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August 12, 2017 18:06

Manufacture of acrylic bathtubs : 8 best .Compare prices

Coloured acrylic bathtub
  • main selection criteria
  • comparison of the leading manufacturers
    • Ravak
    • Cersanit
    • Riho
    • Aquanet
    • Pool SPA
    • BAS
    • Villeroy & amp; Boch
    • Kolo
  • Trendsand forecasts of market prices

Acrylic bath - it's the perfect solution for the modern bathroom arrangement.Acrylic bathtubs are very popular among customers around the world, so the range presented in the stores is very wide.Going out shopping, you need to have at least a rough idea about the main characteristics and the leading manufacturers of acrylic baths and then you will be easier to make the right choice.All necessary information is contained in this article.

Acrylic bath by Hoesch brand
Acrylic bath by Philippe Starck
Beige Acrylic bath in the interior

main selection criteria

There are many nuances that must be considered in order to select high-quality acrylic bathtub:

  • type material.Acrylic used for production, cells may be cast or extruded.They are similar in chemical composition, but have varying degrees of strength.Cast acrylic is preferable as the material of the tub will last you
    much longer.
  • acrylic layer . It should be as thicker, at least 0.5-0.6 cm. This option is necessary to pay special attention, because most commercially available baths acrylic coating does not exceed 0.4 cm, so that they quickly wear out.
  • Exterior acrylic coating. quality acrylic bathtub should be boiling white (of course, if you do not choose any other color).On its surface should be rough, it is always perfectly flat and smooth.
  • number of materials. In the production of acrylic bathtubs acrylic coating is applied to the polyurethane base, in order to provide greater rigidity.Therefore, the final product is obtained two-layer.Bath, consisting of only one acrylic - something very fragile and unstable.
  • Rigidity. This is undoubtedly one of the main criteria.After all, how hard bath depends on how much weight it can bear and what method of installation is required for it (especially fragile items require additional reinforcement).Test acrylic bathtub stiffness easy - just press down harder on the bottom of her hand: if it lends itself, the product is not quality.
  • Light transmission material.This acrylic - it is not a transparent material.If acrylic bathtub transmits light with a high probability it can be argued that before you fake.
  • outer layer. As we have seen, it is made of polyurethane.The outer surface of acrylic baths must be dark and smooth to the touch.If it is rough and, besides, gives off an unpleasant chemical smell, then most likely, the manufacturer decided to save money and used as a base glass mixed with synthetic resins.Buy a bath is not necessary.
  • frame design. Ideally it should be a fixing frame made specifically for this model, bath, feet that are height adjustable and supports at the corners.If there is only one frame, which is mounted directly under the skirting, then this design is very unstable.
  • Additional functions. If you do not need, then so as not to overpay, buy an ordinary bath, as for a lot of "bells and whistles" can hide the poor quality of the product.If you, for example, requires a hot tub, then pay attention to manufacturer specializing on this type of product.
  • form.The it easier, more durable and more resistant to bath.Spa large or complex shapes have to be very high quality.Consequently, they will cost significantly more.
  • drain and overflow system. It can be traditional, semi-automatic or automatic.Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is a matter entirely to your individual preferences.
Bath from cast acrylic
Reinforcement of acrylic baths polyurethane and fiberglass
Bath detached from cast acrylic
Bath on a metal frame
Thin acrylic
A crack in the acrylic tub
Additional features in acrylic baths
Acrylic bath with shower
Set of bath drain and overflow system

Comparison of the leading manufacturers

acrylic as a material for the manufacture of sanitary ware, has many advantages over traditional materials: iron and steel. Acrylic bathtubs weigh quite a bit, so you can easily carry out installation alone. In addition, the production technology allows the production of acrylic baths of all shapes and sizes.So a variety of design can not boast of any steel or cast-iron bath.

Among other advantages of acrylic baths is enough to mention the low price, excellent thermal insulation and easy maintenance.

Acrylic tub


Greatest popular in European countries enjoy the bath of the Czech company «Ravak».Production is carried out on modern equipment, using high quality raw materials.

The main advantage of this manufacturer baths - a thick layer of acrylic , through which all products are obtained very strong and durable.Moreover, the company «Ravak» gives the customer a large selection of acrylic bathtubs custom sizes and shapes, including asymmetrical font and bath with concave sides.

drawbacks in the production of the company little.The most significant of them - it is the difficulties associated with the selection of accessories and spare parts for certain models.

