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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a steel bath : advantages, disadvantages , types , price comparison and manufacturers

Steel bath
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For many of us the steel bath is the best option of those that now offers sanitary ware market.According to some of its parameters it is superior to traditional cast iron and modern acrylic baths.On the advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to choose a steel bath, we describe in this article.

The steel bath in the interior

criteria buy

choosing a steel bath should pay particular attention to the following characteristics:

  • wall thickness. It should not be less than 0.4 cm. If the wall is thinner, it says the poor quality of the product.There is a simple way to determine the quality of the steel bath in the store: you just need to try to move it.The bath is made of thin sheet metal is easy to lift or push.If the thickness of the sheet, then it wil
    l have to make some effort, because it weighs about 20 kg.
  • Appearance bath.Features allow material to make products with a completely smooth surface.So if you see on the walls or the bottom of the tub cavities or bulges, which are not explicitly provided for design, better give up the purchase.
  • condition enamel. coating should be uniform, not have chips, stains and other defects.Hue enamel does not matter: it can be a slightly bluish or beige - choose the one that you prefer.
  • Sound. Qualitative steel bath is selected on the same principle as that of ripe watermelon in the market: tapping it in different places.The sound should be smooth, without any external vibration, clang and bounce.
Bath of steel on the basis of
Stainless steel bath
Freestanding bath of steel


  • cost. steel tub will cost you much cheaper than the same product made of cast iron or acrylic.But this does not mean that the other parameters steel loses other materials.If you buy a steel bath by a trusted manufacturer, then the quality of it may well compete with cast iron and acrylic bathtubs.
  • strength. This applies to both the material itself and the enamel coating.Damage steel bath is very difficult, so you can not be afraid to spoil it during cleaning.Bath of steel is very hard and stable, but in spite of this, light enough to facilitate its transportation and installation.
  • Durability .Steel bath will serve you for many years, even when the active operation, as to cause harm to a steel product, it is necessary to try very much.She calmly withstand the various washing detergents, changes in temperature and many other troubles that await the bath during use.
  • Wide choice .Unlike cast iron bathtubs, steel bathtubs are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can easily pick up the bath, even in very small or non-standard space.
The thickness of the steel bath


  • high thermal conductivity.On this point bath of cast iron and steel loses acrylic products.The water in the steel bath cools down quickly enough.For those who like longer soak in warm water it can become a big drawback.
  • lack of noise insulation. jet of water bubbling on the bottom of the steel bath, a loud sound that may cause constant worry of your household and neighbors.
Steel tub without noise insulation

However, if a few disadvantages of steel baths confuse you, do not immediately abandon the purchase, because to eliminate them once and for all in two ways:

  • Most manufacturers offer to purchase specialnoise absorbing pads on the bath.They are mounted bath from all sides, the back side of the product.Appearance bath suffers a bit, but this problem is easily solved.You can close the bath shield, organizing additional storage space.
  • To mute the sound of running water and create additional thermal insulation, enough to put on the outer surface of the bath a thick layer of foam.However, all this will look like is not very aesthetically pleasing so if you decide to use this method, care should be taken to hide upgraded bath for a decorative screen.
Acoustic and thermal insulation sticker bath
Soundproofing mounting foam
Special stickers on the steel bath

shapes and sizes

choosing the shape and size of the steel bath in the first place should be based on the parameters of the premises, namely, of hissize, layout and styling.

  • For very small bathrooms specially produced, so-called sitz baths.The length of such baths is small - only 120 cm, but in the free space deficit, it can be a good solution to the problem.
  • Standard toilets are usually equipped with rectangular or oval tubs, ranging in size from 150 to 180 cm (these baths called "immobile");
  • in square bathroom, ideal for corner model.Such bath will not only help to save space (in the bathroom which is never enough), but will truly look spectacular, especially when equipped with a special niche for it.
  • can give free rein to fancy spacious rooms.Today the popularity of freestanding baths, located in the center of the room, as well as bath set on a podium or pedestal.
Small steel bath
angular steel bath
Standard steel bath

Much depends on the style of the bathroom of the room.For example, for a classical interior is better to choose the round models, which are on the decorative legs, and the modern minimalist interior preferably use strict geometric forms.

enameled or stainless steel?

