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August 12, 2017 18:06

Round bath : large , choice of material , hydro , size

Round bathtub
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Materials
    • Acrylic
    • Iron
    • Steel
    • Marble chips
    • cast marble
    • Wood and glass
  • design features
  • Popular sizes
  • bowl form
  • Positioning
  • Tips

Contemporary elite plumbing are offering us a lot of unusual, bold and stylish design solutions bathroom.Only the bath presented in various incarnations - from futuristic designs to incredible boulders, takes us back to the distant past.However, the most beautiful, simple and harmonious at all times considered it round font.Whereas previously the owner of a bath could become the only truly rich man (as the basic material production was marble), the emergence of new synthetic materials around the bathtubs were put into mass production.Today, these baths have become available to the general consumer - if only the bathroom size allows to install bulky plumbing fixtures.

Round bath in a small bathroom

In this article we will talk about how to choose a round bath, which parameters to consider when buying and how to find a suitable place in the bathroom for



  • Round bath priori can not be cramped and uncomfortable.That is why this option is suitable for larger people or for couples who want to spend a romantic evening together.
  • has a large volume, so it is sure to enjoy the children.After all, it is possible to freely frolic and splash around in this tiny pool!
  • This is not only a functional plumbing fixtures, but also incredibly beautiful piece of furniture.Her one is enough to transform the bathroom, creating a feeling of luxury.
  • Round bath belongs to the class of elite plumbing, so it has very good equipment and technical specifications.For example, the shape of the font takes into account the anatomical structure of the human body, allowing you to stay in the bath with the maximum comfort.The bottom has a bump, anti-slip coating, which simultaneously provides a massage effect.
round bath Benefits
Benefits round tubs


  • Round bath - it is always a challenge for interior designer, because search is not so simple a suitable place in the room for her.The optimum position for a bath - in the center of the room, but you need to re-do the layout of water and sewer pipes.So often we have to go to a variety of tricks, such as the construction of a sort of niche or the construction of the pedestal.
  • Round bath is very roomy.To fill their need several hundred liters of water.This not only takes a lot of time, but also significantly increases the monthly costs of water meters.
Disadvantages a round bath


Acrylic Bathtubs acrylic have excellent performance characteristics: they are well kept warm, are pleasant to the touch surface, and are undemanding in care.Furthermore, acrylic bathtubs round - one of the cheapest among similar models of other materials.

Acrylic round bathtub
Acrylic round bathtub


Iron - one of the first materials that have started to be used for the production of sanitary ware.Even standard size tubs, made of cast iron, very massive and heavy, and a large round tub weighs many times more.Therefore, its transportation and installation - not an easy task.

The cast-iron tub round shape


steel sanitary ware is classified budget and this is its main advantage.Moreover, even the biggest bath of steel will weigh relatively little.Disadvantages of this material - poor ability to retain heat and the lack of sound insulation.

Steel round bathtub

Marble chips

Natural marble is a traditional material for the manufacture of circular shapes of baths.Marble bathroom looks great, but it is not cheap.Moreover, natural stone requires special and careful maintenance.

Round tub of marble chips
Round marble bath

cast marble

Those who can not afford a real marble bath should pay attention to the artificial marble.It is made of synthetic material with the addition of marble or stone chips.There is such a bath is significantly cheaper, and looks almost as good as the product of natural marble.

Round bath of cast marble

Wood and glass

Wooden and glass bath are considered exotic because it is made of materials that are not intended for the production of large-scale sanitary ware.Behind them requires constant care, but look amazing things.To acquire such a bath will have to be spent - glass and wooden font only produce to order.

Round wooden bath
Round glass bath

design features

Round bath - a real classic that is associated with the ancient times.In many old pictures of the goddess and the ancient queen portrayed emerging from the round fonts.

Circular bath should be appropriately beat in the interior.It is equally well will look in classic surroundings and in the bathroom, decorated in a contemporary style.It is only necessary to choose the right model.

In addition to manufacturing the material round the bathrooms are different and decor.Some models of rigorous and concise, devoid of any decorative elements, while others have glass or metal inserts.In addition to the standard color of sanitary equipment - white, round bath can be painted in absolutely any color.

Design a bathroom with a round bath

Popular sizes

Round bath refers to a large-sized piece of furniture, so be prepared to set aside a few square meters in the bathroom for her.

smallest round bath, which offer manufacturers of sanitary ware, has a size of 120x120 cm.

largest model among those available on the market today, almost twice as much.It has dimensions 210h210 cm and a depth of 83 cm. The capacity of such a bath is about 760 liters.

most common are round tubs standard size 180x180 cm.

Popular sizes round tubs
Round bath and its size

bowl form

Round bath usually has a circular font.This decision was a standard, but not the only possible.For example, there are round tubs with a cup in the shape of quatrefoil or eight.The font can be a kind of seat, repeating the shape of the body - for maximum user comfort.Deep baths can be Hot, tapered, or, conversely, expanding to the bottom.

Very often round tubs are equipped with a function gdromassazha that allows you to create a real spa area at home!

Form a round bath
Round bath and its form


round bath, as well as any other larger plumbing, bought mainly for very spacious bathrooms. In large rooms possibility to install such baths are practically unlimited.

The only thing that should be taken into account - it is carrying pipes for hot and cold water and sewerage to the installation site.If you start to repair the bathroom from scratch, the liner pipe can be made and under the floor - in this case a circular bath, you can even set in the middle of the room.

If you're ready for some renovation work - look at the models that need to be embedded in the floor.They look very nice - like a miniature swimming pool in the apartment.Option simpler - setting round the bath on a podium or pedestal.

The choice of location for a round bath installation
To establish a round bathtub in the bathroom
Place for a round bath installation


  • Experts estimate the optimal floor space to install a round bath - at least 10 meters.If your bathroom is much less look at the angular or semi-circular patterns.
  • Circular bath can be installed against a wall.This method is not as effective, but more simple in execution, since all communications can be hidden inside the wall.
  • unusual models of mixers suitable for a round bath.For example, the mortise mixers or mixer-racks, which are installed on the floor.
Features selection round tubs
Tips for a round bath