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August 12, 2017 18:06

Herbal bath : soothing broth with herbs valerian , mint , pine cones

Herbal baths for health and beauty
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For many centuries, people use the gifts of nature, which have only a beneficial effect on his body.Herbs help fight various diseases, as well as have a calming, soothing and toning properties.If you choose the right plants and prepare them for use during the bath, then the result will surprise everyone.Water has properties that help cleanse the body and bath with additional herbal infusions help restore strength, energy, and forget about diseases.

Sasha with herbs

Search grasses

mainly herbal baths lovers acquire plants in pharmacies, where there is a huge range.Some people go for herbal teas on the market, but it is often possible to buy a completely different plant, since labels are seldom used.Another option - to make their own procurement of necessary plants for therapeutic baths.

Usually herbal fit all plants, such as chamomile, valerian, nettle

or Leonurus.You can also use bark, roots or branches of sea-buckthorn, raspberry, cranberry, currant and wild rose.Often used the leaves of trees such as pine needles, birch, fir, pine, spruce or cedar.

The dried herb bath

When choosing herbs must first be found, what impact they have on the body, which diseases are treated, before you can use them.

Herbs and oils


Do not take herbal baths in the following cases:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • severe respiratory system diseases;
  • severe forms of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • bleeding;
  • infectious diseases;
  • allergic to grass;
  • malignant and benign tumors;
  • skin disease or the presence of wounds;
  • critical days;
  • pregnancy.

bath Preparation

usually recommended for the treatment of herbs to fill it with water enamel bath.

necessary to carry a clock for controlling the bath time, as the session should not exceed twenty minutes, and the water thermometer, because you need to make sure that the water temperature in the bathroom was 36-38 degrees.

Bath with herbs preparation Choosing herbal bath can bring no less fun than taking a bath itself

several rules must be observed when using herbs for water treatment:

  • buy a collection of herbs (can be fresh or dried);
  • if you use dried plants, then the required 50 grams per liter of water;
  • if applied fresh grass, then you will need per liter of water, 300 g of plant;
  • collection of herbs is filled with water and heated to 100 degrees;
  • plants should be boiled for 15 minutes;
  • one o'clock to insist broth;
  • through a strainer or cheesecloth to filter the broth;
  • pour herbal broth into the bath;
  • dial in the required amount of water bath to completely douse the body.
Cooking composition bath
Bag with herbs for herbal saunas
A decoction of herbs for baths

So, you need to follow some rules to get the maximum health results from water treatments:

  • should take a shower before the herbalbath to cleanse the skin.
  • not recommended to be rinsed with clean water after the grass.
  • To increase the impact of herbs on the human body, must be smeared with oil or cream for a few hours.
  • whole body must be covered with water, only the upper part of the chest should be kept above the water level.
  • After the procedure is not desirable just to go out, it is better to wait half an hour.
The correct position in the bath


Consider the main types of baths with herbs and broths.


Warm herbal baths strengthen the body and make it healthy.

basic rules taking bracing baths:

  • Water Treatments better to take on an empty stomach, so it is necessary to wait for three hours after the evening meal.A good solution would be taking a bath before going to bed at night.
  • Use a thermometer to monitor the water and maintain the water temperature around 36 degrees.
  • necessary to dive under the water and relax for about three minutes.
  • Then gradually raise the water temperature to 39 degrees.
  • take water treatments take about 40 minutes.
  • Next you need to rinse with cool water 26 degrees.
  • Thoroughly rub the body with a towel.
  • Now we need to just go to bed.
Restorative and relaxing bath
Bath for body strengthening
Baths for health and relaxation

invigorating and toning

To feel cheerful at the end of a day's work, there are many different herbs to add to the bath:

