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August 12, 2017 18:06

Insects in the bathroom : how to get rid of them , the causes and prevention

Centipede in the bathroom
  • Ants
  • Mote
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Woodlice
  • Silverfish
  • Centipedes
  • their causes
  • Methods of dealing
  • Preventive methods

Bathroom shouldbe a stronghold of hygiene and cleanliness in the house.Where family members take different water treatments here, as a rule, it kept most of detergents.However, moist air and the lack of room ventilation can lead to a variety of insects in the bathroom, which is one of the most obvious signs of unsanitary conditions in the room.Contrary to popular belief, this problem may be faced not only the residents of the hot southern countries, but also the inhabitants of the European region.If you unexpectedly met the same problem in the fight against insects will help our article.

Insects in the bathroom


Before run for a means to control insects, it is necessary to determine what kind of insects you encounter.As the saying goes, the enemy must know in person.Therefore, below is a list of those insects that can live in your home.


learn how to look like ants, I believe there is no need to talk. Unlike ordinary ants, living in nature, pets ants have red color and the size of an order of magnitude smaller than their wild counterparts. If you find yourself in the bathroom lone ant - it's not cause for alarm.You may have inadvertently brought it to the streets on clothing or footwear, or he was in the house with food.However, if you come across ants eye often enough, you will most likely be a long and serious struggle with them.

What can attract ants in the bathroom? You may have forgotten some food or leftovers in the bathroom, or you wash here some fruit or berries, and some of them had fallen off somewhere, and now attracts insects with its aroma.The options can be set.

Wild ants

If you find ants in the bathroom you first need to determine where the ants appear.For this Seal all cracks through which ants can crawl into the bath from the street.If you live in an apartment building, ask the neighbors if they have encountered the same problem.If you get a positive answer, you know - you alone with this scourge is no longer cope.

ants can build entire networks of several anthills interconnected.They are able to quickly restore their numbers, even if one of the ant will be entirely destroyed.Therefore, the fight with ants in the apartment building should be carried out centrally to time to clean all the centers of their distribution.

Household ants


Mote - one of the most amazing insects. These small flying pests appear as if from nowhere and disappear into nowhere and need only get rid of the focus of their distribution.

Location gnats are taken in the bathroom? Everyone knows that if you leave somewhere in the kitchen or in the room bitten apple, a few hours it will soar over a small flock of midges.This is especially important during the hot summer months, when the products spoil without refrigeration on the order of magnitude faster.However, where the midges take in the bathroom?

Fruit flies - Drosophila

Remember not any products in the bathroom had any recent you wash?Did you wash the apples brought from the garden, or wash and cut watermelon, bringing guests.If particles of food remain in the bathroom had not been cleaned in, in a short time guests wait, because the warm, moist air in the bath accelerates the processes of decay and is an ideal breeding ground for midges.

Sewer gnats


now home cockroaches have rarely where you will meet.Many years of man's struggle with these insects is almost completely ruined their population in large cities.The presence of multiple chemicals to combat them allows izbitsya of cockroaches in a short time and without too much difficulty.

Red cockroach

Why cockroaches appear in the bathroom?On their own cockroaches in an apartment where are closely monitoring the purity, will not appear.They can only crawl to you from the neighbors who are less scrupulous in matters of hygiene.Since the ventilation system in the bathroom of a house, as a rule, the general, it is for her traveling baleen pests. Therefore, by using methods of struggle against insects is necessary not to forget to handle them and the ventilation grilles in the bathroom.

Black beetle


In the summer of mosquitoes can not hide anywhere.Typically, in a bathroom, they fall through an open window or through the vent pipe.However, if you live on the ground floor and basement located under you, the mosquitoes may well seep into your apartment through cracks in the floor. fact that mosquitoes prefer dark and damp room, so bathroom - the perfect place for them. Get rid of mosquitoes is quite simple.



woodlice you can meet mostly only in the bathroom, in contrast to the other rooms in the house. As their name implies, woodlice are found where wet. If you ever have not seen them, the first encounter with the intruder in the bathroom can be a shock for you.Small, unpleasant, gray-bluish pests with a convex back move extremely fast.Spotting them can be only in the first few seconds after you enter the bath and lit the light.Once they disappear under the bath or sink, not embedded in the seams between the tiles on the floor and on the walls, etc. Print these insects is difficult, but possible. How?This will be discussed below.

wood louse


even more unpleasant to look at insects - a silverfish. Unlike wood lice, they have an elongated body and stubby legs.Front and rear their antennae are located.They are a little more woodlice, but moving just as fast, so to catch and kill a hideous creation very difficult.they are totally harmless to humans. Since silverfish eat products containing starch, and polysaccharides, the most that they can spoil - a wet paper or wallpaper in your bathroom. But to live in the neighborhood with such creatures you would not want.

