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August 12, 2017 18:06

Folding bath Baby : Folding bath Babyton, Baby Aquarium, Flexi Bath and Froebel

Foldable tray for newborn
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Health - a very important aspect, especially when it comes to newborn.Many manufacturers produce special trays to allow safe and comfortable bathing babies.It was during water procedures child can relax and unwind, as well as developing the vestibular apparatus. To save space in the bathroom the optimal solution is a folding tray. In the unfolded form, it has all the necessary parameters for easy placement baby while bathing.

Foldable tray for baby

to baths requirements

distinctive feature of the bath is a special folding mechanism that allows it to fold after use.This bath is very popular among those parents, who live in small apartments. Folding bath has many useful features: handles for easy transport, special mat for reliable fixation, as well as plums.

Foldable tray for baby

Bath for bathing the infant must always be secure.Also, if you choose this subject shou

ld follow a few rules:

  • bottom of the bath should have anti-slip coating.
  • The product is easy to clean and meet all hygiene requirements.
  • Folding bath must have a reliable fastening.
  • Bath must be safe, so the presence of sharp details within is strictly prohibited.
  • Availability drain holes help facilitate the deflating of water.
  • Tray for a newborn should have special grooves and slides for easy baby.
Foldable tray for newborn

When buying bath should familiarize themselves with the rules of its use, as well as to ask the seller about the warranty.

Foldable tray for newborn


  • Convenience and comfort while bathing.
  • compact when folded.
  • Foot Bath can be used from birth to 4 years.
  • Anti-slip bottom to prevent injuries.
  • Bath is made from materials without harmful substances.
  • convenience in transportation.Foot can take with you on vacation or to the country.
Folding bath bathing feet
Folding bath bathing feet


  • high price compared with other types of baths.But each manufacturer uses its pricing policy, so that you can choose the option folding trays, depending on income.
  • not very comfortable to bathe the child folding bath, placed in a walk-in shower with borders.Parents no place inside dushkabinki.
Tray for bathing a newborn folded
Tray for bathing the infant in the unfolded form

Safety instructions baths FlexiBath

  • When you drain the water from the bath, while its drain hole must necessarily be above the water drain hole.
  • Do not bend over the bath rim during bathing, bath may spread, leading to injury.
  • child should not stand in the bathroom, because you can fall due to slippery floor.
  • is strictly forbidden to place the tray on any hot surface.
  • can not heat the water in the bath, for this is to use a proper container.
  • not install the bath on a table or stand while bathing the child.
  • necessary to avoid direct sunlight on the tray.
  • cold adversely affect the storage pool.
  • should be careful with the closing mechanism in order to avoid scratches on the skin.
  • is recommended to fill the tub only 2/3, as well as to drain water drain use only.If you pour water through a side, it is possible to damage it.
  • closing mechanism can not be used to lift the pan.
  • trays can be transported only when folded and is in addition to secure the reliability of its harness or rope.
  • , that it will not only damage the special features can be used to clean the bath.
  • You can not change the design of the bath.It is forbidden to drill, cut, or tighten the screws.

child should always be under the supervision of a parent, when takes bath.

Folding bath Flexi Bath
Folding bath Flexi Bath
Folding bath Flexi Bath

For prolonged storage trays folded, its shape may change slightly.But just a few bathing tub acquires its original form.

Folding bath - it's convenient for parents and safe for the child, if the safety instructions.In the video below you can see how to use the tub for bathing newborns FlexiBath.


Many parents stop to purchase folding trays for the newborn.They are satisfied with this choice, because the child's bathing process is easy, and the baby are safe.Momma say that the child can bathe even with one hand.After bathing, the tub can be placed under the bath or sink, because in a closed form, it is only a few centimeters wide.

Parents pay attention to the drain.Some models have a tight stopper, so first you need to adapt quickly to open and close it.

Some models have folding trays, inflatable bed or to "Slide."Parents try to buy a model with different functions to facilitate the bathing process.Folding bath although are expensive, but worth it.The main thing is that the kids are safe and enjoying a swim.

folding tray often buy for travel, because it is easy to take with you on the train or the car.Even in the country of your baby can enjoy a comfortable swim.

Folding bath bathing FlexiBath

Reviews popular models


This model is designed for bathing of the child from birth to one year.The special shape of the baby will be able to take a comfortable position. distinctive feature is compact when folded. Just one movement and the bath is ready for use.

Babyton Tray Baby Folded
Babyton Tray for newborns in the unfolded form

Tray Babyton has a flat bottom, drain the water, reliable retention mechanism when folded.It can not just put in any convenient place for you, but also hang on the wall, if desired.This bath is designed for baby up to 15 kg.In the unfolded form, it has dimensions 81h46,6h22,5 cm and assembled -. 81h46,6h6,2 see

Folding bath Babyton stands on four legs with non-slip coating.For the convenience of parents have two recesses, into which you can put soap or sponge.Plug-drain and performs additional water temperature display function.So, if the water is safe for swimming, the tube will be blue.If the water temperature exceeds the allowable temperature for bathing, then plug becomes white.This model can be purchased for 1500 rubles.

Foldable tray for newborn Babyton

Baby's Aquarium

Tray from the German manufacturer Baby's Aquarium is designed for easy bathing baby from birth up to two years. It is suitable for use even in confined conditions. Tray weighs just half a kilogram, so it can be taken along for the ride.A convenient folding mechanism allows you to quickly add up the tub.

Folding bath Newborn Baby
Folding bath Newborn Baby

For extra comfort, the manufacturer offers a soft inflatable tab, which is fixed on the edges of the pan.It is also possible to independently adjust the angle of the backrest.This tray can be purchased from 3500 to 4000 rubles.

Folding bath Newborn Baby

Flexi Bath

This model can be used for bathing children from birth up to four years. It is made of plastic, which does not contain harmful substances. manufacturer has created an optimal balance between the size and the bath material, so it will be a long time to maintain the water temperature.When filled with water, it becomes a little bit more.

Tray Flexi Bath Baby
Tray Flexi Bath Baby
Tray Flexi Bath Baby
Tray Flexi Bath Baby
Tray Flexi Bath Baby
Tray Flexi Bath Baby

dimensions of this model is 66,5h38,9h23,8 cm.

The size of the bath Flexi Bath Baby

for bathing newborns is a special slide, which securely captures a side of the bath.This model has a weight of only 1.3 kg, so it can take with you on vacation.Total of 2,500 rubles you can give your child maximum comfort when bathing.

Foldable tray for newborn Flexi Bath


Chinese manufacturer of products for children Froebel offers folding bath length of 85 cm. It is designed specifically for bathing newborns due to the ideal form.

bottom of the bath has anti-slip properties.Four folding legs are responsible for reliable fixation products during operation.With convenient folding mechanism, the baby can enjoy water activities outside the home.

Tray Froebel made of non-toxic plastic and has a weight of 3 kg.The average price of the tub is 2800 rubles.

Foldable tray for newborn Froebel
Foldable tray for newborn Froebel