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August 12, 2017 18:06

Triangular bath : size, shape and features of the bowl , with the angular difference

Triangular bath
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Triangular bath is often confused with a corner.In fact, the difference between these models is quite significant.Angle called bath of any shape having a right angle, which allows you to install it in a place of convergence of the two walls.These baths are often irregular, asymmetric shape.Triangular bath is an isosceles triangle, that is, a shape whose two sides are of equal length.Triangular bath can be installed easily in a corner space along one wall, or placed in a bathroom facility.

Bath in the form of a triangle

Although that large baths of various forms are no longer perceived as a kind of exotic, triangular bath is not gained a strong position in the Russian market.Such an unusual plumbing fixtures are new to our buyer.The purpose of this article - fix this and tell about the features of the triangular bath, and about what the rules should be followed in selecting and installing the "triangle."

Triangular bath


  • Since triangular tub, installed in an apartment rather than in a hotel room or in the spa-center is still a rarity, it is sure to become the highlight of your interior.Triangular bath - it is still fresh and original solution so if you love to surprise, look at it in this model.
  • As mentioned above, a triangular tub allows multiple mounting options, so afford such plumbing fixtures are not only the owners of the huge, spacious bathrooms.For example, in small rooms is better to choose the corner placement option - it will save a little space.
Advantages triangular bath
Benefits triangular bath


  • Despite that the triangular bath can take up less space than a large bath round or square shape, it is still considered a large object,so cramped bathrooms, which are available in the apartments a standard layout, such a bath, most likely, will not fit.
  • As with any other major plumbing fixtures, triangular bath is quite difficult to clean.This often has to get into the Hot legs and carry out all maintenance work inside.
Disadvantages triangular bath


Triangular bath belong to the elite plumbing, so only the highest quality materials are used for their manufacture.They are divided into two categories: synthetic and natural.

synthetic materials include acrylics and Kwara. Acrylic sanitary ware is most popular. It is characterized by a good ability to retain heat, excellent sound insulation, easy to care for.Acrylic coating does not cause allergies, it is pleasant to the touch, non-slip surface.In addition, a bath of acrylic look just fine, they are a long time remain a shining white color and smooth texture of the coating.

Kwara - a modern The material that is based on acrylic with the addition of quartz. Baths from Quara have the same good performance as the acrylic, but have greater strength and durability.

Acrylic rectangular bath

The natural materials that serve as raw material for the manufacture of sanitary ware, are stone and wood. Marble bath - is the choice of these aesthetes. They look great and are able to transform the interior by their presence.But it is worth a bath of natural marble is quite a lot, so many prefer to be satisfied with fixtures made of artificial marble, which is also called injection.

Triangular bath of natural stone

Baths of precious wood - too fun not cheap, so they exist in single copies. Wooden triangular bath almost impossible to find in stores, as they are usually made to order.

Wooden triangular bath


triangular bath is good because it can be very interesting beat in the interior.Designer's imagination is not limited by anything except the room size - to triangular bath "began to play" space still must be large enough.

Incredibly beautiful look triangular bath, equipped with massive wooden or stone worktops.It is not only unusual, but also very practical solution, because you can put on the table towels, shampoos, candles or put a vase with flowers.

No less impressive it will look triangular tub of white acrylic glass with transparent inserts and illuminated water.

Design bathroom with triangular bathtub
Triangular bath and its design


most popular models of triangular bathrooms have standard dimensions of 125 by 125 cm depth of such a bath is usually 64 cm, and the volume -. 290 liters.Small triangular bath is not too different from usual: the length and width of the small triangular bath are in the range of 100 cm The largest model of the triangular baths, which are sold in shops plumbing, have the following parameters:. Length - 180 cm, width - 180 cm,depth - 78 cm, capacity - 550 liters.

Dimensions triangular bath

bowl form

It is obvious that for the triangular bath characterized by the triangular shape of the bowl.True, the corners are rounded font anyway - this is done for reasons of comfort and aesthetics.Less common triangular bath with a cup of a round or oval shape, since such a decision substantially reduces the amount of fonts.Another option - a bowl of flower, each "petal" which is a kind of niche, or seat, designed for one person.Such models triangular baths often have the shape of a shamrock.

Triangular shape bath bowl
Triangular bath and its bowl shape


The main advantage of the triangular bath consists in the fact that there are no strict requirements of the installation for her.It looks equally well in the center and in the corner of the room.One thing to consider when you install bath in a triangular angle - the angle of convergence of the walls.To avoid large gaps it should be exactly 90 degrees.Therefore, if necessary, the walls will dub.

there and more original ways to install triangular bath, for example, mounting the podium in or directly on the floor.The task is quite difficult, but the effect is worth it.

Accommodation triangular bath
Location triangular bath
Placing the bath to form a triangle


  • Look for additional features triangular bath.Set options may vary, depending on the price and the product manufacturer.This can be a console management, lighting, built-in radio, panel hydromassage and aromatherapy, disinfection system, water level sensors, and temperature, etc.
  • If triangular bath set at center of the room, spray water from the shower can be wet or spoil something of the things.This problem can be overcome by installing a bath ledge transparent curtain.
Tips for Choosing a triangular bath
Recommendations for choosing a triangular bath