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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spa Appollo: Chinese production , acrylic and hot , reviews

Spa Appollo
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Among the whole range of modern plumbing in particular should be made Apollo bath.Products of the company production team for their outstanding quality and able to compete with similar products thanks to the variety of functions and design.To see this is to become more familiar with the basic features of the product.

bath Apollo

assortment of models

from Apollo Company baths occupy a significant segment of the market of modern sanitary ware.This was possible thanks to the introduction in the production of models of different classes, allowing to maximize range.

Among the products of this brand can be found acrylic bathtubs with textured or smooth bottom.This material is able to withstand great stress and responds well to cleaning.With regard to the configuration themselves baths, they can be straight and corner with diverse orientations.Their dimensions are combined to create models that fit perfectly in almost any interior.

Particularly noteworthy products with transparent inserts made of durable glass.The front wall are partially replaced by glass that has the effect of ease of construction.

Bath Appollo with glass insert
Bath Appollo with glass insert
Bath Appollo with glass insert

also range can be divided into single and double acrylic bathtubs.For more comfort, they can be fitted with a comfortable rubberized armrests, adjustable headrest and handles.

Double bath Apollo

Since modern plumbing Apollo is equipped with many useful features, electronic or mechanical control is used to control them.


feature set should be considered in more detail.are managed by the control panel and with the remote.

The Apollo baths can distinguish the following main functions:

  • disinfection system.It allows you to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom, in particular through cleansing nozzles and other parts of the product.
  • Whirlpool.A relaxing massage using water jets emerging from the nozzles on the bath sides and with its bottom.
  • aeromassazhem.Analog hydromassage using air streams in the water.
  • heating water.Supports optimum temperature throughout the bath time.
  • Radio.You can listen to during water treatment, that was not boring.
  • TV.The expensive models can simultaneously watch TV with a dip.
  • Connecting to a stereo system.You can choose the music for the mood and enjoy all the amenities in a relaxing atmosphere.

This is not a complete list of features, a more accurate picture can be seen when considering a particular model of the manufacturer.

Apollo bath with TV
Apollo bath with TV

Dimensions products

The range of Apollo brand baths are present models of different dimensions.Where you can find plumbing for a small area of ​​the room.Mostly popular among this category are the product of width 75-80 cm and a length of 170 cm. These models, despite its small size, can also be equipped with modern functional device, including the whirlpool jets.Among the corner there are also quite compact baths, occupying an area of ​​2 square meters.m.

Round bath Apollo

Corner and double products mainly differ in size over the sides about 2 m or more.This option is only suitable for spacious bathrooms.However, such models, in particular thanks to its features and usability, are popular among the population.

Corner bath Apollo
Corner bath Apollo


If you analyze the reviews left by the buyer on the Apollo brand baths, we can say with confidence that the company justify the compliance of their products with European standards.Most reviews touted various models of baths, from the most modest and budget to premium.

argument in favor of the acquisition of Apollo bath is also their relatively low cost.The quality remains high, as for the manufacture of products using only high quality materials and advanced Italian technology.Also comply with the requirements concerning safety during the installation of electronics and additions of brittle materials.Be sure to consider the acquisition of a plumbing, and you will not regret their choice.