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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is the best bath of cast iron , steel or acrylic - comparing the characteristics

Acrylic bathtub with illumination
  • Comparative analysis
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purchasing a bath, I want to make it for a long time has served its owner andIt has satisfied all his wants and needs.Therefore, the choice of the bathroom interior of the subject should be approached thoughtfully and primarily to take into account the material of construction of the bath itself.What is the best bath of cast iron, steel or acrylic?Compare their performance and help you choose the one that is right for you.

acrylic Bath
Cast Iron Bath
Bath steel

Comparative analysis

For your convenience, we have prepared a comparison table and perform market research.With user ratings for each criterion you can see in the chart.We hope that this information will help you decide in selecting a bath.

Iron Steel Acrylic
Weight from 60 kg to 180 kg from 20 kg to 60 kg 24 kg51 kg
rank 5 7 10
strength very strong and durable.Resistant to rust.Manufacturers offer a guarantee o
f 25 years.
For strength and durability of inferior cast-iron baths.In qualitative baths steel thickness of 3.5 mm.The German manufacturer Kaldewei warrants the steel bath to 35 years. bath strength is dependent on the quality of acrylic and the reinforcing layer.The more layers of reinforcement - the stronger the bath.The most durable and long-lasting - a bath of Kwara.The warranty period for Quaryl bath up to 10 years.
rank 10 4 8
coating quality coating may break away under mechanical stress.White enamel different whiteness and brilliance.Enamel may be enriched with silver ions. enamel can break away under mechanical stress. -quality acrylic coating does not yellow.It can be both smooth and rough anti-slide.
rank 7 7 9
repairable cover Enamel can be restored, but the life of the new coverage will be about 5 years. Enamel can be restored, but the life of the new coverage will be about 5 years. acrylic coating can be easily restored, the service life of the new baths will cover up to 15 years.
rank 7 7 10
sound absorbing properties when filled with water Almost silently high noise levels.Most manufacturers offer sound-absorbing pads. Becshumno
rank 10 4 10
thermal conductivity has thermal inertia - bathtub slowly heated, and the water in it for a long time keeps the temperature. has a high emissivity.Quickly heats up and the water in it cools rapidly. low thermal conductivity.The water in this bath cools very slowly.It withstands temperatures up to 60 degrees.
rank 10 5 10
variety of forms not differ variety of forms.Rectangular baths are available in the main. bath Available in different designs and shapes. greatest diversity of forms.The material allows designers to create the most unusual bath.
rank 5 9 10
Colors small selection of colors.Generally available in white bath. small selection of colors.Generally available in white bath. baths can be different colors and shades.Color acrylic baths is resistant to abrasion.Manufacturing baths graphically patterned different color combinations.
rank 5 5 10
Installation Implement bath installation is not under force to one person.Due to the great weight must be involved in assembly work, at least three people.Bath thorough and in-service is not "walking" and does not depart from the walls.No additional structures. possible installation of a separate bath.Bath is not stable and requires additional structures installation (foundation or a special harness). installation process can be performed independently.Bath mounted on special constructions and require good fixation.Quaryl bath more stable, they can be installed without additional fasteners and trim.
rank 3 7 9
Care coating is resistant to chemical cleaning agents.It is advisable not to use abrasive products and abrasive sponges. coating is resistant to chemical cleaning agents.It is advisable not to use abrasive products and abrasive sponges. Requires careful maintenance.Sensitive to the effects of aggressive household chemicals, abrasives or hard sponges.At a temperature of about 100 degrees, the acrylic coating can be deformed.
rank 9 9 7
cost from 7000 rubles from 2800 rubles from 4300 rubles
Evaluation 8 9 9

Each of the types of baths may be supplemented by hydro system.How to choose a hot tub with hydro massage, read in another article.

details about the

Let us consider each of these types of baths.

Mini Pool acrylic hydromassage


Cast iron baths are in a trend many years ago, but with the development of technologies of interest to them fell, and they are still in demand among the population.

Bath made of cast iron - this is undoubtedly a strong and durable product. Perhaps these two criteria could not be better characterize the cast-iron bath. Another positive point - the thermal conductivity. iron - a material for a long time to heat up, but also a long time to cool down.So be sure that the hot water in a bath to cool down for a long time.In order to cool down to the temperature of your bathroom, this bath will take about one and a half hours.During this time you will have time to thoroughly soak into fluffy foam and completely relax.

Bath freestanding cast iron

Iron - acoustic material. drawing water, do not worry: your family sound dialed water will not interfere.

The main drawback cast iron baths - is its weight. It is very hard, with a length of one and a half meters and weighs one hundred kilos.Therefore, if your apartment is not on the ground floor, the delivery and installation of the product will cause the corresponding difficulties.But weight - is not only a disadvantage in that there is also an advantage. Oh, if you installed a cast-iron bath, which want to, then rest assured - she will not move.Stability of the product is guaranteed.Therefore it is convenient to put a bath to the wall.Leave her she will not be exact.

Bath made ​​of cast iron in classic style
Designer cast iron bath
The cast-iron bathtub in the interior

Bath cast iron needs a very careful care, because covering her coat, and this - the water-resistant enamel, can damage the sloppy cleaningor exploitation.Restore can be alone, but in view of the complex repair technology better to turn to specialists.

cast iron bathtubs not please you with its variety of forms and shapes. Unfortunately, they can not be called original.Foreign manufacturers, of course, makes some interesting points in the design.For example, the beautiful legs with gold trim or additional handles and armrests that provide security.The legs can be adjusted and the height of the bath be installed in accordance with their own desires.Note that such baths weigh less than that of the domestic manufacturer.

