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August 12, 2017 18:06

Transparent bath : in the design of bathroom sink

Transparent bath
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  • combination with a transparent shell
  • original design: bath beaker

Plunged into the history of European states, you begin to realize all the "charms"living in the 21st century.All the royal court of France, and many other European countries, had little understanding of personal hygiene, in spite of all the luxury and pomp "Great Style" Versailles era of Louis 14. Washing the body's own court ladies made only the most outstanding cases, for example, before the wedding.These days, this daily ritual is often not only hygienic, but also the aesthetic character.That is why modern designers are constantly in search of original ideas for creating an individual interior bathroom.

One of the latest trends of the new millennium is completely transparent bath of tempered glass, which looks quite unusual compared to our usual cast iron and acrylic bathtubs. This unique piece of furniture makes the bathroom, in some way, futuristic and very special.But, as the say

ing goes, every coin has two sides.Consider the pros and cons of this design finds.

Transparent bath


When water fills transparent on all sides by a bath, a feeling like the water surface floating in the air alone.In this case, the "wow-effect!"you are guaranteed.This spectacle captures the spirit and excites the imagination. Relax and aesthetic pleasure - two integral parts of the transparent acquisition.Among other things, clear bath for a long time keeps the temperature of the water typed into it. Suffice it to recall a glass of boiled tea in a train.He is always served in a transparent glass and faceted, never seems to cool down.Glass bathtubs are not afraid of corrosion, so their durability is also not in doubt.The strength of tempered glass is difficult to overestimate, because its thickness varies from 10 mm and up.

Also absolutely transparent baths, the market can find and translucent models, and with a transparent board.

transparent bath Benefits
Bath with a transparent board
The advantages of transparent baths


Such an independent piece of furniture is recommended to have in the center of organized space.Obviously, such an extravagant item is not suitable for small-sized bathroom.

If the area to fill the space is less than 8-10 m, is to look at the alternatives.These include a combined bath.

Location transparent bath
Where to place a transparent bath in the bathroom
Placing a transparent bath in the bathroom


Combined bath can have a transparent side panels, single or multiple.Manufacturers offer a variety of options.Sometimes, round or square the side windows resemble portholes submarines that insanely popular with the children.This bath can be safely put in the corner (if it's a corner option) or to press against the side wall of the room, and taking a bath at the same time enjoy its original design.

Bath combined with glass

Lineup combined products includes various geometric forms of execution. can buy a semi-circular, oval, rectangle, slightly rounded shape and other options baths, based on personal preferences. Transparent inserts in them, is likely to be made of acrylic, which significantly saves the family budget.They are often equipped with backlit, receiver, or massage devices.The price of this model start from one thousand dollars.For comparison, the minimum cost of a bath of tempered glass exceeds that figure is five times or more.More expensive will cost tub of colored glass.Most of these models are made to order.

Combined bath - glass and acrylic
Bath with transparent inserts

Transparent bath is perfect lovers of minimalist style or high-tech. Although there are other options for the interior, where you can use it.For example, the futuristic trends or modern style.Fans of bizarre baroque or rococo exquisite bath of glass is unlikely to enjoy.


Summed up, cons of transparent baths can distinguish its high cost and the need of the interior of the subject in a large space.In addition, not every stylistic direction similar stand design finds.While all of these disadvantages relative.

Disadvantages of transparent baths

combination with a transparent shell

If, however, a transparent bath you vital of any reasons, it makes sense to maintain a balance in the decoration of the rest of the room space.Do not overload the room with unnecessary decorations.To support the overall concept of the bathroom will help clear glass sink, made in an identical concept.

Transparent shell model today is especially in demand, thanks to create an impression of lightness and airiness.Translucent shell casing looks great, because the water glass playfully glare in the rest of the space by reflecting light.

Transparent bath and sink in the bathroom
Transparent bath and sink in the bathroom
Transparent bath and sink in the bathroom

original design: bath beaker

Some designers manage to translate their ambiguous humanistic ideas in this vitally necessary interior.For example, bath-beaker Belgian designer Flor de Crombrugghe (Flore de Crombrugghe), which is still in the concept stage. idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis bath is that it is applied to a particular layout.It indicates the amount of water filling the bath, but not in liters, and bottles. example, a graduated scale marked 10 means that there has 10 plastic water bottles.This concept, conceived by the designer, draw the attention of mankind to the wasteful misuse of freshwater reserves on the planet that are too small.

Transparent bath beaker

care bath depends on its material.About care of the glass bath, read in another article.

In any case, taking water treatments in aesthetic properly organized space bathroom is always much nicer and more fun!

Transparent bath