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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tying for the bath : semi-automatic , automatic, how to choose and install a good drain and overflow

Tying ( waste and overflow ) bath
  • Purpose strapping
  • Variety of materials for binding
  • Types studs in construction
  • Benefits strapping
  • Replacement and installation of piping

strapping Purpose

strapping called sanitary siphon under the bath,through which the water is drained into the sewer.Second strapping name - waste and overflow.It has a lower and upper hole - drain and overflow, respectively.

After draining the water from the bathroom falls into the pipe, and the overflow is needed to ensure that water does not spill over the edges.The siphon holes combine data and strapped.This system saves the bathroom from flooding.But if the intensity of a set of water in the bath is too high, even she could not help.Tying become popular even after construction and installation simplicity.

Tying ( waste and overflow ) bath

Variety of materials for binding

today sold a large number of types of binding, but they are mostly made of two materials:

  1. durable plastic. It is the most common in private homes and lodging options.The advantage of plast
    ic system to its longevity, since it defies rust and destruction in wet conditions.It can be cleaned with almost any chemical means, and its cost is available to each family.But the plastic waste and overflow has some disadvantages.The material itself can be damaged by accidental impact or incompetent installation.Constant action of hot water leads to a deformation of the pipe, where it was incorrectly installed.
  2. Metal. most commonly used as metal copper, bronze and brass, at least - steel.But such binding are more cons than pros use.When installing the need to customize the system for use the necessary tools.Metal pipes clogged more quickly, on the surface rust may appear and some means lead to the destruction of the metal.
Plastic piping ( drain and overflow ) bath
Metal piping ( drain and overflow ) bath

Types studs in construction

To select the most suitable drain and overflow system for the bath, you need to understand the design features. According to this criterion, there are the following kinds of studs:

  1. Universal. It consists of a siphon, overflow and receivers, izlivnoy pipes and drainage to the sewer pipe.The overflow is located at a distance of 5 cm from the bath edge.Outwardly, he closed bars that did not get large items.On the inner side is connected to the opening izlivnaya tube connecting it to the pipe.If the water level reaches the overflow in the bathroom, it is drained through the tube and into the sewer system, excluding floods the room.
  2. Automatic. This system was first proposed by the German Kaiser.It differs from the universal system is the only other design cork, but the overflow system is almost the same.The plug has a special spring which opens and closes the drain automatically.A person need to click on a special foot lever to bring the stopper in place.It is very convenient and aesthetically appealing.It is worth remembering that this binding has a complex structure, so it is necessary to buy only production of known firms.
  3. Semi .In such a system there is similarity with automatic.To control the strapping using a special receiver to the control unit, plug and cable.The valve or tube used as a control unit.Below it is placed overflow.When a person acts on the block, through the action of the rope hits the stopper.You can even soak your hands in water, because only need to work on the block to open the hole.
Universal piping ( drain and overflow ) bath
Automatic tying ( waste and overflow ) bath
Semi-automatic strapping ( and overflow drain ) for the bath

Benefits strapping

Main preimschestvo use strapping - it prevent overflow of water at the edge of a bathtub. The system is united to overflow does not need a separate drain into the sewer.

Of the benefits of automatic and semi-automatic systems can be noted usability.They look better than a simple overflow, for their discoveries do not need to bend down, and to press the lever or open the valve.

Benefits bath strapping

Any drain and overflow system is very easy to install.Of course, much more difficult to install metal piping, which also needs to be a quality seal.Therefore, experts recommend choosing plastic systems, which are much cheaper.

Replacement and installation of piping

installation process depends on many factors, including the type of binding, the manufacture of the material, and so on.

The standard installation procedure is divided into the following steps:

  1. dismantling of the old system.Piping made of plastic you can even unscrew and easy to break.Removing metal system may take some time.If the pipe is not unscrewed, you have to use grinders.Its operation should be extremely cautious not to damage the bathtub.
  2. checked the new system, namely the suitability of all the parts for fixing the pipes, and whether there are sealing elements.
  3. lattice are detached from both holes.
  4. If possible, it is better to turn the bath in order to properly install the siphon and the receiving handset.But if the cast-iron bath, then do it pretty difficult.
  5. on the drain hole and attach the grille fasten the entire structure coupling bolt.It is not necessary to clamp very plastic construction, because it may just burst.
  6. overflow tube is mounted in the same way.Moreover corrugation is stretched to the desired size.
  7. Complete strapping can be 2 or 4 pads.In the first case they are installed on both sides of a bathtub drain and overflow.In the second case, they are placed on the outside, to prevent leakage.
Replacement and installation of piping ( drain and overflow )

Thus, piping (drain and overflow) is a must for any bathroom.Without it, you can easily flood the entire room, and from the bottom neighbors.