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August 12, 2017 18:06

Metal bath : choice , corner options , sizes and installation

The metal bath
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Dimensions
  • Corner model
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation

metal bath is an ideal purchase for those who prefer a lightweight yet strong structure.Especially because the assortment of shops offering a wide selection of products.Choose the right size and shape of the bath does not present any particular difficulties.


  • cost .Indeed, in comparison with baths made of acrylic and cast iron - this type of very cheap and affordable to many.The price in no way proves the poor quality of the product.
  • weight. Due to the fact that the metal bath typically is not more than 40 kg, it is very convenient and easy to install.It is the best option in the country.Transportation will not cause much inconvenience.
  • strength and durability. Damage metal bath difficult.No external influence does not break away from her piece, as can occur with acrylic bathtub.Temperature swings also will not have a negative impact on the metal bath.
  • abundance of different forms. Material of construction of such a bath, is flexible at the stage of creation.Therefore, bath with unusual shapes do not dull the interior and stylish.
  • Easy care. not require selection of any specific funds for the processing and cleaning.In addition, the restoration of the metal bath - a budget option, too.
Advantages metal bath
Advantages of the metal bath
metal bath Goodies


  • high thermal conductivity. Unfortunately, the water in the metal bath cools quickly.But for those who do not like to lie in the water for a long time, this figure is quite normal.
  • bad soundproofing. Sound dialed water is very loud.It in some way can be muted if the plunge by a third in a box with sand.In this case, you need to take care of the aesthetic design of the form and screen for it in particular.Soundproofing bathroom walls also get rid of unpleasant noise from the inflatable water.
  • deformation, which is caused by the weight of the water typed.The deflection of the bottom product can be about 5 mm.If the metal bath has an enamel coating, such a caveat is fraught with negative consequences: the enamel can crack and break away, and it is difficult to correct.
Disadvantages of the metal bath


steel baths Dimensions are fairly standard.The width is always constant and is 70 cm minimum bath height - 1 m. 400 cm, maximum - 2 m

metal bath Dimensions
Dimensions of the metal bath

Corner model

metal bath, which is set in.angle refers to irregular shapes.But, despite this, its benefits can not but arouse admiration.

Firstly, corner model is ideal for a small bathroom. It combines both the comfort, convenience and does not take up much space.

Corner model will make the interior of the unusual elements and personality.

Its functions can be massage, removal of residual water and a host of things useful.

Foreign brands cover their products self-cleaning enamel .This innovation will be pleased with the owner.

Corner metal bath

Tips for Choosing

To purchase brought joy, it is necessary to choose carefully, weighing all the "pros" and "cons."

bath quality is directly dependent on the manufacturer.Therefore, you need to buy it from a reliable supplier, initially reading the customer reviews.If the item is quality, then, respectively, and the reviews are positive.

next option, which need to pay attention when buying a metal bath - the thickness of its walls. All thinner 3.5 mm may not be reliable and of high quality.If the store you managed without effort to move the bath space, then it is should be alerted.

When choosing should very carefully examine the surface of the product.It should not be rough, have deformed cladding layer roughness.In general, good enamel is homogeneous.

Tips on choosing the metal bath
Recommendations regarding the selection of the metal bath
Features choice of metal bath


Once you have decided on the model purchased and bath, you need to install. design Easy allows to install it yourself. specialists on call, you can save.Plus, all components sold with the bathroom, look for some special equipment is not necessary.

Most importantly, correctly connected to the water supply and sanitation, to recruit and to use the bathroom it was easy and convenient.

Bath set against the wall, and the joint is sealed with tape, which will prevent the penetration of water between the tub and the wall, preventing the appearance of excess moisture.

At installation, you can provide additional noise insulation.As mentioned above, the sound of water while filling the bathtub is incredibly loud.Therefore, the bath can be simply flipped upside down, treated with water and then apply a layer of conventional foam.After drying, the frozen easily cut off the excess with a knife.Water in a cool bath will have much slower.

Installation of metal bath
Installation of the metal bath

Bath needs stability. legs too elegant and not long retain their strength.Ideally in this case are the support brick that will form a kind of complementary measure.The connecting component between the bricks appears again foam.

Attach bath with wall mounting hooks, and the space between the bathtub and the wall is filled with foam.

Installing metal bath