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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to eliminate the blockage in the bath and the sink at home , improvised and chemicals

  • reasons blockages
  • Plunger - an easy way to eliminate clogging
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning the siphon
  • cable for sewer cleaning
  • Prevention
    • Means for prevention
    • How to determine the cause of

Sewer blockage (most common - blockage in the bathroom) is accompanied by the termination of water discharge and, as a result, flooding.

Slow draining through the hole shows that there was a blockage.It is necessary to quickly eliminate this nuisance, since the use of such a bath is not very hygienic.Also no need to wait that the blockage after itself disappears time.

Clogged sink

not taking action to remove the obstruction and further exploiting the bath, you can only worsen the situation.Eliminate the problem in the future will have more difficult.

Basically, clogging can cope with not only an expert, it can be removed on their own.You should know that cleaning of blockages in the bathroom is more difficult than the removal of blockage in the sink, as in the bathroom there is an additional hatch fo

r water drainage.

Usually education clogging is a consequence of improper sewage system operation, although it is very difficult to monitor everything that enters the drain.

reasons blockages

source of blockages often are:

  • pellets from the clothes,
  • hair,
  • pet dander,
  • debris.

From these elements formed the blockage - someone in the pipe, which does not allow water to easily flow through it.

Sources of obstruction

Plunger - an easy way to eliminate clogging

Plunger is the simplest tool that can eliminate the blockage.Use plunger is possible not only to eliminate the blockage, but also for prevention.It is proved that periodic use of plunger ensures less frequent formation of blockages.

Procedure for removing the obstruction:

  1. necessary to put the plunger so that the rubber base closed the drain hole.
  2. Pre-bath must be filled with water, because the water spray will help push the litter, in this case the water will be more efficient than air.
  3. moving the handle up and down, do a couple of strokes tool that air could pass in the sink and push a lump much further.Next, water is necessary to wash away debris.
Using a plunger .

Since the bathroom has an additional hatch for water flow, in the case of transfusion of water over the edge of the opening in the air leak.Then the plunger would be useless, since his work is needed vacuum.To simplify things, you can block the second plunger more small-sized second hole to drain.Rag in this case does not help, because it is perfectly breathable.


The use of different chemicals is another way to eliminate clogging.This method is used for a long time, and today there are improved formulations that are easy to buy.If you pick up household chemical bath, the best choice would be a tool that has the ability to dissolve the hair.For kitchen suitable means, which should dissolve grease.

Chemical means for pipe

actions in removing obstruction of household chemistry:

  1. is necessary to choose the right tool, it does not matter, it is a powdery or liquid.
  2. It is necessary to read the instructions for use and to determine whether the vehicle is suitable for pipes installed you.
  3. On the instructions on the package should pour or fill tool in the sink.In the application of powder necessary to drain pour boiling water.
  4. For best action means you need to wait a specified amount of time on the instructions.
  5. Next you need to turn on the hot water and thus wash pipe, removing debris remnants.

Cleaning the siphon

Usually before removing blockages need to clean the siphon.It also eliminates the unpleasant odor that occurs due to precipitation on the walls of the siphon.Such cleaning is suitable for the prophylaxis and pipes.

If it is carried out once a month, you are not afraid of blockages.

Stages cleaning siphon:

  • need to put a siphon material bibulous;
  • on the material to set a basin that will not spill the dirty water on the floor;
  • further unscrew the bolt nut and remove the flask;
  • liquid, which creates a water seal, will flow into the basin;
  • siphon must be cleaned, to remove all dirty, had time to linger, to remove the plaque that is present on the walls;
  • gather design, the bulb of the siphon must not balk at the outlet drain for the safety of the water trap;
  • open the tap and fill the water lock with water - a check on the tightness of all connections.
elimination of clogging in the trap
Cleaning the siphon
Collection trap

cable for sewer cleaning

also cables are used to remove blockages.Sanitary cable looks thick twisted wire, which is wound into a helix.To ensure the cable at the end of the torsion device is a pen with a plastic or wooden head.This tool is suitable for the elimination of blockages in the bathroom, or rather in metal pipes.

Regulations to remove the blockage rope:

  • set the end of the cable into the sink or in the outlet pipe;
  • carry out this action is better not alone, the first person turning the handle and rope twisted around its axis, and his assistant, guiding the cable, pushing it forward;
  • spinning wire can easily overcome all the turns of the tube.Also during this operation wire screwed into the blockage, thereby destroying it;
  • after that, as the blockage is removed, the voltage drops, so it is necessary to perform several movements rope back and forth;
  • further need to get a rope and wash;
  • if a positive result is not observed, then repeat the procedure again.
Cleaning the drain rope

Before you begin, you need to pay attention to the tension of the cable.If it is not tight, it may curl and become damaged.


From the above it can be concluded that the blockage in the bathroom can be removed by hand.But it's much more efficient to take preventive measures against blockages.Performing simple preventative measures to warn the blockage, and bath remain clean and ready to use.

Means for prevention

  1. nets, which are installed in the sink and do not give to get copy (hair, wool, dirt) into it.
  2. Household tools that are used to clean the pipes.
  3. Plunger as a tool for prevention.
Grids for drain

How to determine the cause of

Causes of obstruction may be different.First, you need to make sure it really a nuisance to most, which originated in the bathroom, just obstruction.

If one day prior to the problem of water withdrawal took place normally, and after some actions, such as cleaning or washing animals mat water stopped running away quickly, you can be sure that it really is clogged.

If the water flow in the past was not fast, then you need to call the expert and ask him to check the height of the first finding of plum.All responsibility for the contents of the bath clogs pipes clean bears householder.

If you are not confident in their abilities, or your attempts to eliminate the blockage were unsuccessful, you need to take the help of a specialist, so as not to exacerbate the problem.In addition, it is unlikely that you have all the necessary tools to remove the blockage.Specialists easily perform the work required to remove the obstruction, especially considering all the pipes.Of course, the call worker will entail additional costs, but provides high quality cleaning pipes and encourage better care of the pipes.

consequences of clogging is not the most pleasant, it could be a plumbing failure, flooding neighbors and even break the inner tubes that can leave the house without water.It is therefore necessary to remove immediately and professionally and to prevent blockages.