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August 12, 2017 18:06

Top 10 designer bathrooms: bath hammock, shoe , bee, Tub knowledge

The unusual design of the bath in the interior
  • Accademia Pop
  • «Bath Knowledge»
  • «hammock»
  • Bath-shoe
  • Biblio
  • «Bee»
  • Nirvana
  • «Ballerina»
  • «Sweet cake"
  • Gigi Rossi

What are the latest trends in style baths?Modern trends in interior design inspired designers to create objects of fine art.Your attention is an overview of the models.

Accademia Pop

striking example organic combination of classic and modern innovations became Italian bath Accademia Pop, Teuco brand.Elegant bathroom was created in 2014 by the famous designer Carlo Colombo.It looks elegant and bright, fashionable and always svoevremenno.Na choice presented several colors.

Original bath unusual interior
Interesting design bath
Interiors with unusual baths

Accademia Pop suitable for use not only in the bathroom, but also in residential areas.

Made from:

  • acrylic
  • Carrara marble
  • firm composite material Duralight

This bathroom is equally harmoniously fit into any decor.Will satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Beauty baths and sophistication

«Bath Knowledge»

art project by artist Vanessa Mancini was presented as a "bath of knowledge

" in 2008. This bath is made of books, mostly historical and cut in half is attached to the metal frame of the bath, made in the Victorian style clawfoot installed.Edge fonts completely covered with book spines, and the bottom is lined with open pages that can be read.

Designer bath a piece of furniture
Copyright unusual bath
An interesting bath of unusual materials

itself idea was to immerse myself in thoughts about books, knowledge, truth.Thus, clear your mind of the daily flood of information. author's intention was to make a functional bath.But as long as there was no way to protect the paper from the water.Therefore, it remains only to admire the data creation.


Many people like to relax in a hammock.And if this "bath Hammock", which was created by Australian designer, you will get not just a vacation, but also for the benefit of the body.This bath is made of durable carbon fiber.

color scale is not large:

  • blue
  • black
  • yellow
  • red
  • bronze
  • silver
  • pale pink

This material is very light, and for a long time holding heat.The length of the "hammock" is 9 feet, it is almost 3 meters.

Exclusive bath in the interior
Original and beautiful bath
Smooth lines of unusual baths

Filling and draining in a bath held in a familiar way. «Hammock" is mounted on the wall opposite to each other with a stainless steel bracket.But, unfortunately, it is stationary.

Designer bath in the interior


Italian designer Massimiliano Cases Monaco, SICIS from the studio creates an unusual kind of bath.This accessory has form graceful female shoes on heel decorated with glass mosaics of different colors.

Beautiful and original baths
Unusual designer bath
Unrealistic bathroom interior

Mixer This bath is located on the "heel" shoes, made from the water supply. This creates the appearance of a small waterfall.Bathroom with a brilliant and glamorous bathing will be a real attraction.


Bath called Biblio was developed specially, for fans soak in hot water, reading books. Its author is the Italian designer Antonio Lupi.

Comfortable designer baths

Bookshelves integrated directly into the wall, made of plywood and protected from moisture. Easy to view this bath design hides an extremely stable and solid structure.

strict rectangular shape, combined with wood trim, emphasizes its classic design.Looks such bath Biblio quite organically.

Comfortable and unusual bath
Functional bath by designer
Incredible bathrooms for comfort


Bath "Bee" - a project of Ukrainian designer Andrey Bondarenko.It was created as an experiment with the design of the bath. oval, make it wider and more spacious. A bright "bee" coloring shows how easy it is to change the usual things, transforming them into art.

Bath unusual color

Such bath will give the room an extraordinary atmosphere at bath time.And of course, will surprise all guests, to be included in your bathroom.


Bath - the easiest way to eliminate any fatigue after physical activity.And such as Nirvana LED backlit , will provide an exceptional feeling of satisfaction and comfort. 360 LED pixels are controlled by a built-in sensor .This bath has automatic filling and draining. water supply also stops automatically.

Nontraditional bathtubs in the interior
Unusual designer bath
Interior designer with a bath of

Futuristic novelty is made of high-quality acrylic materials.

Its form will save you up to 60% more water compared to its conventional counterpart.

Bath Nirvana won first place in the category of Product Design in 2009.


Polish creatives Gustav Lange came up with an unusually beautiful bathing transformer .Bath "Ballerina" expands the idea of ​​the organic trends that have emerged in recent years.It combines facets of light elegance and natural naturalness.

Sophistication and unusual designer bath

«Ballerina" is easily converted into a shower room rack, like a gymnastic ribbon.By deploying a flexible plumbing system, easily adjusted to the desired height.

With this "ribbon-bath" room for health will be more modern than ever.

Great shape bath

«Sweet cake»

Brides Dutchman Van Stokkum creates bakeware custom sizes.But not for the big appetite, as well as the ordinary bath.Call them - "Sweet cake".

The small beautiful bath - cake
Unusual shapes bath
Custom Cakes by designer bath Brides van Stokkuma

They are made of thick plastic and are available in 10 different colors. weigh about 5.5 kg at a height of 27 cm and can be folded for easy storage.These baths are ideal for bathing babies, and also can be used for many purposes.

Gigi Rossi

Nature - an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a role model.Following this dictum, the company has created Glass Idromassaggio modern bath made of concrete.

Original bath unusual shapes
Interior design bathroom
Bath with flowing forms in the interior

Tired of straight angles and lines the eye with joy stops on her rounded protuberances.Solid materials seem incredibly soft and flowing.Exceptionally natural sandy shades step closer to nature.

This bath will look great in interiors decorated in a minimalist style, as well as rooms with a luxurious finish.

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