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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fungus in the bathroom : how to get rid of in the bathroom , on the tile .removal methods

Fungus in the bathroom
  • reasons
  • harm or even danger
  • in the shower or bath
  • Methods of dealing
    • Traditional methods
    • Chemical
    • Bluestone
    • Bleach
    • Industrial chemical processing means
  • room preparation
  • Preventive measures

Due to the humid environment, poor ventilation, poor lighting and bathroom becomes a weak point for the spread of the fungus.With such a problem faced in many apartments.If possible, you should try as quickly as possible to bring the intruder, because it not only spoils the interior of the bathroom, but also an adverse effect on human health.

Fungus in the bathroom under the microscope


reasons can be many for the emergence of the fungus. main are the following:

  • high humidity, including those due to uneven warming, frequent washings, poor ventilation;
  • fault in the plumbing;
  • cold walls;
  • favorable temperature (not lower than 15-20 degrees Celsius).
High humidity
Faulty plumbing
Leaks and blockages

Since these factors for bathrooms - this phenomenon is fairly typical, then this is the room in the apartment becomes the most favora

ble environment for the development of the fungus.

The most common fungus appears and proliferates on the walls and ceiling.

destroy the fungus actually most main thing - to get to the mycelium, which is the breeding source of black mold.Most unpleasant spores are formed on materials with a porous surface, for example, in the paint, concrete, plastics and elsewhere.To notice the fungus is not difficult, because it manifests itself in the form of dark spots or patches on the walls, ceiling and inside the joints between the tiles.

Fungus in the tile seams

harm or even danger

Black mold entails a lot of negative consequences. These include:

  • unpleasant smell in the bathroom;
  • unpresentable appearance of the premises;
  • damage furniture;
  • damage materials that you use in the repair of the bathroom (there may be cracks in the concrete, are possible flaking plaster or paint);
  • deterioration of human health.
Black fungus in the bathroom

The last point is perhaps the most critical, because the waste products of black fungus, which breathes a man highly toxic.

Therefore, without taking steps to destroy the mold, you can earn a whole bunch of diseases, some of which may become chronic.

This asthma, and skin rash, and cough, and runny nose, and nausea.There are constant headaches and even rheumatism.Do not turn a blind eye to such undesirable "neighbors" who settled in your bathroom.

in the shower or bath

When the mold in the shower, or directly in the bath may be the same consequences.

When the mold in the bath should be aware that you also have contact with her, but it is fraught with not only a skin disease, but also the negative impact on the entire body.

Mould in the shower

Methods of dealing

The first appearance of the fungus should be immediately alarmed.First of all, the fact that the black spots "settled" in your bathroom, is already talking about ventilation problems.

Before starting treatment affected the walls or ceiling, to vote, how to repair the ventilation to prevent the re-emergence of the fungus.

Ventilation in the bathroom

the early stages of its appearance mildew is much easier to destroy than after a long time when she could hit a large area.

methods of "treatment" of affected areas can be divided into two categories, depending on the means used.

Traditional methods

Who said that without antifungal sprays or solutions can not cope with mold?And in addition, if you suffer from allergies or upper respiratory tract disease, then apply the chemicals you generally contraindicated.

help fight the fungus can the following methods:

  • soda, vinegar repaid. Fill the affected area with a sufficient amount of sodium (the more the better) and then extinguish it with vinegar.You will see foam, after settling, which is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface with soap and water, or other detergent and warm water.
  • mixture of water and tea tree oil. Take a couple of teaspoons of tea tree oil to two cups of heated water.On the affected surface, this solution is sprayed from the spray gun.Tool with a tile can not wash off.Such a method is best used at night, when in the bathroom there is no one.
  • Recall the lessons of chemistry.Mix together per part of boric acid and two parts hydrogen peroxide and the two parts of vinegar with four parts of water.The resulting mixture is well suited for the removal of mold, enough to wipe with a solution of the affected area.
Soda , vinegar and soap
Tea tree oil


If you do not have allergies, then effectively deal with the mold to help anti-fungal agents, which will be mentioned below.


This tool allows you to display a fungus with a high degree of efficiency.However, he is not hard to use, but you can not breathe in the vapors due to toxicity, so before you start to work with it, use gloves and a respirator.A solution of copper sulphate is prepared according to the instructions, and then applied by brush to the affected area.Do not skimp on the thickness of the layer in areas of maximum accumulation of fungus.After several hours the solution was carefully washed and dried surface.Be sure to ventilate the bathroom on completion of work.


Not everyone knows that the bleach and water solution helps to effectively remove the fungus in the bathroom.But as the smell of a solution strong enough, it should be to make processing of surfaces with gloves and a respirator.

In preparing the solution should take into account the proportions: bleach to 10 parts water accounts for one part.In the affected liquid surface can be applied by brush, cloth or spray atomizer.After application do not need to wash off the solution, but be sure to ventilate the room.

Removing the fungus with bleach

Industrial chemical processing means

They are called antifungal agents, subdivided into:

  • industrial use tools that are used in construction to eliminate biocorrosion;
  • tools for home use.

Generally all funds sold in an amount which is enough for the preparation of a liter of concentrated solution.

To combat the fungus enough cap dry content dissolved in a liter of water.

Among the proven resources professionals recommend:

  • Antigribok or Gidroteks from the Russian manufacturer,
  • HG from Holland to handle tile joints,
  • German Renogal.
Professional treatment of infected surfaces
Surface treatment by spraying

And remember that when using any chemical means necessary to protect the hand gloves to avoid contact with them fungal spores or solutions.

Room preparation

In preparing the premises to treatment should be guided by the following rules:

  • Before removing the fungus need pre-treatment of surfaces, which includes the removal of the top layer.After this, the surface should be thoroughly dry.
  • Prostuchite wall.It is possible that you will find the void that must be opened and cleaned.
  • At work can not include water in the bathroom.Processing is only permitted in a dry environment.
  • If you can not find the mycelium - the source of mold, then destroy all traces of the appearance of mold on the surface.
  • Grout in the joints between the tiles should be scraped off the affected areas.
Working in a respirator

Preventive measures

destroy the fungus - is not easy. To avoid all the burdens associated with the emergence of this unpleasant roommate, you need to take preventive measures that will protect the bathroom from the defeat of the fungus:

  • maintain optimum humidity in the room.Do not stint on quality towel warmer, which will dry the air in the bathroom;
  • ventilate the room.You can install an exhaust fan for good air circulation.After a hot bath or shower for a short time opens the door to the bathroom, to evaporate excess moisture;
  • if you do the repair, then treat the walls of a specialized anti-fungal solution prior to tile laying;
  • follow state plumbing.Any leakage can lead to accumulation of fluid on the surface of the tile, which leads to the formation of fungus;
  • change tubes if they have a constant perspiration;
  • carefully treat the sealant places most frequent moisture.Typically, the joints are processed;
  • do not dry in the bathroom linen and clothes, if only in minimal quantities;
  • do not let water stagnate in cups or other containers;
  • Seal all cracks in the walls.
Additional ventilation in the door
Heated towel rack in bathroom
Steaming joints