Modern steel baths are of two types - made of structural steel and stainless steel.Consider each of the materials individually.

Freestanding black steel bath

Structural steel

Structural steel is used for the manufacture of sanitary ware for a long time.From it are made the usual enameled bathtubs, which we are accustomed to seeing in our homes.The main advantage of these baths is the low price.In addition, they are easy to care for, and soap stains and stains on the enamel surface is almost not noticeable. The only drawback of structural steel bath - it quite quickly loses its original form, as the enamel is prone to corrosion. However, this process can be slowed down by means of special protective measures.

Structural Steel Bath

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel uses significantly less popular.This is due primarily to the fact that these baths are much more expensive enameled. Stainless steel - is environmentally friendly and safe for human material to the same, wear resistance and durability. here - the high cost of such products.However, it lacks a stainless steel bath and disadvantages.So, on the surface clearly visible limescale and water stains so every time after the completion of the hygienic procedures, it should be wiped with a dry cloth.But even with proper care, bath made of stainless steel can quickly fade.

Stainless steel bath
Stainless steel bath
Stainless steel



German company «Kaldewei» is engaged in manufacturing of steel baths for a long time, so have time to accumulate a huge range.This manufacturer produces bath in a large price range.The apparent advantage of steel products this company is the wall thickness and the quality of enamel coating.

Standard bath Kaldewei


«Estap» - a company from Slovakia, famous, thanks to a special method of applying enamel on the surface of the steel bath.The technology of dry coating in an electrostatic field allows you to make the coating more durable and long lasting.

Bath Estap


Polish firm «Emalia» offers steel product European standard at a low enough price.Enamelled steel bath from this manufacturer are durable and highly resistant to corrosion.

Bath Emalia


Spanish manufacturer of luxury plumbing «Roca», known for high quality and great design of its products.Despite the relatively high cost, the company's products always in demand.

Bath Roca


Portuguese company «BLB» produces steel plumbing European quality at reasonable prices.Made with modern equipment, these bath designs are characterized by high strength and durability of enameled coating.

Bath from the Portuguese company «BLB»


«Jika» - is a producer from the Czech Republic, which produces sturdy and inexpensive steel tubs covered with high quality enamel.The service life of such a bath is about 30 years.The choice of models is small, but presents all standard shapes and sizes.

steel bath from the company Jika

Upper Iset Metallurgical Plant

LLC "VIZ-Steel" - one of the leading manufacturers of steel baths in our country.Production of the plant is characterized by high durability coatings since the application takes place in two stages, with the use of glass-ceramics.The result is a perfectly flat and smooth surface.On some models coated anti-slip coating.

Steel baths from VIZ- Steel

Lipetsk pipe plant

Lipetsk Steel baths are known to Russian consumers for over 70 years.They traditionally are in demand, thanks to its low price.The disadvantage of these tubs - wall thickness less than 2 mm.But, in spite of everything, they are long enough - up to 20 years.

Steel baths Lipetsk pipe plant

Comparative analysis of prices

For your convenience, we have collected information on the bath of steel from different manufacturers prices.Products with the lowest price - it's hip baths, no longer than 1.2 m The most expensive products -. This unusual bath in shape, size or equipped with additional equipment.For standard product, we took an ordinary rectangular bath length of 1.7 m.

Company Cheapest bath most expensive bath Standard bath
«Kaldewei» 5000 rubles. 178,000 rubles. 10 000 rub.
«Estap» 5000 rubles. 10 000 rub. 6000 rubles.
«Emalia» 4000 rubles. 10 000 rub. 6500 rubles.
«Roca» 5000 rubles. of 11 000 rubles. 7000 rubles.
«BLB» 4000 rubles. 67,000 rubles. 5500 rubles.
LLC "VIZ-Steel» 4000 rubles. 9000 rubles. 4500 rubles.

As the table shows, the spread in the price of steel bath is not very large.Cost of products from leading European manufacturers, and baths of domestic production is almost identical, so when buying a better focus on the more important parameters, which we discussed in detail in this article.