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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair kit for acrylic bathtubs from scratches, chips , holes , stains , polishing , instruction manual

Repair kit for acrylic baths
  • Types
    • from scratches and uneven surfaces
    • From chipping
    • From holes
    • stain
    • For polishing
  • Instructions for use

These days acrylicbaths are in high demand.Such bathroom often replace the old cast iron or steel sanitary ware, because of acrylic products many advantages. These include not only the ease of use and variety of forms, but also to quickly and easily repair it cover in case of stains, cracks, chips and other damage.

for self-repair of acrylic baths using special repair kits. On sale you can see a few of these kits to repair other than its intended purpose.Some of them are generic and can be applied to any surface damage acrylic bathtubs, and other more specialized only suitable for a certain type of processing.

Repair kit for acrylic baths
Repair kit for acrylic baths
Repair kit for acrylic baths


from scratches and uneven surfaces

kit to help get rid of the formed on the bath surface scratches or rough partspecial polishing paste (usually provided with liquid acrylic and hardener) and with different sandpaper grit.

Repair kit for acrylic baths

Some kits of this type include special adhesive, based on epoxy resin.

Repair kit for acrylic baths

From chipping

  • Less than 1 mm. To eliminate such cracks using an epoxy adhesive. also Repair Kit should be sandpaper applicator for applying glue and polish.
  • more than 1 mm. Such chips helps to eliminate the special repair tape. In addition, the repair kit includes a reductant against cracks acrylic, sandpaper and polishing paste.
Scola acrylic bath before renovation
Scola acrylic baths renovated
Repair of acrylic baths cleavage

From holes

to seal the through hole formed in the acrylic bathtubs, used reinforcement kit. In its structure there is sandpaper, special resin with hardener, reinforcing material (glass mat), repair tape, glue and polish.

Repair of acrylic baths

performed using detergents (often enough to use the shower gel, liquid dishwashing or liquid soap), but the toothpaste is used for more stubborn dirt from spots

Money from the usual spots, specialpolishing or a liquid acrylic.

Acrylic bath before and after repair

If the stains are scum, they are easy to remove using vinegar (it is necessary to warm up) or lemon juice.

Repair of acrylic baths

For polishing

This Kit is the easiest and includes sandpaper, wax and manual processing of acrylic surface.This kit helps to eliminate roughness and yellow spots, restoring the bath acrylic attractive.

Repair kit for acrylic baths

Instructions for use

To remove scratches:

  • Perform sweep scratched areas using sandpaper.
  • After processing paper medium grain smooth out the surface again using fine.
  • Put into place a polishing paste, and finally polish the bath section.
Repair kit for acrylic baths

To remove chips and cracks:

  • Strip itself is damaged and the area around it with sandpaper.
  • Make recesses at the ends of the crack to 1 millimeter drill (this will prevent more cracking).
  • washing the bare places with warm soapy water and dry them with a hair dryer, apply the epoxy adhesive and leave it to dry completely.
  • Sand treated area.
  • If the crack is large, instead of glue to repair the injury, attach the ribbon, and then flatten it thoroughly to remove air bubbles.The treated tape leave a dry bath for three hours.
The inlet acrylic bath restoration

To remove stains:

  • Apply cleaner evenly on the acrylic surface.
  • After five or ten minutes, wipe with a sponge and rinse.
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure again.
  • You can also dial into the tub with warm water, dissolve it cleaner, but after some time to drain the water and rinse thoroughly with bath.
  • If the stains are removed with liquid acrylic material thus treated surface should be wipe with a special paste.
Means for the care of acrylic baths

To eliminate holes:

  • drill to a depth of 2-3 mm several recesses at the edges of the through hole.
  • Sand the damaged area with sandpaper, then degrease with alcohol.
  • From the outside, cover the hole of the repair tape.
  • Apply resin mixed according to the instructions in the Repair Kit.
  • On top lay a reinforcing material and press into the resin.
  • Put another layer of resin to fully impregnate the reinforcing material.
  • Leave to harden for the period specified in the instructions.
  • Clean the treated area for a smooth paper with medium and then a fine grit.
  • process all the alcohol, apply wax and thoroughly clean the hole closed up flannel.
  • If you do not have a white bath, color treated area using an airbrush, and after complete drying again polish bath.
Repair kit for acrylic baths
Repair kit for acrylic baths
Repair kit for acrylic baths

Mikhail Klimov The video can be viewed as their own to restore acrylic bathtub.