Rectangular cast iron bath

cast iron bath can be fitted with hydromassage.Light and airy bubbles, it will take its owner simply on top of bliss.If you look for a cast iron bath is correct, then this product will please you for about 50 years.

A cast iron bath with whirlpool

Corner tubs can be found in any material, but they are made of cast iron is very rare.

Innovation enamel

Many years have passed since the moment when the first cast-iron bath was made.Modern technologies allow to improve the quality and appearance and, of course, cast iron bath of our time can not be compared with made a long time ago.

As before, the iron is first filled with the desired shape.Next, align the surface, polish and make smooth.All the rough spots are removed.Here on the perfectly flat base and coated with enamel.Enamel is one of the most important parameters that determine the quality of the product.To such a product has served its owner more than a dozen years in its composition a manufacturer adds various impurities - barium, cobalt. Bath turns out very beautiful: snow-white and shiny.

A white enamel cast iron bath

Why domestic producers bath heavier imports? just that Russian baths thicker layer of iron.In foreign manufacturers on the contrary: the cast-iron layer is less, and the enamel coating - thickness. Manufacturers enrich enamel silver ions. no secret that silver has bactericidal and disinfectant properties.Therefore its use in this field is simply irreplaceable. This bath is not just beautiful, but also healthy.

Another component of enamel - a titanium salt. It provides smoothness and make a bath more iznosoustoychivoy.V sale can be found cast iron bath, in which lacquer is made up of three layers.This reminds bath tub made of acrylic.

Bath made ​​of cast iron with enamel enriched with silver ions

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Acrylic Bathtubs - is the result of scientific and technical progress.They are younger than the cast-iron baths, but have their fans.This is very heavy, so it is convenient to install, move.And with delivery no special problems.Apparent at first glance fragility, is deceptive. acrylic bath is strong enough and reliable. This bath has a smooth glossy surface, which is not to lose its original color over time. Bath Acrylic retains heat for a long time. For half an hour the temperature of the water poured into it will be lower than just one degree.

Acrylic Bath corner

Another plus - it's insulation. Water recruited almost silently. acrylic bath is easy to operate and maintain. Simply wipe it with a sponge using an ordinary detergent. Strong chemical and abrasive media at the same time use is strictly prohibited. They can harm the acrylic surface.

scratches that may occur during careless operation of acrylic baths can be eliminated by applying the polish or acrylic liquid, if the scratch is very deep.

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Oval acrylic bathtub
Rectangular acrylic bathtub
Bath corner

acrylic wash in the bath of his four-legged pet is not recommended.It may scratch the surface of the bath.

Wall-standing acrylic bathtub

Acrylic bathtubs are astonishingly varied forms. Since the material is quite flexible, the manufacturer offers a round, oval, angular bath.Therefore, their use may be beautiful and unusual addition of a bathroom, and in some cases become a daring design decisions.

Another, no less important advantage of acrylic baths is their hygiene .Acrylic - a material that inhibits the spread of bacteria in moist microclimate bathroom.

Asymmetric acrylic bathtub
Corner round acrylic bathtub
Freestanding acrylic bathtub

New technologies in the production of acrylic

To begin with we shall understand, what constitutes the raw material for the production of acrylic bathtubs.Acrylic - polymer substance is essentially the same plastic.In order to make the bath needs acrylic sheet, from which the vacuum chamber is blown bath.The sheet has a different thickness, but in general it should not be less than 5 millimeters.

There is a correlation between the thickness of acrylic sheet and its plasticity. thick sheet of acrylic bends worse.Therefore, high-quality acrylic bathtub will not have any complicated and intricate shapes.

Bath from cast acrylic

Made in the first stage bath is still far from its final appearance.In fact - it is just a plastic bowl, which can easily be deformed.Next comes the reinforcement process.Applied to the surface of several layers of special resin which retains at a solidification bath shape.At some plants - it is handmade.The strength and quality of the product depends precisely on the number of layers.They can see with the naked eye.

Check the quality of acrylic baths can be on the basis of verification of watermelon on the market, that is to knock. If the sound is dull, then you can safely buy a bath. Voiced sound indicates a thin layer of reinforcement, and it is a sign of poor quality.The thicker the layer, the more expensive bath. purchasing cheap acrylic bathtub, you run a high risk.

Bath Acrylate

Technology does not stand still. So now there were baths made of Kwara (quartz + acrylic).Quartz makes durable acrylic, therefore reinforcing the process just disappears.These baths are not "blown" and cast.Quaryl baths are very strong.A heavy object has fallen into such a bath, do not leave any scratches on it, no dents.Of course, this bath is slightly heavier conventional acrylic, but in comparison with cast iron, it is easier.

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Quaryl bath
Bath from Kwara rectangular
Quaryl corner bath


steel bath - is a budget option.Are the steel bath tubs from other cheaper materials.There are, of course, and expensive steel baths.They are in appearance almost not differ from the cast-iron bath due to enamel coating.And to determine the material of manufacture can only be knocking on the edge of the product. serve his owner this bath is about 15 years.

Bath of steel is very easy.Therefore, assembly and installation of special difficulties will not cause.Due to the plasticity of the material, manufacturers offer a variety of forms of steel baths.You can choose what your heart desires.

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Steel standing bath

The biggest disadvantage - is its thermal conductivity. water in a bath cools down dramatically quickly.It does not get soak and relax after a hard day's work.