  • perfect solution would be the adoption of the toning bath of rosemary.To do this, take 200 grams of fresh rosemary, minced and roll up in gauze, hung under the faucet so that when filling the bath water is passed through a bag of grass.
  • can pour into a bath a few drops of oil to relieve fatigue and relax.At a bath full of water must take lavender (2 drops), apricot kernel oil and sesame oil (20 drops each).
  • A popular addition to energy is a salt tide.You can use sea or Epsom salts.You must first dial a bath with high water temperature to dissolve 2 tbsp.tablespoons salt, and then allow the water to cool down to 36 degrees and does not enjoy the bath over 20 minutes.
  • to moisten the skin of the body and fight wrinkles, you can use a special recipe.It is necessary to stock up on salt sea and English for each 100 g, 500 g of milk powder and 1 liter of honey.To begin to dissolve the salt, then pour the boiling water into the milk and stir until completely dissolved, after pressure honey.Take procedure can be a quarter of an hour, when it is necessary to make sure that the water was 37 degrees.
Tonic bath

Soothing Bath with herbs help to relax, relax, relieve stress, and tune in to the normal deep sleep.

beneficial effects on the nervous system have such herbs:

  • valerian root helps to fight insomnia;
  • Cudweed, sweet leaf, hawthorn and hops are great for treating psychoneurosis;
  • celandine or horsetail is used to relax the muscles and to charge energy;
  • linden flowers, peppermint, wormwood help to calm down;
  • to combat irritability best option would be to add to the bath or cones conifer branches.

Popular recipes baths, which have a calming effect:

  • necessary to prepare the dry hops and Cudweed 50 g, pine needles 200g and 5 Art.spoonfuls of hawthorn leaf with is based on seven liters of water. Herbal mix thoroughly steamed and boiled water, boil a little bit and let it brew for half an hour.Then you need to filter the broth before using.It is necessary to make the control of water temperature in the bathroom, so it was 39 degrees.
  • At 0.4 liters of water will need 3 tablespoons.tablespoons lime color, 2 and sage. herb should be mixed and steamed, then leave for 15 minutes to a decoction of the present.Then after straining can be poured into a filled bath.This medical fee has a positive effect on the human nervous system and helps fight overweight due diaphoretic properties.
  • necessary to prepare all 5 handfuls of valerian is based on 1 liter of water. medicinal herbs steamed and put on the fire for 15 minutes, then strain the broth should be and can be poured into the bath.The procedure should not exceed 15 minutes, and the water in the bath must be 37 gradusov.Takaya bath will tune in to a deep sleep.
  • For full bath will need 500 grams of horsetail and 100 g of celandine. Herbal need to pour a liter of water and leave on the fire for 20 minutes, then carefully strain through a sieve and pour the contents of the can into the bath.
  • can take branches or pine cones and needles. For a start they need to fill with water, boil for half an hour and to insist about half a day.At full bath require a half liter herbal decoction.
  • For the next recipe you will need 2 tbsp.celandine spoon and 200 g of calamus root. herb should be boiled for half an hour on low heat.It is necessary to maintain the 37-degree water in the bathroom, and make sure that the procedure is carried out only half an hour.
Soothing fees herbs
Herbs for baths
Grass for soothing baths


Many plants have medicinal properties.

If properly prepare a bath with the addition of herbs, you can improve your health and improve health in many diseases:

  • For pains in the joints, gout, myositis or just after heavy physical training excellent option is a bath on the basis of a decoction or infusionTui.On three liters of hot water you need to take 50 grams of arborvitae flowers, 200 g of chamomile flowers and 2 tbsp.tablespoons of Epsom salts.Then the broth need to strain through a sieve and pour into the tub.
  • For insomnia, hypertension, nervousness, disorders vascular system, goitre urged to add valerian bath.It should be cut into small pieces 100 g root of the plant, and then fill it with boiling water and put in a water bath for 10 minutes, then allow to cool, and you can take health treatments.
  • When articular rheumatism, osteochondrosis or radiculitis is famous formic bath.It is necessary to gather a bunch of formic and put it in a metal bucket, pour all the boiling water and let stand for 4 hours.Then he poured the contents of the bath, and you can start the procedure.
  • Baths with chamomile have a wide range of applications, because they heal the skin with strong insect bites, struggling with acne and acne, helps to heal wounds and sores clean, also used with radiculitis and rheumatic joints. And this is not all diseases and problems that helps fight romashka.Prigotovit bath can be fast enough - to take 0.5 kg of chamomile, pour boiling water for a few minutes, drain and pour into a bath filled.
  • When catarrhal diseases widely used mustard baths, but the patient should be the normal body temperature.For a bath you need to buy in a drugstore, dry mustard.Bath can be made at the place, then the duration of the procedure shall not exceed 10 minutes, or take a common procedure, but only 5-7 minutes.Mustard should be well dissolved in water and bath ready.The water temperature should not exceed 39 degrees.After a mustard bath be sure to dress warmly and to lie down in bed for about an hour.
Therapeutic herbal bath


