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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install a bath on legs : acrylic , cast iron and steel , installation instructions

How to install a bath on legs ?
  • Species tubs on legs
    • Cast
    • Steel
    • Acrylic
  • Required tools and materials
  • Preparations
  • Setting the cast iron tub
  • steel bath Setting
  • Installation of acrylic bathtubs
  • final stage

there are several options for bath installation to date. most popular of them - it's support legs and a brick foundation. first method is preferred by those who want to leave the maximum free space even in a small room like a bathroom.If

tub rests on the legs, the floor beneath it remains free.This means that you will have fewer problems with cleaning, and you will always be able to carry out minor repairs of plumbing under the bath without removing the support.In addition, open access to the space under the bathroom lets keep this area clean, just remove the puddles of water, mud and got there during bathing items.

In addition to standard mounting feet, in selling a wide range of decorative poles that will look great in the interior, stylized classical, baroque and other retro trends.

Installation on legs bath
Decorative supports for bathtubs and their installation

about what the rules are for the installation of baths in the foot of different types, read our article today.

tubs on legs Species


very first bath, launched into mass production, it is made of cast iron.This material is extremely durable and hard-wearing - a cast-iron bath will serve their owners than a decade without losing their original properties.Sanitary ware made of cast iron is durable, good thermal conductivity and ruggedness to maintain.Less it is that iron is very heavy, making it difficult to transport and installation of the sanitary equipment made of this material.

Feet cast-iron baths


steel - the material is strong enough, but not as heavy as iron, so it is very popular among buyers.Another plus in his favor - steel sanitary ware is a class budget.steel bath is simple to install and it is not difficult to care for.The major disadvantages of such a bath will be two: a little life and a complete lack of sound insulation.

Feet for steel baths


Acrylic - is more modern and expensive material than iron and steel.From acrylic now produce not only a bath, but other types of sanitary equipment.Plumbing acrylic has a beautiful appearance, pleasant to the touch and, most importantly, non-slip surface.The disadvantage of acrylic baths is a fragile structure of the material, which eliminates the use of cleaning products containing in its composition aggressive substances.

Acrylic bathtub on legs

addition to the three above-mentioned materials, the range of shops selling sanitary equipment, bathtubs made of plastic, Kwara, marble and other materials such as artificial as natural origin.We will not dwell on them in detail, as our task - to tell about the most common varieties of baths.

Baths of natural stone on the legs
Baths of metal on legs

Required tools and materials

To set on legs bath, regardless of the material of its manufacture, you will need the following supplies and equipment:

  • pencil or washable marker;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • set of adjustable feet;
  • support frame for the font;
  • set of fasteners;
  • sanitary sealant based on silicone;
  • drill or a hammer with a set of drill bits.
Installation Tools baths


Before you proceed directly to the installation of plumbing, you need to prepare your workspace.First you need to dismantle the old bath.

Together with bathroom, it is desirable to replace the entire drain and overflow system, so no regrets remove old siphon, mixer, etc.Previously not forget to close the bathroom hot and cold water.

If necessary, clean the floor and the wall in an area where there is a bathtub, on the remnants of building materials.Flush the surface from dirt and mold. After that, it is recommended to process the special antibacterial agent that prevents the formation of mold and mildew.

sweeps from the floor all the garbage and it was covered with plastic or old newspapers.The workplace is ready, you can begin installation of baths in the foot.

Preparatory work to install a bath on legs

Setting the cast iron tub

  • Since the floors in our homes are often not equal, for each of the support legs is recommended to start to install the adjusting screws.With their help, then it will be possible to level the bath horizontally in order to drain the overflow system, it worked fine.
  • Legs for bath fastened in pairs - first two front, two rear and then.There are several mounting options - "Velcro" (based on self-adhesive feet), wedges and tightening bolts.Feet on the basis of the adhesive should simply press it to the bottom of the bath for a few seconds.The wedges are hammered into the pre-drilled holes.Coupling bolt also inserted into the holes and tightly curled.
  • second pair of legs is attached to the bottom of an upside down have a bath.Thus, under the direction which has no legs, mounted a tower of strength, able to bear the weight of the cast iron tub.
  • When all four legs are in place, the bath should be leveled horizontally.Use the building level.Particular attention must be paid to parties that are adjacent to the walls.The gap between the wall and the edge of the font must be as small as possible.
Feet to install a cast iron bath
Setting the cast iron tub on legs
Installation of the cast iron tub on legs

steel bath Setting

Install feet on the steel bath is made considerably easier as plumbing fixtures made of steel weighs several times lessthan that made of iron.

  • Overturn bath bottom up and try on the support legs to the mounting locations.The first pair of legs should be positioned between the font and center drain hole, approximately two centimeters from the latter.The second pair will need to set as close as possible to the opposite edge of the font.
  • If necessary, bearing metal profile carefully straighten, while being careful not to damage the bath.
  • Support feet to the steel bath is usually attached with adhesive pads on the base.Before you remove the protective film overlays and glue the legs to the bottom of the tub, fixing the place to be cleaned.For this purpose, any suitable solvent or alcohol solution.We heat the adhesive lining, detachable protective film and pressed tightly against each of the support legs to the bottom.
  • Once the adhesive composition of the grab, you need to attach to the legs of the adjusting pin.They are threaded so you can simply hammer them into the plastic lugs.Then firmly fix the studs on the legs with the nuts.
  • Using a builder's level, to find the correct position of the steel bath in a horizontal plane.Make markings on the walls and, in accordance with it, a bath set in place.
  • can stick several plates for sound insulation, if desired.
Installation of the steel bath on legs
Installation of the steel bath on legs with noise insulation

Installation of acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are, most often, is to be mounted on legs.This greatly facilitates the task of us, as a set of supports and fasteners, usually comes with the device, and the sequence of steps is described in detail in the installation instructions.

  • As in all previous cases, the first step is to try the support legs to the installation site and make a layout.
  • next step - drilling holes.Acrylic - a fragile material, so a bath in any case should not be drilled through.Be sure to use the limiter for the drill.
  • then set on the main bath fasteners - guides to frame and support legs.
  • Now you need to mount the drain and overflow system and set it in place.For wall mounted acrylic bathtub has a siphon.
  • Overturn bath head down and carry it to the installation site.We take the building level and determine the optimal position for it.We reserve the walls layout.
  • Pursuant to make a layout, assemble the wall mounting hooks.They will give additional strength to the structure and protect the tub from deformation.
  • Now the bath can be easily installed on site, because it will serve as a support not only the legs, but also metal hooks.
Materials for the installation of acrylic bathtub on legs
Installation of acrylic bathtubs on legs
Installation of acrylic bathtubs on legs

final stage

Once all installation work is done, to do many more small but important things.

  • Install the faucet and drain and overflow system (if you have not done it on the main stage).Connect the bath to the water pipes.
  • Now we need to check our design for leaks: close the drain and fill the bath with water.A few hours later obsleduem carefully all connections for leaks.If any are detected, eliminate them with sealant to the bathroom.
  • next problem to be solved - it seal the gap between the wall and the font.You can use one of the proven methods - sealant tape curb or corner bath.
  • Finally, care must be taken not to always priglyadnaya support structure has been hidden from prying eyes.For these purposes, typically set at a bath decorative screen.You can build it yourself from the drywall and oblitsevat ceramic tiles, and you can buy ready-made sliding screen of plastic or Plexiglas.
Install overflow drain system on the bath
Plugging the gaps between the bath and the wall
Screen for bath