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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sliding bath screen : species, with photos , pros and ideas

Sliding screen for bath
  • Benefits
  • manufacturing materials
  • Installation Options
  • Standard sizes
  • Shelves bath under
  • Design Ideas

How to make your bath stylishly fashionable and original?Bath screens - here is the solution of this problem.It's like the cherry on top of the cake - the final touch, without which it seems as if something is missing.Miss this moment, and the interior is already empty, and to add - it will sparkle with new colors.In addition, a fence hides all the flaws and bath communication and allows you to put the necessary detail.It is not surprising that such designs are very popular among lovers of aesthetics and elegance.

Bath screen with sliding


What benefits have the people to buy screens for the bathroom?Sometimes the thing aesthetic in appearance, but very inconvenient to use, and sometimes vice versa - is practical, but not particularly attracted attention.

These designs were not limited to one measure.Qualitative and presentable - they combine both benefits.Pleasing for its durability,

strength and durability, and at the same time it is impossible to resist the abundance of available colors and patterns screens.Olive, maroon, white, cream, imitating wood - for this choice is a sin not to pick up anything that fits perfectly into the design of your bathroom.In addition, it is impossible not to note the prices are reasonable.What could be more profitable than at an affordable price to get a premium product?

The screen combined with bathroom furniture

materials manufacturing

Price may vary based on your chosen material.Which shade, or pattern material to choose - your business, but when choosing a need to focus on the resistance to moisture. The most common materials used for the manufacture of screens are:

  • Plastic. Most people stop on this material, because it is both durable and affordable for all.The care is not demanding: all that is needed - it regularly cleaned.In addition, spots and stains very easily wiped off, and in themselves not very visible.In contact with water the plastic does not spoil and do not lose their original appearance.However, plastic is quite fragile, so during the operation need to be careful.
  • MFD. If you come to the question of registration bathroom extraordinary and decided to issue it with the wooden elements, while the material for the screen - a great option.It is very harmoniously complement the overall look, will not be released, and evident.And the screen of the MFD is very stable and reliable, as long as he passed the necessary treatment, after which you get a guarantee that your screen will rot and spoil.
  • Pleksigas. This durable material is good variety of all kinds of patterns, textures and colors.The overall picture in the end looks tasteful and refined.Moreover, you can even set the mirrored door, which is not possible with other materials.In contact with water will not have any problems - one hundred percent guarantee of waterproof material.But the special strength is not necessary to count.
  • chipboard. Budget option, which is still pleased with the variety of choices.You can pick up under him or drawing patterns, and can stop on a monophonic version sya - it is up to you.This material is necessarily covered with a special film, so it does not spoil when exposed to water.But full guarantees of such coverage does not, still in contact with water material can lose shape.
  • Plexiglas. A good budget solution.These doors are not afraid of water, you can choose any color of plexiglass, and decorate it with stickers or decorative self-adhesive film.
Plastic screen
Screen sliding MDF
Sliding bath screens made ​​of glass
Sliding screen for bath mirror
Sliding bath screens with a protective decorative film

Installation Options

Setting screen for bath depends on which model design:

  • Deaf. Establishing such a structure, you should know that in case of repair will have to change the whole screen, as it will be firmly nailed to the bathroom.Clean up the floor under this screen - it's not easy.Yes, and installation of a very long and difficult task.
  • hinged door .Such a structure can make on its own, to find the right cut and attach it with the loops to a common design.
  • with sliding doors. First is W-shaped profile, and then you need to find two panels that will overlap.Just do not forget to attach to the doors so robust and durable handles.
  • completely removable.
  • With retractable sideways.

If you delve into the topic of doors installation, they are usually mounted on:

  • plastic frame. most budget but at the same time durable and aesthetic option.For a long time will retain its attractive appearance.You can choose a color palette to your liking.Perhaps the only drawback is questionable strength - when struck very easily broken.
  • aluminum frame .Moisture resistant and quite robust option.However, often, the sight of his left much to be desired, and paint that covers it may peel off over time.
  • Rollers .This solution is for real lovers of aesthetics.It looks very original and unusual.The truth is if you decide on this option, then be prepared to invest enough money, as the saying goes - beauty and convenience needs of victims.These models are made to order only.
Sliding screen aluminum frame
Sliding bath screens to the frame from MDF

Standard sizes

It is important to choose the right size of the screen, so you do not have something to add or cut. Standard sizes are basically:

  • width - 1500 mm.and 1700 mm.
  • height - 520 mm.Do not forget that the height is adjusted for each bathroom with the help of the legs, which are included in the design.
Standard screen for bath
Sliding bath screen for asymmetric

Shelves bath under

Any thing can be found not only aesthetic, but also the practical application.Why not be stored in the space under the bath, fenced screen, everything: shampoo, washcloths, lotions, mops and household chemicals.To do this, you can install the shelves in one of the swing section of the screen.Are provided in the space under the bathroom organizers - wide and shallow boxes into which fit all the details.So you will save space in the bathroom is in order and everything you need will have its place and will always be at hand.

Screen for bath with shelves

Design Ideas

What did not come up with designers in order to make people happy innovations of the original design.Firstly, you will easily find a screen of any color, whether bright or muted pastel.With this choice, you will create a harmonious design in the room bathroom.Second, you'll find screens that seem to resemble a variety of natural materials, such as wood, stone, leather.

Decorative sliding screen for bath

Another stylish option is the bathroom with bright tiles oblitsevat with unusual patterns and according to the selected pattern to decorate the screen under the bath, it can be done with the help of self-adhesive film.Boldly, catchy, but it is very fashionable and beautiful.This progress is not stopped.You can buy a design with backlit.Just imagine how it will look fabulous floating above the floor bath.

Sliding screen with backlight for bath

In addition, you can order a variety of patterns, beautiful and elegant tiled mosaic: animals, flowers, abstract - whatever you want.Or even print your favorite photos.

Decorative sliding screen for bath

bath screens - an indispensable thing, which for a long time will delight you with the quality and beauty.Install it and any room will sparkle with new, bright colors and be transformed!The main thing - competently and correctly set it up, and if in doubt, better to turn to professionals.