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August 12, 2017 18:06

Oval bath : size, shape and features of freestanding options

Oval bathtub
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first font appeared in ancient times, and they were quite far away from what is a modern bath.But the products of masters of the past and to this day remains for designers inspiration.The ancient baths were mostly oval.The smooth, rounded lines were considered a model of harmony and beauty.Today, standard bathtubs have a rectangular shape, but those who wish to diversify the design of the bathroom, access to a wide range of square, round and oval bath.In this article, we want to tell you about the features oval-shaped bathtub.Despite the fact that it is considered a classic interior accessory, this bath will look equally well in the bathroom, decorated in a modern or rustic style.

Oval bathtub


  • Oval bath - is a happy medium between the familiar rectangular font and private non-standard shapes (round, square, triangular), which are still considered something exotic.
  • oval bath takes up as much space as a large model in the form of a square or a circle.Therefore, it can be installed even in a relatively small bathroom.
  • Oval baths are presented in stores plumbing in a variety of choices.Baths differ not only in the manufacture of materials but also structural features and according to the method of installation.
Oval bathtub
Oval bath in the bathroom
Oval bathtub in the bathroom


  • Like all baths irregularly shaped, oval baths are significantly more expensive than conventional rectangular.However, the price also depends largely on the brand and the manufacture of the material, so to find an option that will fit into a small budget, it is still possible.
  • Despite the fact that the oval tub is not very large, for its installation place need a little more than is released after the dismantling of the rectangular baths.Therefore, before changing the old tub to a new, oval, again carefully make measurements.
oval bath Disadvantages



Cast iron oval bath now, oddly enough, in a fashion.This is due to the fact that the retro styles from the past and things have become very popular.Baths of cast iron for decades proven to us its reliability and durability.In addition, they are characterized by a high degree of sound and heat insulation.The main drawback cast iron plumbing - a very large weight and dimensions - also remained unchanged.

Cast iron oval bathtub


Steel baths - is the choice of those who can not afford the more expensive plumbing materials.In appearance steel oval tubs did not lose his peers, but his performance they are much worse.steel bath is slippery and fragile coating heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly.In addition, the process of filling a steel bath is accompanied by a loud sound of running water.

Steel oval bath


Acrylic - is a modern synthetic material that incorporates all the advantages of their natural counterparts.Acrylic as light and compressible as steel, and retains heat well and absorbs sound, both cast iron and looks as good as marble.The only drawback of such baths - the fragility of the acrylic coating.

Acrylic oval tub
Acrylic oval tub


Marble bath, probably the most expensive.More expensive are only oval bath of rare wood, manufactured to order.In wishing to purchase a marble bath has two options: a bath of natural marble or artificial (injection) stone.The latter option is much cheaper, but it looks pretty good.In addition, take care of the bath of artificial stone is much easier than real marble products.

Oval marble bath


Oval bath - is a truly versatile plumbing fixtures, which perfectly fit into any interior style - you need only select the correct model.For example, an oval tub with pavement will look harmoniously in the eastern interior of the copper-and into the bathroom, executed in minimalist Japanese-style suit concise oval font of white acrylic.

The oval bathtub , and it is suitable for bathroom design
The unusual design of the oval stone bath
Interior design of a bathroom with a bathtub oval

oval bathtub allows for various mounting options: if you want to focus all attention on the subject of the interior, put it in the middle of the room.Equally well this bath will look in a corner or against a wall bathroom.

It is best to look in the interior freestanding oval tub.

Design oval bath


Standard size range oval baths is about the same as that of the rectangular models.The most popular are the bath length 170 cm and 80 cm wide. The largest oval tub, which we found in the online store plumbing has a length of 240 cm and a width of 150 cm. The volume of such bath is 530 liters.Dimensions of the smallest oval bath: length 120 cm, width 70 cm On sale are oval bath designed for one and for two people..

oval bath Dimensions

bowl form

Bowls Oval baths mostly also have an oval shape, as any other configuration significantly reduces the capacity of the bath.However, large-sized models are some of the variety of forms of the font. So, the second most popular place is occupied by oval tub with a standard rectangular bowl. also occur irregularly shaped bowls, more or less close to the oval: with rounded edges and smooth lines.

Form oval bath bowl
The oval-shaped bowl and shape bowl


Oval bathtub is good because it can be installed anywhere in the bathroom.If the room is spacious enough, the bathroom would look great in the center (on the condition that all communications are carried out under the floor). For small bathrooms suitable angular model that will help to save space. only problem that occurs when you install an oval tub near the wall - it's docked with the font wall.In this case, there is inevitably a large gap.

Specialists in design and repair found an elegant and practical solution to this problem: the niche, which closely follows the contours of the bath.

Niche bath

bath installation methods may be different.Quite often, an oval bath set at fine leg.Cast models in the form of huge bowls are installed directly on the floor.A more time-consuming and financially costly mounting options - this oval tub on a podium or a floor built in in the font.

Accommodation oval tub in the bathroom
Accommodation oval tub in the bathroom
Location oval tubs


  • Those who have already bought an oval bath, note that a sanitary seal the device is very difficult.Oval bathtub is designed primarily for bathing and relaxation, not to wash in the shower.So if you're a fan of "fast" hygiene procedures, purchase complete with oval bathtub, and another shower.
  • check package oval bath before buying.Many manufacturers include a set of hot plate, handrails and headrest.If you buy a budget option, then on the additional equipment would have to take care of yourself.
  • If you're not strapped for cash, look to embedded oval baths, which are equipped with their own countertop.These baths are not only incredibly effective, but also very practical, because the worktop performs a function stand for hygiene items.
  • front panel oval bath allows to hide all the fittings and sanitary equipment for bathroom design and give a finished look.The panel should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of baths: style orientation, colors and manufacturing materials.
Tips for Choosing an oval bath
Recommendations for choosing an oval bath