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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stainless Steel Baths Bathroom : types, sizes and selection

Bath Stainless Steel Bathroom
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  • How to get rid of the bugs?
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steel baths have long been a familiar attribute of our apartments.This is the choice of those who decided to abandon the cast iron tubs because of their heavy weight and those for whom the acrylic bathtub - it is expensive.Steel baths are popular due to its light weight and low cost.True, this applies for the most part only the enamelled steel bath.Few people know that there is also such a variety of sanitary equipment such as stainless steel bath.

Stainless steel bath
Oval stainless steel bath

Previously, stainless steel produced mainly for washing dishes.They have excellent performance, so from this material did not give up, even with the advent of new, more modern counterparts.Not so long ago on the wound plumbing began to appear and other instruments made of stainless steel.Today we tell about this, still a rare phenomenon, as the stainless steel tub.

Bath Stainless Steel Bathroom


  • Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materia
    ls, so the equipment is made of stainless steel are widely used in medical institutions and food service establishments.
  • enamelled rather quickly lose its original appearance as it cracks and chips.Stainless steel bath tolerates mechanical impact, so (assuming regular cleaning), it will look like new for many years.
  • very easy to care for stainless steel baths, as they do not corrode.To care for a bath even the strongest cleaning agents can be used that contain harsh chemicals - as a result of the surface is scratched and will not change color.
Baths , stainless steel bath
Bath Stainless Steel Bath
Design a bathroom with bath , stainless steel


  • stainless steel bath - it is quite "exotic" plumbing fixtures.And if you set out to buy something like that, it is not easy to find it on sale.
  • Since the bath of stainless steel - a scarce commodity, and the price he has appropriate.Today, such a bath will cost you more than the similar product of enamelled steel, cast iron or acrylic.
  • stainless steel, as well as enamel, has a high thermal conductivity.It heats up very quickly, but just as quickly cools.
  • products from any steel characterized by an almost complete lack of sound insulation.Therefore, steel baths are a constant cause of dissatisfaction with the neighbors - the sound of running water can be so loud that penetrates through several floors.This minus does not apply to all models, modern luxury and luxury baths have zvukopoglaschayuschy layer inside and not have this drawback.
stainless steel bath tub in the Japanese style

How to get rid of the bugs?

If dignity baths, stainless steel does not outweigh the disadvantages for you, you will be useful to get acquainted with the folk ways "modernization" of inexpensive steel baths:

  • provides additional heat and sound insulation. These disadvantages will be the easiest to win.We need a single spray foam and rubber gloves.Overturn prepared to install a bath upside down, put on rubber gloves and cover the whole surface of the bath even, thick foam layer.We wait until dry composition and install the font into place.
  • increases the reliability of the design. Quite often, owners of baths made of stainless steel have complained that it is a bit unstable because of the light weight of the device.In this case, to refuse the installation of legs and mounted on the bath brick base, for greater reliability hook attaching it to the wall.
steel bath Noise
steel bath Noise
Steel bath on a wooden base


Classification baths, stainless steel is quite extensive: they differ in purpose, form, size, thickness of the sheet, the type,capacity, manufacturer, presence / absence of additional features and equipment.


  • Industrial baths - are those that are used in manufacturing, such as food, chemical, etc.
  • Household bath - it's sanitary devices for receiving hygiene.

Bathtubs stainless steel can be divided into two types, depending on, in order, in what position is the person taking a bath.Sitz baths are especially designed and intended for carrying out medical procedures.Recumbent the bath is usually used for domestic purposes or just for relaxation.

Beautiful bath stainless steel bath


Steel baths are made from a single sheet of stainless steel by stamping.Production Features not allow to make the font does have unusual shapes, such as triangular, but a whole range of baths made of stainless steel is large enough.

unchanged popular standard model in the form of oval and rectangle.These baths are considered universal, since they can find a place in any room, regardless of its size and layout.

holders spacious bathrooms are sure to enjoy the larger models, for example, corner bath in the form of a sector of a circle or bath asymmetrical shape.

Corner bath , stainless steel bath
Rectangular bathtub in stainless steel bath
Oval bath stainless steel bath
Corner bath , stainless steel bath


Choice baths sizes of stainless steel is also very diverse.The minimum length of the product made of stainless steel is 100 cm, the maximum -. 215 cm The narrowest bath, which we found by studying the range of online shops selling sanitary equipment, has a width of 65 cm and the widest - 81 cm

The most popular are considered.. models of stainless steel in length from 170 to 180 cm and a width of 70 to 80 cm It is these options allow you to comfortably bath a person with any dimensions - not only just to wash, but also to be happy to soak in warm water and scented foam.

Steel stainless steel rectangular bath

Tips for Choosing

  • It is best to buy a tub of stainless steel directly in the store, because only there you will be able to see firsthand the quality and reliability of the selected product.
  • When purchasing be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the steel sheet: it shall not be less than 0.3 cm, and even better if the product will have a thickness of 0.4 cm or more.
  • To ensure that the bath of stainless steel is not deformed during the operation, make a test right in the store.Climb to the selected model and check to see if it deflects from the bottom under the weight of your body?It is better if "try on" bath is the largest member of your family.
Rectangular bathtub in stainless steel bath
Bathroom with sink , tub and toilet bowl stainless steel
Rectangular bathtub in stainless steel bath

Notice and stainless steel sinks: in tandem with a bath, they effectively complement your interior.

Sink stainless steel bath


Bath from stainless steel rather unpretentious care, but still, it requires a great deal of attention than a similar product made from structural steel.Stainless steel is not afraid of mechanical damage and corrosion, but it is often formed on the lime, and font surface fades with time.

To avoid these problems, you need time to get rid of traces of water stains.After each use, the bath should be wiped dry with a clean, soft cloth, and once a week to clean it with a special cleaner for stainless steel products.

Stainless steel bath
Bath Stainless Steel Woman
Round tub made ​​of stainless steel bathroom
Bath made ​​of stainless steel in the interior of the bathroom