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August 12, 2017 18:06

Soothing bath : with valerian , salt , softwood , for sleep , for kids

sedative bath
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • rules and the reception
  • Types
    • Valerian
    • Iodide-bromine
    • Coniferous
    • With essential oils
    • Salt
    • Combined
  • soothing bathchildren

The pace of life gets faster.Trying to do everything, every day we are faced with stress and nervous shocks, which accumulate and eventually lead to the breakdown and deterioration of health.And it threatens the future of many chronic diseases, irritability, insomnia and other unpleasant consequences for HEALTHCENTER.The best way to unwind after a hard day's work - is to take a soothing bath that will help you relieve fatigue, normalize the functioning of the nervous system and improve skin condition.

Bath for stress


In certain situations, even doctors recommend taking a soothing bath.But to understand this, it is not necessary to go to a specialist. you absolutely need a soothing bath in the following cases:

  • you constantly feel the stress and fatigue;
  • to the damage of the nervous system, you notice skin pr
  • you sleep restlessly, waking often at night or suffer from insomnia;
  • you feel constant stress and unceasing anxiety.

However, mandatory reading for the adoption of soothing baths are not always required, because such procedures are beneficial to the body as a whole, strengthening its immune system.

Bath for complete relaxation


soothing bath - is not only a solid pros. There are some contraindications, when it detects that you are better to refuse to accept such baths or treat it with great care. you should consider whether to take a soothing bath in the following cases:

  • you have increased dryness of the skin: Frequent bathing techniques make your skin drier, depriving it of the protective layer;
  • you are exposed to allergies to certain plant components that can be contained in supplements for baths;
  • you have heart failure or other types of cardiovascular disease;
  • you suffer from diabetes;
  • you feel that the body takes the inflammatory process, which is expressed in increased body temperature;
  • you have gynecological diseases associated with inflammation;
  • women during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle baths are contraindicated in general.
We take a bath

rules and the reception

process of taking a bath is to bring you not only the maximum benefit, but also fun.And for this you need to follow certain rules:

  • take a soothing bath is best at the time, when you are sure that you will have no distractions.Ideal bath at night, it will contribute to a more robust and restful sleep;
  • in most bathroom should be comfortable humidity and temperature;
  • taking a bath is recommended for at least two hours before meals or two hours after a meal;
  • after exercise, especially intense, bath contraindicated;
  • before taking a bath, you can advance to wash in the shower, because the soothing bath imply that you do not rub with a washcloth and soap, and relax.Besides purified through the pores penetrating the body and essential oils and other vegetable additives;
  • water temperature must fit the body temperature should ideally be only slightly higher;
  • not too lazy to create an appropriate relaxing atmosphere, for example, with quiet music, dim lights and pleasant smell;
  • Do not rinse after the bath, and do not rub with a towel, just enough to get wet skin.
Foamy relaxing bath
A nice relaxing atmosphere

Time bathing depends on the water temperature.And she has, in turn, on what goal you are pursuing: energize or relax. But you can use the following guidelines:

  • at a water temperature of about 39-40 degrees, limit the time spent in the bath up to 10 minutes, so as not to burden the heart once again.Such bath will help to improve metabolism, reveal the pores and even have an analgesic effect;
  • when the water temperature in 37-38 degrees, you can achieve relaxation and calm, as well as tune in to sleep.15 minutes in this bath will be sufficient;
  • cool water at 35-37 degrees contributes to the active work of the nervous system and improve skin tone.In the morning of day such a bath will help to feel courage, so they should take a short enough time.
Time bathing

matter how healthy you are, it is better not to be in the water more than 20 minutes.


Consider the main types of baths, which will help you to calm down and relax.


Bath with valerian give muscle relaxation, help calm the nervous system and lead to heart rate.Do not get involved with valerian bath under reduced blood pressure. To prepare such a bath, you need to:

  • prepare about 100 g of crushed valerian root;
  • fill it with liter of boiling water;
  • on the hot water bath for 15 minutes to press the mixture;
  • give valerian solution brew hour, and then you can add it to the bath.

As an alternative approach, and valeric tincture.Infusion bottle such applied 5 liters of water.

Baths with valerian


Such bath will fill the shortage of vital importance to the body's cells.To prepare a bath need 100 g of sodium iodide and 250 g of potassium bromide, which are mixed in a liter of water.Enough for one bath and 100 ml of solution, that is, just half a cup. A concentrate can be stored for more than a year in a dark place.

