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August 12, 2017 18:06

How many liters of bath : standard sizes , 170 and 150 cm .

How many liters of water in the bath ?
  • What data are needed to calculate?
  • Formula
  • How to calculate the amount of non-standard bath?
  • average water consumption
  • How to reduce water consumption?

Take baths in ancient times was a luxury and a lot of rich nobles, the common people were content with water features and bath.Today, water is almost everywhere, no longer need to heat the water to take a bath but is still considered expensive and costly affair.

worth investigating, bath - chic or hygienic necessity?So there are great costs and whether the volume of the bath affects them?

What data are needed to calculate?

If the manufacturer does not indicate in the passport of the product capacity (and usually write the volume to overflow), or a document has been lost, and you think the value for the one that is in your house, it is possible to independently calculate the volume of the bath.

To do this you need to know the length and width of the bowl, its depth.And keep in mind that 1 liter is 1 dm, or 1000 cm³ or 0,001m³.

Calculation of the volume of water in the bath


volume of the standard and not-so capacity can be measured like Archimedes, or use mathematical formulas.The last result will approximate as exact measurements go to integral calculus. ordinary person to lose interest in the subject, if you do not use the simplified formula:

V = H * L * S , where

V - the required amount,

H - the height or depth of the bowl,

L - lengthbath,

S - width of the bowl (distance between flanges).

Bath - how to measure it correctly

Calculation of spherical models reminiscent about the number π (about 3.14), because you first need to calculate the area of ​​a semicircle, and then multiplied by the length or depth (depending upon the particular form)then the formula can be changed:

V = π H * L * S.

Bath spherical ( round ) shape

For example, for a standard bath length 170 cm, depth 50 cm, width 70 cm, the calculation would be: V = 170 * 50 * 70 = 595 000 cc = 595 liters.

This volume of water means full capacity for geometrically regular parallelogram-bath, in fact people are using about half of the bath, taking into account its own dive and need to "subtract" rounding skirting and narrowing to the bottom of the bath.

Table of standard values ​​(standard size tubs and the number of liters in the form of a table).

We must be grateful to visionary metrologists who have created a volume table for standard cast iron bathtubs:

№, paragraphs

bath Length (outer) mm

bath lengthinside mm

cup depth mm

volume, l (dm) for a width of 650 mm

volume, l (dm) for a width of 700 mm

volume, l (dm) for the width 750mm





Up to 95







to 117







to 144














Up to 170







to 182



Cast iron baths are found inmodifications 1-2 m, a width of 65-75 cm, most running models of 150-170 cm long, 70-75 cm wide. recently, a demand for the model 180 * 80, for the comfort of new buildings, their volume of 195 liters.Most models of width 65 and 70 cm wide skirting differ only in their volume almost the same, so the table contains such values.Size 100cm * 75cm actually occurs.

Mixer enabled water - Water consumption for a bath

Requested sizes found in many materials (steel, acrylic), their volume may differ from the shape of greater depth.For most calculations these values ​​are sufficient.

How to calculate the amount of non-standard bath?

Custom bath diverse: This includes children's bath volume of 20-40 liters, as well as multi-seat model with hydromassage.Since the latter are often made to order, their capacity must be indicated in the documents.Popular corner model with side 1,5-1,8m and depth up to 65cm can hold up to 400 l of water.Volume exclusive baths can reach 900-1100 liters, overall calculation can also be carried out according to the formula.

Custom shaped bathtub - the volume of water for her
The volume of water to the bath in the form of irregularly shaped square

average water consumption

in the housing sector is considered to be that one person daily consumes up to 300 liters of water.Where does this figure?

Approximately 40 l can "escape" during washing, half - 20 liters used for kitchen and cooking needs, 30l - washing, -shower 70, 140 - receiving bath, 15 liters - faulty plumbing.Since the washing tub are not every day, then the output of 305 liters for the Soviet era standards, and this figure has long no one checked or investigated.However, srednestaticheskogo family of 3-4 persons consumes about 20 cubic meters, which is approximately 170l per person per day.

Consumption of water in the bathroom

There are exceptions to the rule: take a bath can be different.Europeans do not lower the water from the tank and bathed in it in turn.Spoiled Russians hygiene are completely different.Standard bathing "eats" up to 150 liters, after it usually take a shower (50 liters).Spa treatments in the bathroom will cost 180 liters (a further 120 liters of pre-washing and 50 liters per rinse).

The amount of water spent in the bathroom procedures

a word, depressing calculations.

How to reduce water consumption?

Many families were able to save considerably by switching to pay by meter readings.Wash the Europeans - the questionable economy, although many mothers and young children wash: collect water and start the band of 2-3 brats.So you can safely wash the kids to 5-6 years: children fun, mum saves water and time.

There are other ways that are useful to all:

  • Rychagova introduction of mechanisms that capture the "favorite" position to maintain optimal water temperature.Shower
  • itself advantageous baths, however, can make it economical.To do this, stand for 1 minute under the pressure of the water and get wet.Turning off the water, a good namylitsya, and then get back under the stream to wash off the foam and dirt.
  • Similarly, you can wash and brush your teeth.Some dentists even take the view that it is useful for these procedures to use boiled water, not running.Glass liquid dentifrice is enough.
  • successful variant shower heads allow you to use the necessary pressure and water volume.They will save about 20% of fluid intake for each soul.
  • Dear sensory models of cranes and attachments also save water because it will only flow when the sensor is triggered.
Shower head to save water in the bathroom
The sensor head on the faucet to save water in the bathroom

vodoberezhlivye Many devices are expensive because manufacturers embody the idea of ​​nature conservation.Average water consumption in the home is reduced by at least 30%. quite logical recommendations can be supplemented with another wise advice: if you want to save on the water - will repair the faulty plumbing!