Read more in our article on how to get rid of silverfish.



Rounding out the list of the most disgusting insects that can be found in the bathroom, centipedes.Meeting with them is not clearly for the faint of heart.Although it is believed that the centipedes can harm human health, causing irritation to the skin, for the most part these creatures do not pose any threat to human health.But the sight of them all the same does not inspire confidence in him.Typically, by themselves they do not appear.

fact that centipedes feed on other small insects, so first you must create or midges woodlice, which will serve them for food, and then to appear and centipedes.


their causes

Causes of insects in the bathroom can be divided into two groups:

  • first group - are external circumstances. insects could appear in other areas of the apartment and just move with the times in the bath.They were able to crawl or fly you through the air pipe and the gap from the basement or from neighbors or just from the street.
  • also causes may be internal. This is where the hearth is the spread of the insects directly in your bathroom, and there was formed due to incorrect climate.There are two main reasons: poor sanitation and high humidity.Having established the cause of the insects, you will be easier to deal with them.
Insects of the ventilation in the bathroom

Methods of dealing

consider the most effective methods of getting rid of these insects.


Methods of dealing with the ants depend on how deplorable the situation at the moment.If you and your neighbors in a house infested ants, so these insects have managed to create a network of anthills around the house.In this case it is better to consult a specialist pest control.To you come disinfestation team, which at one time will save you from this scourge.

The poison for ants

If the situation is not as deplorable, and you are looking to deal with ants in the home, you can help insecticide sprays, special gels, dusts and pencils to combat these insects.Among the popular means of combating ants are the most popular yeast, boric acid, and corn flour.However, such tools are ineffective and are more suitable for non-residential premises or rarely visited.


To get rid of lice, it is first necessary to find and eliminate the cause of their appearance.Do a thorough cleaning of the bathroom with bleach.Determine where gnats can take.After cleaning, you can get rid of those individuals that have already appeared in the bathroom, using strong chemicals, such as dichlorvos.

However, if you are afraid thereby harm the health of loved ones or their children, it is better to use less dramatic means - Construct trap:

  • At the bottom of the banks put a piece of fruit or vegetable.
  • Top Set funnel made of paper with a narrow neck.Inside midges will fly, but to get them back is not under force.
  • The next day, just throw in the trash trap.


To prevent cockroaches entering the apartment through the ventilation pipes, ventilation must be firmly tightened Jota protective netting treated with chemicals to control cockroaches.

The rest of the means of combating cockroaches are the same everywhere - this is different pencils, gels and other poisons for insects.

Means for controlling cockroaches


methods of getting rid of mosquitoes in the bathroom is no different from the fight against these insects in other areas.Use special fumigators and simmering plate from mosquitoes, or buy a special trap for mosquitoes.


main means of combating woodlice - is prevention.Keep the bathroom, promptly remove dirt and mildew, eliminate leaking pipe and ensure proper ventilation.

If you still disturbed the insects, the first thing carry out a thorough wet cleaning of the premises.Then ventilate the bathroom wall and process chemicals to fight against woodlice, which you can buy in a specialized store.

Read more in our article on how to get rid of woodlice.

Fumigator against insects


Typically, these insects are scarce.If you kill one silverfish, then most likely this is your communication with this type of insects stops.

If suddenly you will find in the bathroom several representatives of silverfish, use any available mosquito repellents.


These insects are very fond of hiding in the crevices of the wooden floor, so one of the possible ways of dealing with them is to use a conventional mastic for parquet on the floor.

in specialized stores sell special tools to deal with centipedes.However, as practice shows, the means to fight against cockroaches and millipedes are very effective.

Professional pest control

Preventive methods

To protect yourself from the appearance of insects in the future, use our uncomplicated tips:

  • Carefully Terminate all cracks and holes in the bathroom, where you can descendunexpected guests.
  • Install additional ventilation in the room, if you feel that the standard ventilation system is not doing its job properly.
  • regularly treat chlorinated bathroom facilities.
  • Repair all the pipes in the bathroom and securely seal them.
  • Follow hygiene - regularly treat detergent antibacterial agents, not only walls and floor of the bathroom, but also plumbing and interior items placed in it.
  • Wipe dry with all jars with shampoos, shower gels, creams, etc.after use.
  • Thoroughly dry the towels after use.
  • Keep the room as little as possible flocked condensate.
  • If the bathroom has a window, as often as possible ventilate room and try to get into it as much as possible to natural sunlight.
Regular cleaning in the bathroom
Forced ventilation in the bathroom
Heated towel rack in bathroom