Iodide-bromine bath


exclusive use of coniferous baths that they contribute not only to restore the nervous system, but also banish insomnia, strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate the body.

These baths also have a positive effect on skin condition, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.For colds and obesity, prepare a bath for the first recipe.

Sol with an extract of pine needles

Broth bath can be prepared several recipes:

  • infusion of cones. will take 50 g pine cones.Required to fill in their three liters of hot water and leave for 40 minutes infusion.After the time has elapsed, it is necessary to drain and add to the bath.The most favorable temperature of such bath is not more than 35 degrees.
  • infusion of pine branches and cones. sale and such combined fees.1 kg of gathering necessary 8 liters of water.Infusion is boiled for half an hour, after which the still infused 12 hours under a sealed lid.
  • infusion of green pine branches .Conifer branches are filled with boiling water and insist on a water bath for 35 minutes, then the infusion is filtered.For one bath enough for 2 liters of infusion.
Needles for baths
Coniferous bath combined with hydromassage

soothes and relaxes the body with essential oils

bath with essential oils, resulting in the tone of the skin, giving it elasticity. can use several recipes soothing bath with essential oils:

  • 4-5 drops of peppermint oil, 2 drops of orange and a couple of drops of chamomile;
  • couple of drops of lavender, lemon drop and a drop of jasmine;
  • couple drops of sage and three drops of bergamot;
  • drop of orange, rose drop, three drops of sandalwood oil.
Essential oils

often recommended to mix essential oils in glass with an emulsifier when taking such baths. you can use these recipes:

  • taken over five drops of neroli, ylang-ylang, orange and magnolia, and even in the bath is added half a cup of sea salt.This bath relaxes;
  • used five drops of pine oil and five drops of tea tree oil, three drops of marjoram and a couple of drops of anise.In the bathtub is added to half a glass of dry red wine.Such bath will help relieve stress and fatigue;
  • 100 ml whipping cream bred 6 drops of vanilla oil, sandalwood oil 5 drops, 4 drops of geranium oil.Such bath - a great option for those who like to meditate.


baths with sea salt revitalizes the body and produce a calming effect.At sea salt contains trace elements that are essential to anyone, so the use of such baths speaks for itself.Certain mixtures of salt to help fight the great diseases of the joints and nervous system, as well as recover from injuries. If you mix the salt with herbs, the effect will be stronger.Recommended to add and various essential oils.

Salt baths with sea salt


Combined baths are useful in that the ingredients used in their composition influence in a complex, combining the best features of those components.

For example, there is a recipe: 3 liters of boiling water is taken 50 g of calendula flowers, striped, peppermint and marjoram.In a water bath heated infusion over 15 minutes.Then the broth is necessary to stand for at least 45 minutes.After that it can drain and add to the bath.

Combined bath

soothing bath for children

In children, as in adults, there is also stress, due to which the child may start to act up, and excitement entails insomnia. why doctors recommend to soothe babies baths.

conduct they should be in the evening, just an hour before bedtime. All herbal teas are available in every pharmacy.They help calm the nervous system and have a positive effect on the skin, for example, to remove irritation or disinfect it.This soothing bath for the child will be more and restorative effect, producing a beneficial effect for the whole body.

Soothing baths for children

better if the bath runs courses, not randomly, then from them is really apparent sense.Do not leave your child in the bath more than 10-15 minutes.The optimum water temperature should be close to body temperature.

Bath for children at bedtime softwood

from poor sleep to help the following recipes soothing baths:

  • take 30 g of mint leaves, marigold flowers, chamomile and marjoram.Herbs pour 3 liters of boiling water, leave for half an hour, and then filtered and added to the bath;
  • take 20 g of valerian root, chamomile flowers and 40 grams of sage and thyme.Pour 3 liters of boiling water the grass and leave to infuse for half an hour.Then filter the broth and add to the bath;
  • Take 20 g of calendula flowers, and valerian root, 30 g and 40 g mint series.At the same scheme grass filled with 3 liters of boiling water, leave to stand for half an hour, filtered and added to the bath;
  • pour 3 liters of boiling water 50 grams of marigold, 50 g and 50 g mint oregano.The broth infused for half an hour, filtered and added to the bath;
  • pour 1 liter of boiling water 5 tablespoons.spoons bedstraw, allow the solution to stand for half an hour, strain and add to the bath.
Herbal bath for children