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August 12, 2017 18:06

Built-in bath : selection , installation , podium

Built-in bathtub with a podium and seats
  • main features
  • Configuration
  • Material conditions for installation
  • Installation
  • Do I need a podium

The features built-in bath is very different from the standard.One of its advantages is considered visual space savings.Built-in bathtub in any interior looks harmonious and attractive.The downside is a rather complicated technical installation of this model bath.

main features

The main distinguishing feature of integrated traditional baths is the configuration and size of the bottom.Most often built bath is pretty impressive structure, which has a flat bottom. It makes sense, if the bath room is very spacious - a standard bathtub it will resemble a puddle.

Integrated bath in the room

second difference of embedded models bath is equipping their ladders on the inner side surfaces .They are necessary for preventing water from splashing out of the tub on the floor or podium.

Integrated oval bath
Bathroom with built-in bathroom
Bath unusual shape built into the floor
Built-in bath with an interesting finish
Large integrated bath
Built-in bath with wood trim

round or oval embedded in the floor a bath can be placed in an oversizedroom.

Such baths model should be installed in a corner or against a wall.Also round the bath is often chosen location in the center of the room.

should be noted that bathtub in the floor of a small room can be dangerous.

Corner bath embeddable


recessed into the floor often take a bath for a country house.

These baths are in form:

  • rectangular
  • corner
  • round

most loved and producers, and buyers - round integrated bath.They make the interior a truly luxurious.

Integrated bath in the form of a circle
Round bath built into the podium
Round built- tub
Built-in bath round shape
Round bath embedded in the urban housing
Built tub round shape with a podium

To get from the operation of built-bath maximum convenience, importantconsider the process of immersion in this type of plumbing, as well as the way out of the container.

To do this, the area around should be done minimally slippery.

on the amount of water to be ejected from the integrated bath affects the number of people that will take water treatments, as well as their habits with respect to bathing.

Integrated oval bath

install floor bath is usually provided with a lot of different functions:

  • Jacuzzi;
  • lighting;
  • ozonation;
  • hydromassage;
  • simulated ocean waves.

Because of these features integrated bath installation must be done very carefully.In addition to the special care with electricity eyeliner should also provide access to the font for its repair or change settings.

Built-in hot tub
Integrated bath with easy access to communications
Built- in floor bath with different functions


As well as the standard models of baths, built-in plumbing is made of different materials.


  • iron
  • steel
  • acrylic

Because of acrylic really make a bath with absolutely any size and shape, this material is the most popular in the manufacture of integrated bath.

Black Acrylic built in bath

have acrylic baths and Quaryl excellent thermal insulation, so the water is cooling down slower .Steel baths are also in high demand.

Built-in bath made ​​of acrylic
Quaryl integrated bath
Acrylic built in bath

people with conservative views on the bathroom snap more to the liking cast iron model.The weight of such baths is very large, but the capacity is characterized by high reliability and durability. choosing such a heavy bath in the floor installation, be sure to strengthen its supporting structure.

The cast-iron tub built into the floor

conditions for mounting

To set an angular, round, oval or rectangular bathtub in the podium or in the floor.

It is important to consider some of the conditions:

  • This bath is not suitable for an urban apartment. Run the installation of such a model technically really only in the ground floor apartment, but permission for this action will give you no, and if the unauthorized installation and possible problems with government organizations, and the integrity of the building.
  • in a private home embedded bath usually opt for a spacious bathroom of the ground floor or basement. Otherwise, even during the design and construction of the building should be provided to support future baths reinforced concrete foundation.
  • must be properly integrated to take a bath sanitary sewer system. According to its design parameters such bath is more akin to a swimming pool or Jacuzzi.Lost in thought about the plumbing of such note and the upcoming costs for a complete set of bath water (the average volume of most models embedded in the floor bath is 300 liters).
  • We recommend that you install this type of bath engaged professionals. Since some operations built bath installation is very complex to cope with them is almost impossible.
Built-in bath before installation
Installation of the integrated bathroom
The process of installation of built baths
Basis for embedded bathtub
sewer system built for the bath
Built-in bath
Sewerage system for embedded bath


Beforedecide on an embedded bath in a private home, you should calculate whether can withstand a plumbing soffit. Do not Think it through, you run the risk of weakening the foundation that will lead to its damage.

note that the easiest way to install a bath in the floor of the house with a strip foundation.

built-in tank design provides for a pit. can not just dig a hole under a future bath and set to the product.

Concreting walls and floor have to do, and you need to create exactly the pit in the form established by the bath (placed in a niche plumbing must enter as a glove).The depth of the hole should be such that, placed in the bath to rise above the floor supports up to 50 millimeters - after fixation supports the product will be based on the finishing floor.

Pit for the integrated bath

After everything pit in his stretch of communication.Carry them optimally in the part of the pit, where a hidden hatch will be located.

The next step is the installation of the siphon and attachment as recommended by the manufacturer to support the bottom.At the same time it cuts into the tub faucet.

inserting plumbing into the pit, and the maximum lifting legs, then the product is connected to the drain, and then - to the water (it is better not to use flexible hoses, and corrugated sleeves of stainless steel).

then need to test the bath, filled it with water.It was only after the leak test can be enjoyed facing the floor.

Ready built in bath
Ready Integrated bath
Built-in bath in finished form
Podium in embedded baths
Beautiful built in tub with a podium
Built-in bathtub with a high podium

Do I need a podium

Podium can be a way for those who want to installintegrated in the floor a bath in urban housing.

Built-in bath in urban housing

If dimensions allow room , podium help create simulation integrated in the floor bath.

City apartment with built-in bathroom
Integrated Simulation bath on the floor
Built-in bathtub with a podium in urban housing

In addition, thanks to a podium finish is possible to create the desired interior style.

Built-in bathtub with a podium from one stage

Podium even one step is capable of radically transforming the room.