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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spanish bath : Spain brands Roca, Bolu Bolu, Novial, ESPA, cast iron

Bath made ​​in Spain
  • Main brands
    • Roca
    • Bolu Bolu
    • Novial
    • ESPA
  • variety of forms
  • stylish model

Baths Spanish production - a high-quality and comfortable sanitary productsover their manufacture the best experts in their field.Spanish bath will give any interior comfort.The use of high quality raw material ensures ease of operation.

Bath round Banos
Bath corner Banos
Bath with natural stone

Main brands

Spain in the production of sanitary ware is one of the leading positions confidently bypassing many other manufacturers.Spain Spa - a skillful combination of price, quality and comfort.Spanish luxury design baths will make you feel like a king.The demand for these products in Russia is quite large. special demand from the iron bath Spanish production.

Bath Spanish corner hydromassage


quite famous in Russia Spanish company producing bathing. baths are made of cast iron, acrylic and steel. They are very popular, as it combines strength, durability and beauty.Spa by Roca popular in thirty countries around the world.This is an indication that the company yo

u can trust.

Production began nearly 100 years ago, in 1917.The company confidently holds the leading position among its competitors.Product Fame brought enamel, which is used in the coating bath. Gloss and color baths Roca very stable. Therefore the original appearance of such products keeps for a long time.

weight of steel and acrylic baths less than 30 kg, cast iron - 130 kg.

Bath Spain

Baths are equipped with headrests and handles, making their operation very convenient and safe. For steel baths taken a sheet thickness kotorogo1,5 mm.The internal form of such baths are usually inside curved (model Princess Roca).Very interesting Contessa bath design.Outside this rectangle bath, and inside - oval.

Acrylic Bathtubs by Roca equipped with different settings that provide maximum comfort: hydromassage, control panel, radio.For these baths are made special metal frame with six or twelve reference points.

Acrylic bath Roca
Spanish acrylic bathtub Roca

Cast models are not less attractive.They have a lot of interesting highlights, which will take a great pleasure to owners.For example, model Malibu.Designers have provided its sloping back.

Bath Malibu from Roca

And the most economical in terms of water consumption is considered to be a cast-iron model of Haiti.

Company offers its customers a wide variety of forms of baths:

  • corner;
  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • devoid of symmetry.

most expensive bath belong to the premium class.For the buyer with average incomes proposed standard.A malobyuzhetnye baths belong to economy class.

Steel bath Contesa
Bath Continental
Cast Iron Bath Malibu

Bolu Bolu

Baths of the company can be described as high-quality, simple and safe.In this case an important role is withdrawn and design models.The manufacturing plant is located in Barcelona.They are made not only the bath, but also showers that before you get to the consumer, undergo a series of tests and trials. The company is famous for the fact that manufactures bath, which are designed for the disabled.

Baths of Bolu Bolu have a number of devices that elevate his master at the summit of bliss.The composition may include whirlpool models for different parts of the body: the back, feet, etc.The legs of such baths by all means can be adjusted to the desired height.Bath is equipped with a shower, a headrest and a non-slip coating.

Bathtub seat Bolu


The company specializes in the manufacture of cast iron baths.

manufacturers for a long time been working on technology that has not yet reached the ideal:

  1. first bath is cast in a special form, then it is covered special layer, so that it does not corrode.
  2. Infrared oven brings to the end of the job.
  3. The output is a bath with a smooth, durable white surface.

entire manufacturing process is carefully controlled by the computer.Usually the size of a bath range from 1 m to 1 m 80 cm, and the depth of 40-50 cm.

Bath Novial red
Bath Consuelo
Bath Melissa from brand Novial


UnlikeNovial, ESPA mainly produces acrylic bathtubs and complement their spa facilities. pumps of this company have different low noise levels, are long and characterized by compact.Safety first.And in the case of heating, the pump will immediately disconnect from the mains.

antibacterial additive is added to the acrylic sheet. only the highest quality materials are used to manufacture environmentally friendly and come from different parts of the world.Acrylic is not afraid of scratches corrosion.Such baths thermal conductivity can only dream of.The water in the bath for a half an hour to cool down just one degree.

Acrylic bath with whirlpool ESPA

variety of forms

From what form will have your bath depends on the whole look of the room.Bath will highlight, and perhaps make so that you fundamentally rethink the design of your bathroom and it will sparkle with completely different colors. In this respect, the manufacturer offers a variety of models and forms, starting from the corner and ending with the standard forms.

Bath for two with hydromassage
Asymmetric Spanish bath
Rectangular bathtub on the brand Banos 10

When choosing a highlight is to save space.After all, except for the bath, we will need more room to place other components: a sink, cupboards, shelves, etc. therefore important when choosing - it's all the same convenience, including the size and shape.

In this regard, Spain offers a wide range of models and most interesting design solutions.For example, choosing a bath in retro style (standing bath) with legs covered in gold, adding to design a couple of things in the same style - that is ready to present the royal bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub made ​​in Spain

stylish model class "luxury" bath

truly be called the epitome of style, beauty and refinement. It will emphasize individuality and liven up any bathroom.It is able to give comfort any environment.The combination of ergonomics, form and design - this is what characterizes the best possible way, such a product. Spanish bath - it's stylish, expensive and quality, whether it is made of iron, steel or acrylic .

Bath salts
Bath from the Spanish brand Volle
Bath detached from the Spanish manufacturer Volle

Spanish master - experts in their field. They offer a really stylish models of various shapes and configurations, using a skilful combination of component elements and design elements.Sometimes baths have unusual, sometimes bizarre forms, but that does not diminish their sophistication and comfort.Unique in nature, they will immerse you in a world of bliss and peace.

Ванная комната от испанских дизайнеров "войлочная"