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August 12, 2017 18:06

Square Bath : features a bathroom with a bath design square shape

Square bath
  • Materials
    • Acrylic
    • Kwara
    • Artificial stone
    • Tree
  • design features
  • Popular sizes
  • bowl form
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Square bath is considered a subjectluxury, primarily because it has a fairly large size, and therefore, is intended to be installed in the spacious bathroom.Furthermore, square bath traditionally produced from expensive natural materials, such as natural marble.

In an era when plumbing began to be made of cast iron and steel, from the square baths virtually abandoned, especially since the materials are not allowed to make large products seamless method.All that changed with the advent of acrylic and construction of houses with non-standard layout of the apartment.The new plastic material allows plumbing any shape and size, and in modern apartments bathroom sizes are quite different from the usual combined bathroom.

Square bath

Today square tub - it is not fancy, just comfortable and beautiful sanitary appliance.He is big enough to make it able to comfortably accommodate just two.In add

ition, most models are equipped with additional features, such as hydro and lighting.Read more about the features and existing species square bath, read this article.


now for the production of acrylic bathtubs are using a variety of materials.Consider the most popular ones:


Square acrylic baths are the most common.This material has lots of advantages: low price, light weight, ease of maintenance, aesthetic appearance, pleasant to the touch surface.Square acrylic baths are often equipped with armrests, comfortable seats and have a whole set of additional functions.

Acrylic square tub
Acrylic square tub
Acrylic square tub


Quaryl plumbing appeared on the market recently.This material is a combination of quartz and acrylic.Baths from Kwara are endowed with all the advantages of acrylic, but have a greater mechanical strength.

Quaryl square tub

Artificial stone

Usually this material mimics natural marble.It is made of synthetic resin with the addition of rock dust.Externally, these baths look very presentable, but the cost is much cheaper than real marble products.Square bath of artificial stone can not be called very demanding of care, but, nevertheless, they need to use special cleaners.

Square bath made ​​of artificial stone
Square bathtub made ​​of artificial stone


Of all the materials wood used for the production of sanitary ware less often, and therefore are square wooden tubs are quite expensive.This option is preferred by lovers of all natural interior.In stores a bath made of wood not only find - usually these products are made to order.

Wooden square tub

design features

Square - is a simple symmetrical shape, but even on the basis of its designers manage to create a really interesting and unusual things.By itself, a square tub, though, and draws attention, it looks quite succinctly. is why minimalism fans often stop your choice on the form. At the same time, if you combine a square bathtub with additional structural elements, it will be a highlight and the main interior decoration.

example, bath can be finished with decorative panels, simulating a variety of materials, such as wood, stone or metal.In addition, a square tub can be set on a pedestal mount or to the podium, and then you will be able to effectively get down into the font, or leave it on the steps.

Design bathroom with square bathtub Japanese-style
square tub
Square bath and is suitable for her bathroom interior

As for accommodation, the options here can be very different. The square bath can be installed along one wall, fit into a corner or place in the center of the bathroom. In what form to stop a choice - depending on the shape and size of the room.

Popular sizes

Square bathtub - something large, so it is not suitable for very small rooms.But do not think that afford the bathroom can only owners of huge, ten-meter bathrooms.

It is believed that the size of the square baths start at 180 cm. In fact, on sale for a long time there were small bath in the shape of a square, designed for one person.The smallest square bath having sizes 120x120 cm and a depth of 45 cm. The amount of such a bath is 350 liters.

models have largest dimensions 215h215 cm and a depth of 75 cm, that is, they are almost twice as many.A large square bath contains about 700 liters of water.

Popular sizes of square bath

bowl form

Bowl square bath does not necessarily have the appropriate form.Of course, it may be strictly square, but often there are other options.For example, many models have a round or square shape font.This design decision, undoubtedly reduces the font, but looks very impressive.

addition to regular geometric shapes, plumbing designers inspired asymmetrical, natural objects.Therefore square Hot baths can have the shape similar to a flower petal, a cloud or raindrop.

Square bath and its form
Form a square cup bath
Square shape bath


So, choosing a square tub, you should decide for yourself a few important points, namely:

  • manufacturing material: here the decisive factor - the price, as the difference between models of different materials, is essential;
  • size plumbing device: at this point we must proceed from the dimensions of the room;
  • form of fonts: you can only rely on their own ideas about beauty, as much practical value, this parameter does not have;
  • bath accessories: bath equipment includes not only holders for accessories, seats and armrests;it may be a hot plate, equipment for disinfection, ozonation, etc.
square tub
square tub