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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cleaning the bathroom : tools , general cleaning and cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom
  • Features harvesting
  • recommended schedule
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  • Secrets and cleaners

Clean - the guarantee of health, is not it??Especially it concerns the bathroom, because the bath, sink and other surfaces like to collect a variety of bacteria.Bathroom is one of those places where to keep clean is much more difficult than in other areas.There are procedures that must be carried out daily bath, in which the complexity of harvesting.But at the same time you will also be pleased to be in a bathroom, where everything is sparkling clean.If cleaning at regular intervals not hold, then perhaps you will soon not only bacteria, but also unfriendly insects, which are unlikely someone will delight.

learn how, read our other article to get rid of the insects in the bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom

Features harvesting

regular cleaning in the bathroom caused by the fact that a dirty room becomes a breeding ground for hazardous microbes and looks quite presentable.

The special features in t

he bathroom cleaning include:

  • daily treatments: cleaning toilets, sinks and drains.This will save time in the future, because it is easier to spend 10 minutes per day for cleaning small than the output for several hours to kill scrubbing surfaces;
  • purchase of toilet blocks.Each draining the contents of blocks will neutralize harmful bacteria;
  • daily disinfection of the rim and the toilet lid;
  • cleaning drains sink and bathtub.For harmful microbes plums - this is a paradise, so at least once every couple of days, clean them with special tools;
  • use the bath as directed.The water after the washing of floors is better to pour into the bowl;
  • regular cleaning of pipes.Doing this procedure we recommend planning at least once a month.The drain channel accumulates a large amount of hair and debris, which can be eliminated with the help of tools for pipe cleaning.

necessary to acquire several detergents:

  • for the disinfection of surfaces,
  • by limescale,
  • for cleaning windows and mirrors,
  • for cleaning tiles;
clean the toilet
Wiping the surface in the bathroom
My washbasin in the bathroom

Recommended Daily schedule

Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day to maintain cleanliness and order in the bathroom:

  • Place your order: Arrange the places all the bottles and sponges.Dispose of empty containers, hang towels.You have no idea how the procedure in the bathroom can help you save time in a hurry, especially if you are somewhere in a hurry.Everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  • hold regular wet cleaning the floor, walls and plumbing.Beneath all try to trim some detergents.For example, the bath will be ideal liquid cleaning solutions, because the crystalline powders entail scratches.even soap can fit for the daily cleaning.But it is impossible to clean the bath to use detergent toilet.The point difference surfaces.That cleans the toilet, will easily corrode the surface of the bath.
  • After the bath, immediately rinse it.This eliminates the need to clean the stains from soap and shower gels with the surface of the bath.
  • Take the time to pull out accumulated in the drain hole of the hair.By itself, a quick procedure, but it will save you from the possibility of the appearance of clogging.
  • Wipe the sink and the toilet rim.
  • Clean mixers special means.Powders should be avoided so as not to scratch the surface.Even if just every day with a soft cloth to wipe the faucet, you will notice that the plaque will produce much less on its surface.
  • Freshen room.Get e-fresheners, triggered at certain intervals.After a while you will notice how comfortable will be in the bathroom.
Caring for the bathroom
Detergents for bathroom
Care cranes


Once a week, spend the following steps to maintain cleanliness:

  • Clean the tile with the help of specially designeddetergents.To tile gleamed like new, it can be washed with a solution of chalk in water.Wipe the tiles should be dry, otherwise the frozen droplets would negate all your hard work.It is recommended to wash the bottom up and rinse from the top down.Read more in our article about what can be washed in the bathroom tiles.
  • Thoroughly clean the tile joints.For this is useful to you to make their own soda solution and bleach.He applied to the seams and stays there until the final solidification.And then washed off with running water and a brush.
  • Tackle cleaning the toilet.Thoroughly rinse the place under the rim, which are particularly fond of the bacteria to accumulate.Apply on the surface of the cleaner and leave it for a while.Then rinse with water and a brush means for the toilet.
  • Once a week, be sure to launder all glass and mirror surfaces.You can use standard tools for cleaning windows and mirrors and can be used folk remedies, for example, a mixture of tooth powder and liquid ammonia.
  • If there is a shower, the glass in it are cleaned with a stiff brush and soapy water in your bathroom.This method will help to wash even the long-standing streaks and dirt.
  • well washed with a disinfectant solution floors in the bathroom and toilet.For the cleaning of the premises, use separate cloths and brushes.
  • Wash bath suitable means.What can wash acrylic bath, read our other article.
My wall in the bathroom
My tile joints
Wash floors in the bathroom


Care pipes does not require daily or weekly events, but once a month is necessary to consistently produce some of the procedures:

  • Because of the high humidity of the pipe can oxidize and rust.Remove rust stains we recommend using special tools.Apply them can be strictly just once a month, because their composition has adverse enamel alkali.
  • poured into drains pipes alkaline solution to remove the blockage.And you get rid of the bad smell, and the remnants of hair and other debris.Immediately becomes evident how the water will go faster.Be careful when using these funds, since they do not fall on the skin.
Clean the pipe soda and vinegar


Once a month, or you set intervals is carried out general cleaning bathroom.

  • Remove the curtain.Soak it in soapy water or bleach.This will help remove it drips and stains.
  • Gather into a separate bowl all bottles with shampoos, gels, and so on. E., As well as other containers, sponges, brushes and more.
  • Remove the rubber mat.It recommended during the general cleaning of its wash or soak.
  • on bath and sink apply a special detergent and leave it for a certain period of time.
  • Inside apply to the surface of the toilet bowl cleanser on the outside, you can wash it with a solution bath.Also, leave the vehicle for a certain period of time.
  • Clean all mirrors and glass shelves (how to do this, see above).
  • Rinse with a cleaning sponge or washcloth old detergent with bath and sink.
  • Clean the inside of the toilet bowl cleaning brush and rinse agent.Outside the toilet, wipe dry.
  • Wash floors with a disinfectant solution.
  • Rinse and hang the curtain.
General cleaning in the bathroom

Secrets and cleaners

  • When the surface of the bath or sink you notice rust stains, they can be removed with a vinegar solution.
  • If the bath covered with a layer of lime, then add the detergent ammonia.
  • laundered bath and sink need to conventional non-metallic brush, otherwise you run the risk of scratching the enamel.
  • to the bathroom always had a pleasant smell, place or hang up to orange, which is necessary to stick a clove cloves.
  • Use to clean the surface of the microfiber cloth.They can be used even without detergent, simply moisten them with water.Due to the peculiar composition of the rags, they cope well with the removal of contaminants of various kinds.If
  • to plug the bath drain plug pops out of the hole, or vice versa pass water, put it on a piece of rubber.
  • Mixers will sparkle if they are cleaned with a solution of vinegar and salt.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature, when you type in a bath of water.They are the consequence of fractures and plaque on the surface.To wall evenly warmed, pour into the tub with warm water.
  • Clean the tile is very convenient to carry out, if detergents for it represented aerosols.
  • With the advent of rust will celebrate like vinegar, and the usual "Pemoksol".
  • If the surface of the bath you notice unpleasant yellow plaque stains, wipe with bleach diluted in water.But then it must be very carefully washed off.