result, increased noise.Replace the valve, which will be able to cope with such a set, or mount the valve of stabilization.

If the reservoir flows due to formation of condensation, it is necessary to find out the cause and eliminate it:

  • necessary to fix the intake and exhaust valves.If it is broken, the toilet water is heated to room temperature indicator.At the same time, tap water is cold water, creating condensation;
  • necessary to reduce the volume of drainage.It is important to regularly operated toilets.It is recommended to replace the usual discharge button on the double, where one will provide a smaller amount of liquid drain, and the second - more;
  • Eliminate the high humidity in the room.If this WC, it will be harder.You can put the electric towel rail, plus essential to install effective ventilation.
Removing the cause of the leak toilet

Inspection professional

These recommendations will allow you to independently understand the causes of leaks and eliminate them without the help of professionals.But is it worth to do so?

Many prefer professional help in case of failure of the sanitary equipment.Benefits of professional examination are as follows:

  • specialist can pay attention to something that you would never look;
  • professional experience enables him to quickly find the cause of the problem is qualitatively correct them;
  • Master has proven places to buy sanitary ware and accessories;
  • Responsible specialist uses a professional tool, reliable sealing, as interested in the positive feedback on its work;
  • Before installation professional will be able to point out the weaknesses of the pipeline, to help in the installation, connect the toilet, to offer their services for the prevention and maintenance of plumbing.
Repair toilet cistern


better to prevent damage to the stages of its birth, than to eliminate the effects.Carrying out preventive measures, you will significantly extend the life of your plumbing and will spend significantly less money in case of some problems.

to prevention measures include:

  • Periodic inspection of joints, connections;
  • Inspectorate gaskets, pipes and pipe condition;
  • Judicious use of leverage and flush buttons, providing the absence of sharp taps;Installation
  • coarse filter through which prevents contaminants from entering the tank, the large particles can contaminate and clog the system;
  • using quality fittings when replacing elements of the toilet;
  • The use of high-quality sanitary ware, buy that in itself warrants a longer trouble-free service life than products of dubious production;

appeal to professionals to address the problems and failures.