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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath screens of tiles : how to make your own hands , plasterboard

Bath screens made ​​of ceramic tile
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After a bathtub, and all installation work has been completed, you need to take care of the aesthetic side of the process.These include hiding from the eyes of water and sewage systems, which, in essence, will spoil all kind of bathroom. Availability screen easily solves this problem and is the final stage on the way to the formation of a cozy bathroom.

interesting thing is that when you walk into the bathroom, in the eye catches it initially screen.Tiled, it is the central point of the room.With proper and interesting selection of colors and textures of the screen causes admiration, creates an atmosphere of comfort, emphasizes individuality.

Tile does not absorb water, easy to clean.

Screen under the bathroom tiles and its features
Features screens under the bathroom tiles


  • Deaf screen. It does not provide the possibility to look under the bath.This - the capital, one-piece design, which has no door.Visually, this screen is good, but in terms of functionality, it
    has one big caveat: the inability to repair the sewer system.Indeed, in the case of a leak or any other damage, to get to the place of its origin is not possible.We have to destroy the screen to get inside.And the most unpleasant thing is that the damage can be seen at once.Water leakage will have time to spoil the interior of the bathroom and not only.The ceiling of the neighbors living below will also be spoiled.We'll have to shell out not only for repairs in his apartment, but also to pay damages to neighbors.
  • partially open. This kind of screen is quite functional and safe.Shelves and niches where you can put detergents or anything else, will be a rational solution for a small bathroom.Availability door provides easy access to water supply and drainage system.
  • Sliding. can be created and this screen, but the process is very complicated.The more tiles - the material is not very suitable for him.
  • screen with a bias. small slope creates a niche in the screen where you can place detergents.This type of screen is ideal families with young children.Bathe your baby will be very convenient.
Deaf screen of tiles under the bathroom
Partially open the screen of tiles for the bathroom
Sliding the screen of tiles for the bathroom
The screen is made ​​of ceramic tile with a slope under the bathroom

How to make your own hands?


tile, along with plasterboard, is the most common material, which carries out the function of the lining. Quite often they are combined with each other: the design is made of drywall and paneling is a tile.

for screen manufacturing need to buy water-resistant plasterboard sheets of metal profiles, fixing elements required to operate tools, ceramic tile.

Materials for the installation of the screen under the bath


Produce and mount the screen can be on their own.Especially that the design is not a complex combination of elements.

work begins with the fact that the relevant measurements are made. All of them are held by means of the level. Then, determine what amount of consumables needed for future construction.

next step - making framework. It can be carried out from the wood, and metal. initially on the floor and wall markings applied.Be sure to consider the time that the tile should not act.She seemed to be slightly submerged in the bath.

Setting the screen frame of the tiles under the bath

vertical line drawn on the wall connected to the markings on the floor.

continue to work with guide (PP27h28).Frame made from it, shaped like a window frame of the three sections.By the walls and the floor, he fastened using self-tapping screws.They also help to fasten drywall to the frame.

sure to cut from the finished piece of drywall construction, until it is fully inserted and not dropped.It is not necessary to fasten.This site will provide access to the pipes.An alternative is a hidden hatch, which is fixed by means of magnets.

Once the frame is ready and installed, proceed to the cladding process.Selected tiles can be attached with liquid nails.Tile joints overwritten with a special compound.

Facing the screen under the bathroom tiles


  • frame must be secured at the close distance to the outer edge.
  • Before facing the process, plasterboard should be primed.Especially pay attention to the joints.It is advisable to carry out the primer twice.
  • Optimal placement of the door or the hatch - the middle of the screen.
  • On the screen for creating a standard size bath, take only one sheet of drywall (180cm x50 cm).
Tips for installing the screen of tiles for bath