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August 12, 2017 18:06

Colour Tub: colors and materials : yellow , purple , black , green , gray

Color bath
  • Popular colors and their effect on human
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • Materials
    • Acrylic
    • Steel
    • Cast

When you create an interior bathroom a major part of it occupies itself directly tub and sink.That is why it is very important to choose and combine these two components, because they have the primary meaning in the interior.White cast iron bath, familiar to everyone, today brings a smile and an easy nostalgia.In place of monotony comes a real hit of the season - the color bath.It will not only add "flavor" to the interior, but it will help set the mood and the general tone of the whole design idea.

Color bath

If you are a designer himself and not trust the opinions of others, but have not yet had time to make a final decision, then this article will help you make the final choice.Do not blindly choose the first available color bath.Do not forget that each color is certain subconscious association.Different colors in its impact on our mood, h

ealth and physiological processes within the body.In science, there is such a thing as color therapy or treatment of color.And as the bath is chosen for many years, it makes sense to thoroughly engage in the selection of its color, and the material from which your bathroom will be made.

Color bath

Popular colors and their effect on human


Yellow bath will be the subject of universal admiration, and, of course, like every member of your family.This radiant warmer color all the time to be reminded of the summer and cheerful days.Yellow bath will set the overall positive mood around the room the room, and cold overcast morning will wake up.After selecting the appropriate accessories, you will notice as a bathroom "sparkle" with new colors.With yellow bath blends purple.Purple shell decorate the interior and the towels are the same color will support the overall concept.

Yellow bath
Bath yellow


If your choice fell on a purple bath, then you're a fan of all the mystical and obscure.In such a bath is easy to dream, to dream and to relax.The special properties of purple - enchant and customize him looking at a man on a dreamy mood.

violet bath


Lack of vital energy are well compensated in red.Red bath never go unnoticed and become the center of attraction in the room.Red stimulates the physiological processes of the body, as it excites him.Red Tub will go well with green accessories.These two colors cancel each other.Classics of the genre - a combination of red and white and black, will set the mood around the laconic modern interior.This black can be herself a bath.More red bath we discussed in another article.

Red tub
Bath red
Red bath


This monochrome color is perfect for a bachelor bathroom.Black bath causes feelings of wealth, luxury and elegance.But do not forget that the choice of colors tell your family and friends that you are the person that hides his inner world.

Bath black
Black bath


Grey conservative bath suitable for people who are accustomed to for a clear routine and self-organization.This neutral color should not be used if your house is small children.There are many other interesting colors that help to develop children's imagination.For example, yellow, purple or orange.

Grey bath


Some people are vital to draw energy from the outside.It is for these people, manufacturers have created an orange bath.Having beaten her in the interior of the bathroom, you will experience a charge of vivacity and good mood, at whatever time of day you are there.More orange helps fight neuroses and phobias.This bright, juicy color exactly like children.

Bath orange
Orange bath


Those who are pleasing green color can safely go into this choice.It is believed that the green color in some way has antiseptic properties, it helps to deal with the common cold and SARS.These color characteristics are well suited for the bathroom.The main thing is not to be confused with the green hue marsh color, or your bathroom is to plunge into the "green angst".The most optimum choice - the color "green apple" or "young green".

Green bath
Bath green


Brown bath suitable for those people who like the feeling of security and tranquility.People who are prone to anxiety and excessive excitement and can safely stay at this color.Taking hygiene in the bathroom brown, you can find harmony with oneself and the world, and immerse yourself in complete relaxation.

Brown bath
Bath brown
Bath brown


Another color that has similar characteristics - it is blue.Bath blue is able to set a calm and even tone of family relationships, because blue is the color fidelity.

Blue bath

defined with the selection of colors, proceed to the study of suitable materials of construction for the modern bath.


Manufacturers are now offering the choice of cast iron, acrylic and steel baths.They all have a similar characteristic, and a number of distinctive features.


Acrylic - Plastic material.In recent years, its popularity is gaining momentum thanks to this quality.All variety of geometric shapes of acrylic baths is difficult to convey, from simple round, square and rectangular, angular and multi-faceted to indefinite shapes and sizes.Each of the bathrooms is complemented with pleasant "bonus": armrests, headrest, niches of different sizes and other necessary minutiae.

Acrylic color bath
Coloured Acrylic Tub


steel bath can also be colored.This is achieved by the dye additives in the coating of its enamel.If acrylic bathtub you think is not quite reliable and durable, choose steel.It fits well even in the small space of a bathroom.

Colored bath of steel


cast iron bath is still at the peak of popularity.She is in demand because of such qualities as wear resistance and durability.Today there is an opportunity to buy a cast iron bath with a special artistic painting, which is the only one of its kind.These baths are performed by individual order.

Cast iron colored bath
Color bath of cast iron

On Whatever you stopped your choice, do not forget that you always have the opportunity to transform the bathroom into a popular place for all households!

Color bath