Acrylic bath Ravak
Corner acrylic bathtub Ravak


Polish firm «Cersanit» is well-known Russian buyer. It manufactures not only plumbing, but also decorative materials for the bathroom and kitchen.

Acrylic Bathtubs from this company are remarkable that are products of good quality for a very reasonable price.The manufacturer provides a warranty for its products for a period of 7 years.Less baths «Cersanit» consists in the fact that they are covered with a thin layer of acrylic is sufficient - only 0.4 cm, so they are not sufficiently stringent and faster subjected to physical wear and tear.

Acrylic bath from the company Cersanit


Dutch company «Riho» uses for its acrylic baths of the highest quality. It is lightweight, durable, and completely safe for the environment.The thickness of the acrylic layer to the baths of this manufacturer is 0.6-0.8 cm

Acrylic asymmetric bathtub by brand
Acrylic hexagonal
Standard bath by brand


«Aquanet» -. A Russiancompany engaged in the production of acrylic bathtubs. Among the advantages of domestic producers - a relatively small price, a great selection of models, as well as the presence of internal equipment - headrests, armrests and handrails.Minus - a thick layer of acrylic is not enough -. Only 0.5 cm

Bath from the brand Aquanet

Pool SPA

Acrylic Bathtubs Spanish manufacturer «Pool SPA» famous for its incredibly beautiful and thoughtful design .Simple, elegant shape, the style chosen accessories - all of this is a single ensemble and can decorate any bathroom.For each model, a large selection of accessories.The lack of acrylic baths from «Pool SPA» lies in the high price, but the quality is worth it

Corner acrylic bathtub from delirium Pool SPA
Bath with glass pane by brand
A round acrylic bathtub with hydromassage


Another well-known Russian manufactureracrylic bathtubs - «BAS» company. Manufacture is conducted on the Italian equipment, using imported components, and therefore the products meet all European quality standards.Read more about Bass bath read in another article.

Acrylic bath from the Russian company BAS

Villeroy & amp; Boch

«Villeroy & amp; Boch» - this is one of the oldest French companies engaged in the manufacture of sanitary ware.On the market are from 1836.Almost two centuries of experience in the production, of course, affects the quality of their products. Acrylic baths attract the company refined the original design and long service life.

Acrylic bath Aveo brand of Villeroy & amp; Boch
Rectangular standing bath from Villeroy & amp; Boch
Acrylic bath lilac
Oval acrylic bathtub
Bath Oberon by brand Villeroy & amp; Boch
Acrylic bath with shower


Polish company «Kolo» produces inexpensive acrylicbath, having good characteristics. company boasts a wide range of models. only negative - quite difficult to find a bath equipped with hydro-massage.It should be noted that acrylic bathtubs company «Kolo» are rare in our country stores.

Acrylic bath Kolo from the Polish company

Trends and

market forecasts in the last decade, the production of acrylic bathtubs increased significantly, both in Russia and abroad. Experts predict that over time, acrylic bathtubs will gradually replace the iron and steel products. Thus, last in 2014 the leading position occupied by cast iron baths - they made up 47% of the market baths.However, for the year the production of such baths was reduced by 8%.In turn, the production of steel baths reduced by 13%, and the volume of manufactured acrylic products increased by 8%.

Acrylic bath from the company Doctor Jet


For convenience, we give information on acrylic baths from leading manufacturers in the form of a table prices.Cheapest bath - this is the so-called "baby", 120 cm, and the most expensive - designer baths of unusual shapes and sizes.For standard bath we took a one-place bath length 170 cm. Prices are on the average in Russia.

Company Cheapest bath most expensive bath Standard bath
«Ravak» 24 000 rubles. 130,000 rubles. 32,000 rubles.
«Cersanit» 4000 rubles. 18,000 rubles. 6000 rubles.
«Riho» 13,000 rubles. 73,000 rubles. of 16 000 rubles.
«Aquanet» 8000 rubles. 48,000 rubles. 10 000 rub.
«Pool SPA» of 15 000 rubles. 616,000 rubles. 38,000 rubles.
«BAS» 8000 rubles. 43,000 rubles. 10 000 rub.
«Villeroy & amp; Boch» 22,000 rubles. 349 000 rubles. 32,000 rubles.

Thus, the price of acrylic bathtubs range from several thousand to several hundred thousand. Standard Single bath oval or rectangular in shape, without whirlpool and other additional features can be purchased for 10-30 thousand.So much much higher cost product is of good quality from the leading Russian and European manufacturers.

Red acrylic bathtub
Golden acrylic bathtub
Yellow acrylic bathtub