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August 12, 2017 18:06

Frame for bath : installation and assembly , how to make their own hands

bath frame
  • Why do you need?
  • whether the frame is different for acrylic bathtubs from the frame to iron or steel bath?
  • Types
  • Tips for Choosing
  • device
  • How to make your own hands?
  • How to collect?
  • How to install?

Why do you need?

Throughout its history, the baths were made of stone, wood, copper and even silver and gold.But the most popular today still more mundane materials such as steel and cast iron, enamelled, and is gaining popularity acrylic.To the interior of the bathroom match a certain style, and it was comfortable to use, it is necessary for such an important operation, though often invisible element as frame - a design that holds the cup, and bumpers. If it is durable, suitable for the selected model, the bath is fastened securely stable.

bath frame

absolutely necessary frame when choosing a font of unusual shape:

  • multifaceted;
  • Round;
  • Oval.

complex shape products usually can not be affixed on the walls, and you want to frame in the form of a platform.On a special frame based a

nd wide sides of baths that provides them with more stable position.

Skeleton Bath rounded shape
Frame for a semicircular bath

whether the frame is different for acrylic bathtubs from the frame to iron or steel bath?

bath installation principles are about the same for the most common types:

  • cast iron;
  • Steel;
  • Acrylic.

To install the bath of steel or cast iron legs is enough to take advantage of, or attached to the walls with metal corner.A more thorough will be the support of the bricks, which is then ready or homemade camouflage screen.Products made of acrylic, pleasing the most elegant and creative forms, require sustained support, protect them from stress and strain.For all the beauty and elegance of the bottom of the elastic, but inferior in strength to other materials acrylic baths can bend, if not not stand too much weight.In addition, if the bumpers are permanently deformed, it will eventually lead to the penetration of moisture into the joints between the bath and the walls and the formation of mold and other troubles. Therefore, if the frame is desired, then the longevity of acrylic baths is essential for the bath of steel or cast iron safe.Moreover, not too expensive for products having a thickness not exceeding 0.5 mm.

Frame for cast-iron baths
The frame for the steel bath
Frame for acrylic baths


Usually in stores plumbing frames offer only to certain kinds of baths commercially available.Unfortunately, not all of the supporting structure can endure a lot of baths filled with water washable with people in it, especially if it does not compact the cup for one person, and a luxurious Hot solid dimensions and shapes.In this case, to the selection of a solid support and the correct installation must be approached with the utmost seriousness, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

proposed sellers serial frames can be:

  • national team;
  • Tselnosvarennymi.

If you purchase the correct model in the store is not possible, it seems to be unreliable or are not satisfied with its design (universal models are rarely found in the market), the frame can be made with his own hands made of wood, galvanized profile or profile iron pipe.

Types bath skeletons

Tips for Choosing

should pay attention to the dependence of the acquired baths strength and quality of the number of the frame support points: the thinner the bath, the more support it trebuetsya.Tselnosvarennaya design also indicates insufficient strength.Remarkably, if only four points are used to support.If the font has an unusual configuration for the support it requires a special platform as a common frame is unreliable.

Tips for choosing a frame for the bathroom
Recommendations for choosing a frame for the bathroom


frames-frames offered complete with a bath, made of metal sheets with square section and protected against corrosion by a special coating.

Key elements of the framework, regardless of configuration:

  • supports, at the corners of the retaining bowl itself;
  • main stem, which is governed by the height;
  • stiffeners, without which it can not do acrylic fonts.
frame device for a bath

How to make your own hands?

If the proposed finished products do not inspire confidence, not suitable for the configuration, there is a desire to save and apply the skills DIY, you can make your own frame.

For frame structures need to choose a material sufficiently durable and affordable.The most common types of home-made designs:

  1. of timber, the positive aspects of which are low cost, ease of handling and stability, as distinct disadvantage - rotting in the damp environment bathtub.Therefore, a high-quality protective antiseptic surface treatment or the use of wood is resistant to moisture: cedar, oak, alder, larch and others;
  2. galvanized profile used for drywall construction.He can not withstand a large load, so the whole bath severity expedient to shift the legs and wooden beams, and the profile used for additional support and the decorative frame;
  3. Iron profiled tube - the best option for a frame that holds the font of any material.Tube afford to become a mainstay even for non-standard tubs made of cast iron, but the manipulation of the tube require a welder and some skill handling.Problems with rust can be easily solved by using a primer.
  4. Masonry, repeats the contours of the bath is quite a difficult task to perform which is done only by a professional builder and handyman who does not have the skills to handle it would be difficult, especially if the bath has an asymmetrical or oval shape.
Frame for bath from a bar
Frame for bath galvanized profile
Frame for bath from iron shaped tube
Frame for bath masonry

most affordable home handyman to make a frame made of wood and waterproof plywood or particleboard.The procedure is as follows:

  • To build a foundation around the perimeter of the timber;
  • attach the vertical posts;
  • They put boards or beams - they will be riding a skeleton.

for rectangular bowl that is enough, but if it is, for example, oval, then the frame is covered by a sheet of plywood or particle board, which then cut the hole desired shape.

frame construction for a bath made ​​of wood

How to collect?

Before mounting a wooden structure, it is necessary to determine the height of racks, which depends on the preferred height of the frame.It should be as small as possible, to use the bathroom in the future it was convenient for all family members.Calculate the number of racks is easy too: they have to have to be in all the corners and additionally mounted every two feet along the ledges.

use building level - a prerequisite for the successful completion of the task.

frame assembly for a bath with his hands

assembly algorithm is as follows:

  1. Using screws with anti-corrosion coating to attach the wooden base to a concrete floor;
  2. Secure rack based on using metal parts or wooden bars;
  3. If the rack adjacent to the wall - and to fix on it;
  4. Place the timber on top of the racks and fasten with screws to walls and racks;
  5. sheet 15 mm plywood or chipboard 25 mm to fix the top around the perimeter;
  6. From template, available in a set, or by using special patterns or saw electric jigsaw to saw a hole;
  7. Close frame on the sides of the boards.
The construction of the frame for the bathroom with their hands
Mounting frame for the bathroom with their hands

How to install?

Acrylic bath is more convenient to install after the completion of the decoration of surfaces with different materials:

  • Plasterboard;
  • plastic;
  • tile.
Set bath ka homemade frame under it

choice depends on the financial possibilities and the taste preferences of the owner.In this case, the bottom frame is poured cement pad and immediately put it on the bath. a little more complicated setup, produced before lining:

  1. necessary to put under the bumpers lining of plywood pieces of wood, corresponding to the height of future thickness of tiles and adhesive layer beneath it;
  2. Spread the pads around the perimeter;
  3. Carefully lower the bath in a hole in the cement foundation.

Once the solution has hardened completely, you can proceed to further plumbing work: to connect to water and sanitation.

Facing bath frame