To lose weight people go to different victims after a grueling diet and exercise requires a lot of effort.Bath diet is a pleasant procedure, which will help to cope with being overweight.Herbs help to improve blood circulation, relaxes and soothes.Such bath will help the completion of the day.

Soothing herbal baths

today will not be difficult to buy grass for this kind of a bath.

Perfect for use:

  • calendula,
  • rosehips,
  • celandine,
  • peppermint,
  • oregano,
  • rosemary,
  • St. John's wort,
  • daisy,
  • linden,
  • yarrow,
  • sage,
  • lavender,
  • nettle,
  • thorns.
Baths with herbal weight loss

herbs positively affect every system of the human body, as well as help him to fight obesity.It should be noted that the bath for weight loss will help the skin to acquire elasticity, which may be lost as a result of fast getting rid of extra kilograms.

Herbs for Weight Loss

Some recipes bath for weight loss herbal:

  • necessary to mix in equal proportions calendula flowers, oregano, peppermint and sage.Then on a liter of boiling water to cook all 200 grams of herbal collection, leave for a quarter of an hour and can be poured into the bath after straining.
  • should stir St. John's wort, rose hips, nettle and peppermint, then pour boiling water (2 liters), and let stand 20 minutes before use.
  • necessary to take 1 tbsp.celandine spoon and 150 g of thyme, mix well and pour hot water.Leave on for half an hour and can be used.
  • The most popular recipe from the collection of herbs.You must purchase lavender, linden blossom, chamomile, sage, arnica, yarrow flowers of the bramble, and 300, the collection need to pour boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes, then using a strainer strain the broth and pour into a bath filled.To the procedure had a healing effect, it is necessary to maintain the water temperature at 35 degrees.
Herbal slimming

for legs

Almost everyone at least once in his life faced with the problem of tired legs, so the evening relaxing foot bath is quite urgent.This problem is especially true for women who wear high-heeled shoes.For this procedure, you can use a variety of herbs, but preference should be given horsetail, St. John's wort, nettle and calendula.

Quite often used in recipes peel fruit, because it has the same beneficial effect and relieves tension in the legs.


Recipes baths for feet relaxation:

  • on a glass of boiled water should take 2 tablespoons.spoons of horsetail and give it brew for half an hour.Then pour the broth into the tub, dilute with warm water and you can enjoy a bath quarter of an hour.
  • Prepare a handful of nettles, or calendula and pour hot water, then infuse for half an hour, then the contents can be poured into the tub.
  • Take a handful on the St. John's wort and nettles with the expectation of a liter of water, steamed and allow infusion of one hour.
  • At 100 g of water is necessary to stock up on 1 st.spoon melkoizmelchÑ‘nnoy pomegranate peel.First, you must bring to the boil and boil for 15 minutes, then allow time for herbal brew and all the bath ready.
Herbal foot bath


Many pediatricians recommend not easy to bathe the baby, and add different herbal teas to achieve a relaxing, sedative, tonic and antiseptic effects on the baby.

should follow some simple rules to herbal baths have brought only benefit the child:

  • bath should be taken no later than one hour before bedtime;
  • grass should purchase only in pharmacies;
  • to obtain the desired result water treatments should be carried out in a day, and the rate should be no more than one month;
  • course herbal baths should be repeated after a month;
  • water should on average be 37 degrees;
  • water treatment can last 15 minutes;
  • before the herbal bath you need to check or baby is not allergic to use herbs;
  • can use liquid plant extracts to reduce the cooking time to brew herbs;
  • for any skin irritations need to complete the procedure immediately and show the pediatrician.