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August 12, 2017 18:06

A cast iron bath with hydro massage : advice on choosing and sizes

A cast iron bath with whirlpool
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  • Whirlpool
  • Care and cleaning hydromassage system
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When repairing vannogo premises and installationplumbing, including baths, first you can get lost among the many types of baths.Nevertheless, among all kinds of baths are still in the lead, cast iron baths.The main advantage of these baths is the reliability, quality and durability.In addition, the abundance of forms and models of modern cast iron baths allow each customer to find the most suitable for your bathroom option.One of the "highlights" of some modern cast iron baths, a whirlpool function.On the advantages and options of choice of baths we discuss in this article.

Bath made ​​of cast iron with hydromassage


  1. In view of the fact that the cast iron is very strong material, cast iron bathtubs are very reliable and last a long time.With proper use and care of the operational life of the cast-iron baths comes up to fifty years.On the market at all desire is impossible to find another mater
    ial with such a life.
  2. cast iron baths are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, which is characteristic of the subject and the room, in which there are baths.In addition, these baths can remain warm for a long time and, consequently, the water in the tub will remain warm.Bath made of cast iron, will never lose its shape and thickness of the walls will not be allowed to sag when it includes.
  3. Thanks to the cast-iron baths have a heavy weight, need to fix bath disappear.
  4. special corrosion-resistant coating, which is covered with cast-iron bath, prolong their lifespan.Thanks to this coating bath for a long time, will shine like new, it is not susceptible to scratches and rust.A flat and smooth layer of enamel factory will prevent the accumulation of dirt and the spread of germs.
  5. important advantage of cast iron baths is easy to clean and able to use absolutely any detergents.
  6. In addition, cast iron bathtubs are characterized by a good soundproofing.You will hardly hear the water flowing.
  7. Finally, the incomparable advantage of the whirlpool bath of cast iron is a massage function.The use of hydro and air massage is undeniable.
  8. Another pleasant surprise is the ability to equip a bath headrests, coasters, pens and other necessary details.
  9. variety of forms and models of modern cast iron baths are suitable for any interior vannogo premises.
Advantages of cast-iron bath with whirlpool
Advantages of cast-iron bath with whirlpool


One of the few disadvantages of cast iron bath, which is at the same time and their dignity, is a ponderous iron baths. Because of the heavy weight of heavy cast iron bath to carry, transport and install.Another disadvantage is the high cost of the cast-iron baths and its installation.


hydromassage provided in cast iron baths is a very useful, convenient and fairly uncomplicated system. If desired, such a system can be installed in the usual bath and himself.However, this requires a lot of effort and cost. much easier and more convenient to buy bath, already equipped with such a system.An important feature of the whirlpool is that it stimulates blood circulation, relieves fatigue, relaxes and tones the body.

whirlpool system consists of nozzles and jets mounted on the walls of the bath, pipes, air compressor and water pump. nozzles and jets are designed to have a strong pressure streams of water coming out from the air.The direction of flow and pressure of water can be controlled through a special control panel.The pipe contains air, which depends on the efficiency of the jet.A small pump that runs special pnevmoknopkoy will provide pressure.The system is not loud, a little will only hear the engine.To the quiet and the noise does not interfere with your relaxation, you can play music or radio.And to enhance the use and effect of the whirlpool is permissible to use of aromatic oils and sea salt.

Whirlpool cast-iron baths

Care and cleaning hydromassage system

  • avoid clogging pipes whirl system, you must try not to conduct hygienic water treatment in the hot tub.It is better to install in the bathroom shower.
  • After each whirlpool, be sure to rinse the bath with clean water, and it is desirable to wash with liquid detergent and a soft sponge and then dry with a cloth.
  • For a good cleansing hydromassage equipment, it is necessary to use special liquid that cleans the water pressure and sewage pipes.When cleaning the bath not use abrasive brushes.

Stores and manufacturers of cast-iron bath with whirlpool function gives, as a rule, warranty period from 3 to 25 years.But the proper use and care of the bathroom a lot prolong service life.It should be noted that today in some of the cast-iron bath with whirlpool is provided a self-cleaning function.Of course, these models are much higher, but it will greatly facilitate the process of care for the bathroom.

Maintenance and cleaning of the iron bath with whirlpool system

Popular sizes

If you decide to install a bathroom with a hot cast-iron bath, first determine the size.To do this, perform measurement space in the bathroom, where you want to install the bath. today are the most popular sizes of cast-iron bath tub with the following parameters:

  • 150h70 cm;
  • 170h70 cm;
  • 170h75 cm;
  • 180h80 cm.

depth of baths ranges from 40 cm to 46 cm. With respect to the total height of the bath, here index depends on the presence and height of the legs.

Popular sizes of cast iron baths with whirlpool


most popular form of the iron bath is a rectangular bath. The bathroom standard size is well suited rectangular bath length 150 cm. Place it along the wall, you will save a lot of space.Angular forms whirlpools are also not a good option.They can be put in a corner room vannogo.For larger bathrooms can be purchased baths oval or round shapes.With an unlimited budget and big size bath room fantasy can not be limited.

Forms whirlpool iron baths
The form of the iron bath with whirlpool


The following are the names of companies and brands that use today recognized as the most best manufacturer of cast-iron baths:

  • company Jacob Delafon from Francecurrently it holds a leading position in the supply of very high quality cast-iron bathtubs.In the production of cast iron bathtubs manufacturer mainly used environmentally friendly materials.Furthermore, they are characterized by beautiful appearance and extremely easy to operate.
  • Spanish firm ROCA produces absolutely all kinds of bathroom sanitary ware.High quality and durability of products, as well as the use of new technologies in the production of products made from this company "darlings" of Russian buyers.
  • Not to mention the leading manufacturer of hot tubs firm Jacuzzi.The company provides the market a huge selection of hot tubs of different design and price - from simple economy class to elite models at exorbitant prices.
  • Equitable third place is given to the Russian Kirov factory and Novokuznetsk plant "Universal" for robust cast iron products that are not inferior in quality to foreign manufacturers, and reasonable prices for them.
A cast iron bath with whirlpool Jacob Delafon
A cast iron bath with whirlpool of Jacuzzi
Hot Tub iron ROCA

Tips for Choosing

Based on the above, you can create a short list of recommendations, guided by which you can easily buy and install a cast-iron bathhydromassage:

  1. choose where you put the bath, determine the size of the bath.
  2. Decide on the limit of the amount that you are willing to spend on the purchase and installation of a hot bath.
  3. Make a list of stores where you go to watch the bath.It is advisable to shop where you buy a bath, enjoyed a good reputation, there was not the first day on the market, to provide warranty service, in the event of problems, you can turn to him for mending.
  4. Pick bath model to suit your taste and the interior of your bathroom.
  5. Find out about the manufacturer and brand, the cost of general construction and conditions of delivery and installation of what materials are made related components.It is necessary to read the reviews of previous customers of this brand of baths that can be done on the Internet.
  6. Note the appearance of the compressor and pump capacity, number and location of nozzles.
  7. Carefully read the warranty information in the bath.As a general rule, it should not be less than 3 and not more than 25 years.
Tips for choosing a cast iron hot tub